Wyoming Online High School

In the state of Wyoming, students have a unique opportunity to attend the High School of America.

High School of America offers students in grades 9-12 the ability to complete their high school education from the comfort of their own homes. Our curriculum is tailored to meet each student’s needs and paced according to individual abilities.

With experienced educators and ample resources, the High School of America is helping students across Wyoming achieve their academic goals.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to your traditional high school or just want the convenience of learning from home, this online high school may be right for you.

Graduation Pathways

To graduate high school in Wyoming, students are required to complete a minimum of 26 credits.

Students must successfully complete a specific course of study that is tailored to the student’s intended major in college. High School of America offers a variety of courses that can serve as an excellent foundation for a wide range of majors in college.

High School of America has a track record of helping students graduate early.

Our flexible credit-recovery system allows for accelerated learning and can eliminate unnecessary courses, leaving time for those extra credits that many colleges and universities look for in applicants.

Learn more about High School of America and the Home Study program in our detailed homeschool curriculum overview.

Wyoming High School Diploma Online

High School of America offers students a Wyoming high school diploma that can be earned from the comfort and convenience of home.

Our diploma program is designed to help you reach your academic goals without compromising your work, family, and social life.

Students in grades 9-12 who complete the High School of America program will receive a diploma that is recognized by colleges and universities nationwide.

Our online high school diploma is an excellent option for students who want to continue their education from home. It can also be a great gift from parents and mentors who have already invested their time and resources into the student’s learning but will not be able to offer financial assistance in college.

Program Benefits:

  • Flexible scheduling – we can help you earn your diploma at a pace that works for your schedule.
  • Quality instruction – our diploma program allows you to learn from experienced educators who have personal experience with college academics.
  • Focus on the student’s needs – students are assigned a mentor to help them set academic goals and monitor their progress.
  • Personalized instruction – We offer one-on-one courses tailored to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
  • Accelerated learning opportunities – online courses are typically faster-paced than traditional courses, allowing for more time in class for extra credit work.

Credit Recovery Courses for Wyoming High Schoolers

We offer a variety of credit-recovery courses that can help you get back on track with the required courses for Wyoming’s graduation requirements.

Our academic curriculum offers thorough coverage of topics, utilizing experienced instructors and proven methods.

Since each course is designed based on the student’s specific needs, you’ll never be required to repeat any course material or progress through material you’ve already mastered.

Our online high school courses are also available year-round, giving students plenty of flexibility to fit their personal schedules around other commitments.

Explore Our Online High School Courses for Credit Recovery.

Adult Learners – Rejuvenate Your Mind!

At High School of America, our adult learners are an important part of our success. We recognize that adults who want to further their education have busy lives outside the classroom, so we have created individualized courses that can accommodate your schedule.

Our online high school diploma program is also ideal for working professionals who cannot afford to take time off work to earn a degree but still want to retain their value in the job market.

Our flexible class schedules allow you to complete your education without compromising your employment status or income.

With tuition that is much more affordable than traditional colleges and universities, High School of America provides an exceptional return on investment for adults seeking new opportunities through higher education.

Outstanding Homeschooling Program for Wyoming Students

High School of America homeschooling programs were developed by Wyoming educators to help students in meeting their educational goals and earn a high school diploma valid for college acceptance.

Our homeschooling courses utilize interactive lessons and real-time tests that are completed online. We develop educational content that will engage your student through audio, video, text, and graphics for a superior educational experience.

We also provide textbooks, workbooks, assessment information on standardized testing scores to assist you in measuring your students’ knowledge on particular subjects.

Students have access to their own school portal, where they can review lesson materials at any time of day or night, so you won’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts between work and family.

Custom Self-Paced Programs

Custom Self-Paced Programs online for high school students in Wyoming


Our self-paced courses are designed to work around your schedule, allowing you to set your own pace. This is an especially great option for students who need flexibility in order to meet their educational goals.

We offer a wide range of learning materials that will allow you to work ahead or catch up on missed lessons if necessary. And since our self-paced programs are online, there’s no time limit, so you have unlimited access to course materials!

High School of America offers the convenience of earning a homeschooling diploma or adult high school diploma from the comfort of home at any time of day or night without compromising the quality of your education.

Online Tutoring for Wyoming High School Students

High School of America provides unique one-on-one tutoring support so students can contact our instructors online for personalized help whenever they need it.

This one-on-one attention will assist your student in overcoming challenges and mastering topics so they can achieve higher grades and maintain an exceptional education experience.

We offer both “live” tutoring sessions that are scheduled around your schedule, as well as on-demand tutoring that allows you to take control of the conversation. This is a great option for those who need immediate answers to common questions such as:

  • Understanding new concepts covered in your lessons
  • Assisting with math problems
  • Assistance understanding textbooks or other course materials
  • Assistance understanding homework problems or quizzes

College Prep Courses for Wyoming Students

High School of America offers college prep courses that prepare students for the rigors and demands of higher education. These lessons cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Time Management Skills – College courses require you to manage your time more efficiently than ever before with multiple deadlines and responsibilities. Our course will help you strengthen this skill to achieve superior grades throughout your college career.
  • Study Skills – Higher education is very different from most online high school programs or homeschooling curriculums. Our lessons will provide an understanding of how to study properly so as to succeed in your university-level studies.
  • Test Taking Strategies – Standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT are often required for college admissions. Our courses will help you ace these tests while teaching you how to apply your skills in standardized testing situations.

Benefit from our:

Advanced Placement Courses for Wyoming High School Students

Our Advanced Placement courses are designed to enhance your knowledge of the subject area, improve your overall understanding of course materials, and increase your grades.

Our unique curriculum is specifically geared towards high school students who want to excel in their college prep academics.

Our online AP courses will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build a more effective educational experience.

Our advanced placement courses include: 

Test Prep Programs for Wyoming High School Students

High School of America offers a variety of test prep courses that will help students in Wyoming raise their grades and increase their understanding of complex academic concepts. Our exam preparation programs include:

  • SAT Prep Courses – These courses are designed to help you improve your SAT score so you can get into the college or university of your choice. The course reviews fundamental concepts while providing instruction on critical thinking and test-taking strategies.
  • ACT Prep Courses – Our ACT tests cover a wide range of math, English, science, and social studies material. Our online lessons are based on the latest version of this popular exam, allowing you to learn the necessary skills for success.

Dual Enrolling Program for Wyoming Students

High School of America’s Dual Enrollment program allows you to complete an online homeschooling diploma while earning college credits simultaneously.

You can enroll in our courses and earn credit towards both your high school diploma and college degree at the same time. This is an excellent option for students who want to explore their options before committing to a specific career path.

We offer many different course options within the dual enrollment program. Working directly with your school guidance counselor, we will create an individualized learning plan that best suits your educational goals.

Year-Round Enrollment – Enroll Today!

K 12 Online School in Wyoming


High School of America’s unique program is designed to help you and your student maintains a full and rich educational experience throughout the year, not just during traditional school months.

We offer year-round enrollment so students can study whatever subject area they wish without compromising the quality of their education. Your child works at their own pace while our instructors provide one-on-one tutoring that helps them overcome challenges and excel in each course.

Our unique lessons, one-on-one tutoring assistance, and easy-to-use course materials will help you achieve exceptional grades and maintain a high standard of academic excellence.

Contact us today for more information about our Wyoming homeschooling programs or to get started with an online high school diploma class!