What Makes High School of America Unique?

High School of America is a fully accredited, private online high school.

Our programs run from 6th grade through 12th grade and are entirely online and fully self-paced. Therefore, the student works at his/her own pace, allowing us to accommodate students that have IEP (Individual Education Program) programs to very advanced learners.

We’ll help prepare you to:

  • Attend college
  • Qualify for a better job
  • Finish what you started years ago

Each year, thousands of students and homeschoolers graduate from HSOA. Join us today and start a journey towards a better future!

What Do I Need To Get Started?

All you need is an internet connection and a device that plugs into the internet (Note: You can work on your computer or tablet/phone).

The rest of the course material will be provided to you at an affordable tuition cost. HSOA uses adaptive technology which can adjust its level of difficulty based on your performance. So, every student works at his/her own pace in their own way and learns from there.

How Does It Work?

The student accesses the class independently through our specially designed online learning system where they find all of the materials needed for each module.

There are different modules corresponding to grade levels 6-12; core subjects and elective courses per year. Each module contains an introduction, instructional videos and a variety of interactive tools including simulations.

How Much Does It Cost?

High School of America’s tuition plans are tailored to make it affordable for you to earn a high school diploma online. We have Pay in Full, Monthly Auto Pay or Monthly Bill Pay options.

If you are eligible to transfer in previously earned credits, you will save even more off your online high school diploma program tuition.

A Closer Look at Our Tuition Plans

American high school system
We have accommodating payment options that can meet most budgets. Here is a more detailed list of our tuition plans and what each of those entails.

Full Pay

  • This plan costs $1599.
  • You would pay full balance now.
  • There are no monthly payments or fees.
  • This plan offers the biggest savings.
  • Savings of $700 off total cost of tuition.

Auto Pay

  • This plan costs $2199
  • You would set up an auto draft monthly payment.
  • Has available low initial payments.
  • Savings are offered for the automated payments.
  • Savings of $100 off total cost of tuition.

Bill Pay

  • This plan costs $2299.
  • Will make monthly payments.
  • Can Pay by mail, phone, or online.
  • Has available low initial payments.
  • Has no added savings.

Check out our tuition calculator today!

“Here at High School of America, we try to offer competitive rates as well as flexible payment solutions for your tuition costs.”

Choosing the Right Tuition Plan for You

As a High School of America student, you will have the opportunity to earn and transfer credits. This means that students can transfer in credits they’ve earned through GED Testing Service or military transcripts and save even more off their tuition! Students without any prior coursework may still qualify for our guaranteed credit transfer program and earn up to 100% refund on their tuition by taking and passing select newly added coursse.

Are we accredited?

High School of America, a private school, delivers accredited, affordable high school courses, college preparatory and career-based online education for Grades 6-12 to students throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Students receive both core curriculum and career-based online courses in the areas of Healthcare, Game design, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology.

Enrolling in High School of America will lead to successfully earning a fully accredited High School Diploma. Parents and students may choose one or more grade levels according to the previous credits that have been earned from a previous high school or home school.

After we evaluate your previous high school transcript or middle school report card, an individualized academic program will be developed for your specific needs. High School of America will request your previous high school transcript.

In order to graduate, students must demonstrate that they have successfully completed relevant credits (this may be a combination of credits earned from a previous high school and credits earned at High School of America). Once all academic and financial requirements have been completed the student will earn their fully accredited high school diploma.

How does High School of America ensure students’ success?

We do this by meeting with each student before he/she begins their coursework to set-up an academic plan tailored to their learning style and interests. Our teachers meet regularly with our students one on one via Skype or phone support throughout their time at HSOA. We also hold live events and webinars every month where students have the opportunity to speak directly with their teachers.

What if I have a disability and need assistance with my courses?

High School of America is committed to providing equal access to education for all students regardless of any types of disabilities they may or may not have. If you have a learning disability, we offer many different support services that can help you succeed.

Please speak to your counselor about our wide-range of support services that are available.

High School of America is a private, coeducational school

We offer students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma, career certificate or college credit through our online educational program. Our courses are aligned with state curriculum standards and taught in an engaging way by caring teachers. We provide everything you need to succeed including textbooks, educational material and resources at an affordable cost. Get started today!

The mission of High School of America is to provide a quality accredited education delivered conveniently online at an affordable price! We have worked hard to help make high school accessible and affordable for all students who have been underachieving due to their local high schools lacking guidance or support.

High School of America is an Accredited Online High School

Best high school in the US
HSOA is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We offer a variety of flexible online programs to fit the needs of all our students. Our goal is for students to gain an appreciation for academic excellence, life-long learning, and become contributing members of society.

The success of our student’s education depends on not just their own efforts, but also on the combined efforts of instructors, program administrators, and support staff. Every member of this community is important to the success of each student so that every student has an opportunity to meet his/her goals in a safe learning environment.

Our programs are designed to provide students with effective preparation for higher education or careers in a global society through credit-bearing classes aligned with the US Department of Education. High School of America is accredited by AdvancED, an international education community that advances quality and equity in education, and specializes in: K-12 schools, school systems, and higher education institutions.

We offer a variety of courses in different subjects, including math, science, English and social studies

We offer AP® and honors courses in English, biology, chemistry, physics and history. We have certified teachers who are expertly trained to help students throughout the course of study. Courses are designed for self-directed learning and do not require a high level of parental involvement (other than submission of worksheets and assignments).

Our online program is set up by subject matter with each course broken down into specific topics so you can easily find what you need. Students receive their education right at home on their own time frame! Whether it’s day or night HSOA offers classes at times that work for them.

Our team is dedicated to working together with students, parents & community members to make sure our school environment promotes student success. We hope you’ll visit our site often to find answers to any questions or concerns you may have. The variety of academic programs we offer, along with genuine caring for all students, gives High School of America the distinction as being an online school dedicated to helping each student reach his/her potential…and beyond!

HSOA Has a Higher Graduation Rate than the National Average of Public Schools

90% of the students who have graduated from HSOA have been accepted to four-year colleges and universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Duke, Northwestern University, and Johns Hopkins just to name a few. The long-term goal is for each student that graduates to be able to attend an accredited college or university on scholarship with little or no debt.

Enroll Now and Change Your Life! Only $1 Enrollment Fee

For more information or to sign up please call 1-888-894-5010 or go to https://www.highschoolofamerica.com/about-us/request-info/ to apply today and start earning those credits!

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