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Teachers at High School of America are talented, certified, highly-qualified professionals committed to each student’s success. Our caring teachers make all the difference for our students.

Expert Instruction

High School of America’s certified teachers are experts in their fields as well as trained in online instruction practices. Leading the virtual classroom, our teachers help students across the country and across all grade levels achieve their potential . . .

  • Our middle school teachers hone students’ writing, math, and science skills.
  • Our high school teachers prepare students for the challenges of college and career.
  • Our subject specialists help students master increasingly complex subjects and new skills.
  • Our foreign language teachers prepare students to communicate in a global community.
  • STEM subject matter experts foster the next generation of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.
  • Our AP® and Gifted and Talented instructors expand educational opportunities for high-achievers.

Throughout the K–12 years, our teachers partner with parents and Learning Coaches to ensure students have the support they need to thrive in an online environment.

Teacher Responsibilities

In High School of America’s student-focused, individualized online learning environment, our teachers:

  • Integrate state-of-the-art instructional tools and curriculum to engage and instruct.
  • Individualize lesson plans and instruction to each student’s needs.*
  • Provide engaging real-time instruction via Audio / Video Collaboration sessions.
  • Track each student’s progress and adjust individual learning plans appropriately.
  • Provide one-on-one support and instruction via phone, email, and Audio / Video Collaboration technology.

*Full-time students also participate in High School of America’s ongoing Personalized Performance Learning process.

Core Academic Team

Dr. Fazil Haque
Dr. Fazil HaqueMathematics
Denise Corlew
Denise CorlewEnglish
Dave Murphy
Dave MurphySocial Studies
Ashtian Bergquist
Ashtian BergquistWorld Languages & Electives

Our Teachers

  • Sophia Lorenzo, English
  • Logan Branson, English
  • Lucas Jacobson, Social Studies
  • Landon Thebabes, Science
  • Dylan Michalson, Science
  • Peyton Harper, Foreign Language
  • Taylor Evans, Math

Career & Technical Education Team Leads

Salim Sada
Salim SadaBusiness Administration (MBE/PhD Candidate)
Debbie Arogeti
Debbie ArogetiWeb Development
William Kawa
William KawaMechanical Product Design Engineering
Waqas Aziz
Waqas AzizNetwork & Infrastructure
Juan Jose
Juan JoseInformation Security & Analytics
Mr. KB
Mr. KBManagement Science (M.Phil/PhD Candidate)
Chris Wyatt
Chris WyattInternet Marketing & Advertisement
GS Baig
GS BaigComputer Science & Information Technology (M.Phil/PhD Candidate)
M. Ejaz
M. EjazAccounting & Finance
Yahya Dizaei
Yahya DizaeiMechanical Engineering
Evan Campbel
Evan CampbelGraphic Design