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High School Diploma vs GED

High School of America provides a comprehensive high school curriculum encompassing the full range of courses required to earn a high school diploma. We urge you to compare earning a high school diploma vs GED. Don’t take a shortcut to a high school education!

Just So You Know…

Benefits HSOA Diploma GED®
May be more readily recognized by some employers and some 4-year colleges
Online exams
Can take interesting elective subjects
Regional accreditation

Why take chances with a GED? Move ahead with a HSOA high school diploma vs GED. Choose between the two diploma options.

What is the GED?

GED stands for General Educational Development and it is a test that shows you have met high school level academic skills – it is NOT an online high school diploma.

Why Should I Choose an Online High School Diploma Over a GED?

The GED seems like the better option for some because once you pass the test, that’s it, you are done. Once you start comparing an online high school diploma vs the GED however is when you start noticing the differences. Students who have earned their high school diploma make on average $1,600 more a month than their GED counterparts. Additionally, if you have college aspirations on average only 5% of GED owners earn a Bachelor’s Degree whereas 33% of people who earn their high school diploma go on to earn a Bachelor’s.

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