If you’re sick of school, have already learned everything there is to know in the classroom, and are ready to take on the world as an adult—but aren’t quite old enough yet—then you might be wondering how to graduate early from high school. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You just need some guidance and a little bit of hard work, which we’ll cover here!

Talk to your guidance counselor.

To start, you’ll want to talk with your guidance counselor. This is the person who helps you plan what classes will be best for your future career and how they fit into the curriculum of your high school. They can also help determine if there are any other options for getting out early, like taking online courses or working with an advisor at another school.

When you go in for your meeting, it’s important that you’re prepared so that they know exactly what kind of support system is available (or needs to be created) in order for this plan to work. You should bring:

  • Your transcript from previous years at school (if there was one)
  • A copy of any paperwork related to special circumstances (like being home-schooled)

Determine if you’re qualified to graduate early.

You should check with your guidance counselor and school’s requirements to see if you’re eligible. You may also want to ask the college or university that you plan on attending if they have any requirements in order for you to graduate early. If you’re eligible, you should consider the following: How much time will it take to complete your degree? Will you need to do additional coursework or meet with an adviser? Will there be any restrictions on what classes you can take? If so, how will this impact your current schedule and plans for after graduation?

Find the right program for you.

Before you start looking into the details of your early graduation, it’s important to know what options are available to you.

The first step is to find out if there are any programs in your area that can help people like you graduate early. Your guidance counselor should be able to give some advice on this front. If not, do some research on your own; look at local schools and see what kind of programs they offer for students who want to graduate early or take longer than four years (if applicable). Also check with parents–if they’re willing and able, maybe even let them help with the decision-making process!

Once you’ve narrowed down which school(s) might be a good fit for you academically as well as financially (we’ll get into those details later), then it’s time for another round of research: checking out each school’s website will give insight into its curriculum, philosophy and culture–and will also give insight into how much money they’ll charge per semester/yearly tuition fee. And since you’ve already narrowed down your options by considering each school’s academic reputation and financial aid, this is the final leg of your research. Once you have a good idea about what you’re getting into with each school, it’s time to make your decision!

Choose an online high school that offers AP courses

The first step to graduating early is to choose an online high school that offers AP courses. AP stands for Advanced Placement, and it’s a standardized test that measures how well you’ve learned in your classes. If you’re taking an AP class, it means the material will be more difficult than other subjects like math or English–but if you pass the test at the end of term, this can give colleges evidence of how well prepared you are for college-level work. A high school diploma with AP courses on your transcript can look very good to colleges. It shows that you can handle advanced material and didn’t just coast through the regular classes.

Asking “What are AP courses?” doesn’t do justice here because there are so many types! Some focus on specific subjects like biology or history; others cover multiple disciplines like English literature/ composition + European history + US Government/Economics (which sounds like my dream combo). If these sound intimidatingly broad but still interesting enough for college admissions applications (or simply because they sound cool), check out these options:

Remember that online school is competitive and rigorous.

Remember that online school is competitive and rigorous. You will need to be motivated and self-disciplined, as well as able to manage your time effectively. Online school isn’t for everyone; if you’re not sure that it’s right for you, consider taking some classes through your local high school instead of enrolling in an online program full-time.

You’ll also need to work independently–you won’t have a teacher standing over your shoulder correcting your grammar or helping with assignments every step along the way like you might at traditional schools. So if this sounds like something that could pose challenges for you, try taking some classes through your local high school first before committing yourself completely (and financially) to an online curriculum.” You can also consider enrolling in an online program part-time, rather than full-time. This will allow you to work while you complete your courses and may be a better option if you’re still trying to decide whether or not online education is right for you.

You can find out how to graduate early by meeting with your guidance counselor and choosing a good online program.

You can find out how to graduate early by meeting with your guidance counselor and choosing a good online program.

If you want to graduate early, the first thing that you need to do is talk to your guidance counselor at school. They will be able to tell you if it’s possible for you and how much extra work it will take. They should also know what kind of classes they offer online, so that way when they recommend one, it will be compatible with what interests and skillsets you have as well as being able to fit into your busy schedule (if there are any). Finally, once all those details have been figured out, choose an appropriate school! There are many options available but make sure that whatever one(s) are chosen meet all requirements needed by colleges/universities before signing up; otherwise nothing else matters because no one wants useless degrees lying around their house collecting dust after graduating college when instead could’ve been doing something more productive than just sitting around watching TV all day long…


With a little hard work and dedication, you can graduate early from high school. It may not be easy, but it’s worth it