Mission & Vision



The Mission

As the world grows more interconnected through technology and the internet, High School of America uniquely prepares students to take charge as a global citizen of the future by providing authentic learning experiences and holding them accountable for their independent success in academics and in their lives.


Our students have the educational freedom to choose when they learn, where they learn and how they learn.

Core Values

Integrity – I am a unique voice, with thoughts to share that are my own! I take pride in submitting assignments that are my original writings, and sharing them with teachers and peers!

Responsibility – I pace myself, and I take charge when it comes to my schedule. I am responsible for my learning career!

Independence – The freedom to decide when I learn, where I learn, and how I learn. I take charge of my own education!

Respect – This will manifest in polite consideration in all communications, reserving offense, admitting mistakes, offering easy forgiveness, and remaining goal-oriented toward academic success for High School of America students at all times.

Excellence – Excellence means the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. High School of America student’s shine of excellence and are the innovators of our future.