Block out traditional high school for online courses

How could missing certain experiences like prom, pep rallies, and student council be a good thing? Aren’t they the whole point of going to high school? For some people, the milestones of high school are very important. Others, however, are more concerned with what life will be like after high school and aren’t worried about how getting on the cheer team will help them right now. If this sounds like you and you’re ready to be in control of your own daily life rather than a slave to the traditional school system and the drama and politics that go with it,online high school just might be the best idea to solve your high school woes. Studying online is great for avoiding the parts everyone hates about high school, like getting up early, riding the bus, and sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day, but it could be beneficial for some even better reasons, which we have listed below.

Learn at Your Own Pace

If you’re bored at school, online high school may be for you

For the purposes of this article, we are just focusing on the good aspects of online high school. However, if you want to play devil’s advocate and find out the possible cons to online high school and whether or not you are willing to make some sacrifices, check out ThoughtCo’s article about the pros and cons of earning your high school online.
The first plus that we are covering is working at your own pace, which is only possible when you take high school courses online. Traditional schools are designed to teach to the average student, which is a small percentage of the classroom. While the middle learners are getting what they need, those who are behind or advanced are respectively confused or bored. When you have control over your schedule, you can slow down when you need to or speed through courses that are easy for you.

Access to Advanced Learning

The Quad explains that one of the main reasons to go to an online high school is to have access to learning opportunities that are not available in your area. “A student with great potential should not be limited by the shortcomings of a poor school or an isolated district. Some schools simply don’t offer sufficient Advanced Placement (AP) opportunities for gifted and ambitious students. For learners in cash-strapped urban districts, small towns with limited resources, or rural areas with low access, online AP courses can be a gateway to content and AP credits that would not otherwise be available.”

Flexible Schedule

Traveling is easier with online high school

Speaking of schedule control, online high school courses allow you to schedule your classes around whatever else you have going on. If you want to work part-time to save for college or have childcare responsibilities, you can still do those things and get your schoolwork done. This flexibility also allows you to travel when you need to and be available in the case of a friend or family emergency. With a traditional high school schedule, you are obligated not to miss a day and traveling can mean weeks of makeup work when you return.

Avoid a Negative Atmosphere

When you can study when and where you want, you can also decide who to associate with. You choose your social interactions and whether you’re in a positive or a negative environment. It’s also easier to avoid distractions that keep you from getting work done. Rather than waste your time worrying about gossip, drama, peer pressure, or bullying, you can focus on developing skills and talents and getting closer to graduation.

How to Choose an Online High School

High School of America is an excellent option

If we’ve convinced you that online high school is a good idea, the next step is to find one that’s right for you. Colleges will only accept high school diplomas that are from an accredited online high school, so if you plan on going to college someday, accreditation should be the number one thing you look for in a school that you’re interested in. Additionally, make sure that the online high school offers courses that you are interested in and sufficient resources for when you need help. If they also have high-quality staff and allow a flexible schedule and payment options, that online high school may be perfect for you. High School of America is an online high school that fits the bill in all areas. We are accredited by AdvancED and recognized by the US Department of Education.
“We offer a complete, online, college preparatory curriculum for grades 6-12, SAT/ACT Test preparation, Dual Credit, Honors, AP, and Tutoring programs. The administrators, teachers, and staff are committed to helping students reach their highest academic potential. We believe that families play an important role in helping ensure their academic success.”
We offer a plethora of student resources and a student portal where you can access everything you need. Our high-quality staff is dedicated to your success, and you’ll find that our flexible course schedule and payment options make your online high school decision an easy one. Visit us to apply online or find out more at

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