Who is Online High School For?

Online high school is suitable for anyone who wants to get their diploma or GED without leaving their home and can self-motivate.

When you graduate with your Online High School, you will receive a fully accredited high school diploma in the mail. Many employers look for this when hiring new employees. Plus, it looks good on college applications!

Online high school will suit you or your child if you, he, or she falls in any of the categories below.

High School Students Looking to Transition from Public Schools

If you are a high school student at a public school and looking to transition from high school to college, this might be the best option for you. Many of our students have graduated from public schools but want to take more advanced classes or get ahead to graduate early. With the final exams and graduation requirements, this is a great option to get ahead or finish early.

People New to High School or Who Need to Re-Start High School

If you are new to high school or have taken it before but need to start over for whatever reason, this might be the best option for you. Our courses will follow your local high school curriculum, so our classes are equivalent to the first two years of traditional high school classes. We also offer Advanced Placement courses that allow students to take a college-level class and even get college credit for it later.

Students Who Want to Graduate Early

If you want to graduate early, we have the courses and exams for you! Because we are an online school, our final exams can be scheduled at a time convenient for you. This might let your family take a vacation without worrying about getting all of those diploma requirements done or give you more free time!

Students Who Want to Get Ahead

If you are already ahead in some subject areas but behind in others, our courses might be the best option for you. By taking some of our courses, you can graduate high school sooner than if you took all of your classes at once. And since some of our classes are equivalent to college-level courses, you can even get college credit for them.

Students Who Need More Freedom than Public Schools Offer

Online high school allows students to take classes when it is convenient for them. They can choose when they want to work on their coursework, so students can have a life outside of school without affecting their homework load. This gives the student freedom, which is something most high school students crave. Video chats with teachers and classmates make it seem as if the classroom is right in their house, not a massive distance away from where they live.

Students also have access to technology that was once unavailable to them before online high school. They can use laptops, desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones to do their coursework. From anywhere in the world, students can log on to their online school and get started on the classes they need to make themselves successful.

Travelling Students and Parents/Families

Is online school for everyone? Is online school good for high school students?


If you are a student who travels frequently or has parents/families who travel frequently, this might be the best option. Since the classes are available online, students can take their coursework with them, allowing them to work on it wherever they may go! There is no need to drop out because you will be able to work on your classes while you travel or whenever convenient.

People Who Are Struggling with Public Schools and Need an Alternative Option

If you are struggling with public school, an online high school might be the best option for you. Taking classes that interest you and at your own pace will help keep students interested in their education. It can even motivate them to work harder in their classes if they see the benefits of working hard!

Students with Disabilities and Special Needs

Online high school courses are designed to accommodate special needs students, whether physical or emotional disabilities. With the assistance of an adaptive learning specialist, many students can still receive an excellent education even when they otherwise might not be able to do so.

Some students can complete their high school diploma in as little as two years, whereas it would have taken them four without the assistance of an online school. This is because they can work at their own pace and get the help they need when working on any projects or assignments.

Students in Rural Areas

If you are a student who lives in a rural area with fewer educational opportunities, an online high school is for you! Being able to complete coursework from home can give students the education they need without traveling great distances every day. This way, they never get behind and always get the grades they need to get into a great university or college.

Students Who Are Home Schooled and Want to Get an Accredited Diploma

If you are a student who is already homeschooled, taking classes online with your parent’s support can give you the education you need to receive an accredited high school diploma. This will provide students with the opportunity to show colleges and universities that they have the academic background required to succeed in higher education.

Students Who Want More Education than Home Schooling Can Provide

When students complete their coursework for an online high school, they get a more comprehensive and well-rounded education than what homeschooling typically provides. The classes cover everything that regular high schools offer, giving students a wider range of knowledge and skills, which is always beneficial when applying to universities or colleges!

Parents Who Are Unhappy with Their Children’s Education

If you are unhappy with public schools in your area and want something better for your children, an online high school may be the best choice. Parents who don’t like the lack of academic demands in public schools can get more money with an online school. Also, working on courses at your own pace and on your schedule can be a huge benefit for students who want to spend time with friends or participate in activities that they enjoy while taking their classes.

Students Who Are Working and Want the Flexibility of Online Schooling

Some students choose to work while they go to school but lose their spots in college or university programs because they miss too many classes. An online high school can give students the flexibility they need without sacrificing their education. By taking advantage of learning management systems that allow them to access their courses anywhere, students can work on their education while they stay employed.

Basic Requirements to Start Online High School

The basic requirements to start online high school are:

  • An internet connection and the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer
  • Email: This helps students stay connected with their school and teachers. Most schools supply students with an email to contact teachers and school administration.
  • A quiet space without distractions where students can sit at their computer for extended periods while completing assignments. It’s essential that students have a place to work that is away from the distractions of everyday life.
  • A reliable computer that is capable of running the school’s software. Most schools have minimum requirements for their courses, so you should check with your chosen school to see if their software has lower standards than what is recommended by the manufacturer.
  • A webcam for online video conferencing is beneficial but not required.

What Courses Can I Take in Online High School?

Online high school diploma programs


Online high schools offer a variety of courses and options for their students. Some common classes offered include:

What Happens If You Fail an Online Class in High School?

If you fail a course, your school will provide an option for you to retake the class or have the teacher give you extra help until you pass. In some cases, students who fail classes need to retake them to complete their diploma requirements.

Will I Get College Credit from my Online High School?

Many colleges and universities offer credits for students who have completed courses with online high schools. However, you should always double-check to see if this is an option at your chosen college or university before taking classes outside of your home country.

Why High School of America’s Courses?

High School of America offers an accredited high school education to students worldwide, including United States citizens living abroad. We offer courses in a wide variety of subject areas. Additionally, our teachers are available to answer questions on online learning management systems so that students have access to the help they need.

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