High School Diploma vs GED

Which is Better – GED or High School Diploma? Get all Answers Here

Your educational level can have lasting affects for the rest of your life. So, when you are making a decision between getting your high school diploma or getting your GED, it is essential that you know all of the facts. High School of America provides a comprehensive high school curriculum encompassing the full range of courses required to earn a high school diploma. We urge you to compare earning a high school diploma vs getting a GED. Don’t take a shortcut to your high school education!

The Benefits of a High School Diploma

Here is a list of ways that getting your diploma with High School of America is better than just getting your GED.

  • May be more readily recognized by some employers and some 4-year colleges
  • Online exams
  • Can take interesting elective subjects
  • Regional accreditation

Why take chances with a GED? Move ahead with a HSOA high school diploma vs GED. Choose between the two diploma options.

What is the GED?

GED stands for General Educational Development and it is a test that shows you have met high school level academic skills – it is NOT an online high school diploma. It is supposed to symbolize that you have the same knowledge skills needed for to get your high school diploma; however, many employers and universities do not look at the GED as a diploma equivalent.

Why Should I Choose an Online High School Diploma Over a GED?

HSOA Enables You to Get High School Diploma after Getting GED

The GED seems like the better option for some because once you pass the test, that’s it, you are done. Once you start comparing an online high school diploma vs the GED however is when you start noticing the differences. For example,people who have a GED make less money and are less likely to go to college. Students who have earned their high school diploma make on average $1,600 more a month than their GED counterparts. Additionally, if you have college aspirations on average only 5% of GED owners earn a Bachelor’s Degree whereas 33% of people who earn their high school diploma go on to earn a Bachelor’s.

Looking Closer at Why a GED Seems Like the Right Choice for You

If any of the following reasons are why you are considering a GED, think about going to high school online for your diploma instead!

Let us help you get your education today, so that you can have the best future tomorrow.

  • You have already dropped out of high school
  • You have a medical issue that makes it hard to go to school
  • Kids at school are bullying you
  • You have a social or anxiety issue
  • You need to work to support yourself or your family
  • Traditional high school is not challenging enough
  • You are wanting to travel to help broaden your life experiences

High School of America and Your High School Diploma

Consider Getting Your High School Diploma Online With High School of America

Here at High School of America we offer flexible schedule schooling that allows you to take your courses around your appointments, work, and life events. Because it is online you can literally do your class work any where you can connect to WIFI. Though you do have to interact with other classmates and develop your teamwork, the environment has little to no bullying and is acceptable for most levels of social anxieties. With the flexible scheduling comes the ability to work through courses as quickly as you need to and to take more challenging and more interesting classes to help challenge yourself. If you dropped out of your other high school contact our advisors and see if you are eligible for credit transfers from your previous classes and let us help you get back on track for graduation.

With such life altering statistical differences for a successful future, it is better to be prepared and get you high school diploma.

Let us help you get your education today, so that you can have the best future tomorrow.
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