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Affordable High School Diploma Online

Earn your high school diploma online and on your terms. High School of America online is flexible, affordable, accredited education


Get an High School Education Completely Online That Fits Your Lifestyle

You can earn your high school diploma online and complete classes on your terms. High School of America is a fully accredited, private online high school – 6th through 12th. Our program is entirely online and fully self-paced. Therefore, the student works at his/her own pace, allowing us to accommodate students that have IEP (Individual Education Program) programs to very advanced learners. We’ll help prepare you to:

Attend college

Qualify for a better job

Finish what you started years ago

Each year, thousands of students that are traditional aged, adults who are ready to complete their education, and homeschoolers graduate from HSOA. You can join them in the journey towards a better future!

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like our curriculum
are satisfied with their education
students and growing

Get an Online High School Education That Fits Your Life

You can easily step on the path towards becoming a high school graduate.

If you have transfer credits it may take just a few months!

High School of America is an accredited AdvancED/SACS program that allows students to learn skills that will help with skills needed for real-world careers while earning their high school diplomas.

Proven Track Record That Exemplifies Success

Our program is More efficient than any GED program when comparing student outcomes and graduation rates. At HSOA, our program increases employee and student retention. We invite you to take a look at our partnership programs.

Enriched Curriculum

With our program, we help students learn to be successful on the job or in post-secondary institutions, knowledge needed in the workplace and at school and the workplace, and teaching skills.

Credentialed Diploma and Certificate

As a student, you can earn a certificate in high-demand/high-growth career fields at the same time you earn your high school diploma.

This was the most challenging experience I have been through but one of the most satisfying too. Thank you so much!
HSOA Student
I like the chat rooms and how easy the site is to navigate! I also appreciate the ability to email my teachers when I have a question. My online homeschool prior to this one had none of those features.
HSOA Student
The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at her own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent.
HSOA Parent

This school was a great choice for my child. His studies have improved dramatically and his overall health has also improved. He finally enjoys doing glass work and is more outgoing.

HSOA Parent
The curriculum challenges my students without being so hard that they can’t figure it out. In the end, they are prouder and have better esteem because their hard work has paid off.
HSOA Teacher


Our range of courses is constantly evolving to ensure that everything you study here is relevant and innovative. Whatever your chosen subject, you’ll find a range of courses taught by top academics.

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