Transfer Credits



We Accept Transfer High School Credits

Good news for prospective students! If you have successfully completed some high school courses elsewhere, you may be able to transfer your high school credits into High School of America. Our Registrar will evaluate your transcripts and let you know how many transfer credits will apply toward your HSOA diploma.

Why You Should Transfer High School Credits

  • Eliminate the need to repeat courses
  • Reduce your tuition
  • Graduate faster

We accept full and half credits, which means you can transfer a partial year or even partial course from your high school.  And remember HSOA offers a 1st through 12th grade curriculum.

*Tuition based on Monthly Auto Pay. transfer credits subject to eligibility.

How to Transfer High School Credits

To apply transfer credits, an official transcript from an accredited institution must be submitted to us no later than 90 days after you enroll. Prompt receipt of your high school transcript allows us to evaluate your high school credits so we can determine your appropriate grade level and suggest the best learning track for you in a timely manner.

  • Download and print the HSOA Transcript Request Form (PDF)
  • Put in the required information and send the form to your previous school or Board of Education office
  • Have your school email us at [email protected] or mail the transcript to us at the following address:

High School of America

Attn: Transcripts

[email protected]

If you are unable to provide a transcript and are over age 18, you may waive the transcript requirement through the transcript exemption form found in your Student Portal.

Transfer Credits From Homeschooled Students

Homeschooled students without a traditional transcript should submit a complete portfolio and/or documentation of their school work, along with the Home School Form. No portfolio? Request a test from us that, if passed, permits you to remain a student but does not award credit.

  • Transcript Request Form (PDF)
  • Homeschool Form(PDF)

Transfer your high school credits into HSOA. It’s easy! Call 1-(888) 242-4262 to learn more or enroll online today.