Benefiting Both Corporations and Employees by Building a Better-Educated Workforce

High turnover, low engagement, and lack of skills keeps many entry-level or front line workers underemployed. Savvy businesses, particularly in the services sector, are finding that the costs of recruiting, training, and on-boarding new employees is time consuming, expensive, and unsustainable. By partnering with High School of America, such organizations can invest in the education and careers of their employees — and ultimately improve their businesses by changing the career trajectory of those workers.

High School of America allows employees to achieve their high school diploma online, while continuing to work. As part of the program, employees complete industry-specific coursework to earn a specialized Career Certificate that prepares them for success within your corporation. Employees also learn essential career skills that can be applied on the job, such as computer, communication, professionalism, and management skills.

Benefits of the Program

  • Increased Employee Retention: Employees who participate in internal training/education tend to stay with a company longer, saving time and money on training and recruitment.
  • Build Talent: Continuing to educate your existing employees will improve their work effectiveness. It also improves your company’s ability to promote from within, reducing turnover costs.
  • Tax Breaks: Corporate education reimbursement costs are tax-deductible.

Program Highlights

High School Of America employs an innovative curriculum aligned to Common Core Standards, the convenience of an anytime-anywhere online learning platform, and interactive content that engages adult learners and helps them achieve their educational goals.

  • Flexibility of anytime, anywhere access to courses—with 24/7 availability of online courses, employees can complete their diplomas while continuing to work full time.
  • Credit transferability—students can transfer in all previously earned courses in order to maximize their time and corporate resources.
  • A skills-based, career-focused curriculum—the program builds the skills that employees will need to succeed in their current organization.