Why HSOA is Right For Your Child

We encourage parent involvement with online high school programs at High School of America. You want the best education for your child’s future — and so do we. Whether your goal is to enable your child to apply to college or qualify for a better career, we believe HSOA offers an ideal way to earn a high school diploma. We serve students in many situations, including traditional students, homeschoolers and students seeking credit recovery.

  • A Quality Accredited Curriculum: HSOA is regionally accredited by Cognia, a widely recognized high school accrediting agency. This assures you of a high standard of quality in terms of our course content, overall curriculum, academic policies, enrollment procedures and instructional guidance.
  • A Distraction-Free Learning Environment: At HSOA your child studies independently 100% online. Free from the social challenges and peer pressures associated with being a traditional student in the typical high school setting, HSOA students can focus on learning. Maybe your child is an accelerated learner and feels held back by other classmates. Or, perhaps your child has been bullied, is falling behind, has family responsibilities or simply needs more time to absorb the subject matter. HSOA can help.
  • Self-Paced Courses for Custom-Fit Study: At HSOA your child learns at his or her own comfortable pace. The structured schedules of classroom-based schooling do not accommodate diverse study styles or speeds. At HSOA, your child can moves faster in some subjects and delve more deeply into others. There are no set log-on times, so your child is free to create a customized study routine.
  • Convenient Credit Recovery and Transfer: At HSOA your child can earn make-up credits in single courses. Besides our 1st – 12th grade curriculum, your child can enroll in single courses to make up credits. Maybe your child missed classes, failed a class, or needs to take a course or two to graduate. Choosing our individual-course option makes perfect sense. Check with your local school system in advance to confirm acceptance of HSOA transfer credits.
  • Personal Academic Guidance: Students in traditional high school classrooms may find teachers unapproachable or too busy to provide the extra help they need. At HSOA, it’s a whole different story! Your child can request one-on-one tutoring any time, online or by email or phone. Students also benefit from personal interaction with our certified teachers who are always willing to give students guidance.
  • Great for Homeschoolers: At HSOA your child can succeed as a homeschooler. Are you interested in online homeschooling for your child? Are you looking for a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that meets your and your child’s needs for a flexible, enjoyable education? HSOA is your answer. It works seamlessly with your busy schedule — including any extracurriculars, hobbies or other planned activities.

Our curriculum is designed to make it easy for you to supervise your child’s studies, monitor daily progress, and guide him or her to success. We encourage parent involvement! Call 1-(888) 242-4262 or enroll online now.

High School of America don’t merely expect daily involvement in their children’s education; they embrace it. From collaborating with teachers on goals to helping their children stay focused, our parents are full partners in the learning process.