Figuring out what classes you should take in high school can be harder than you expect. As an adult learner or as a teen, you have hundreds of possibilities. The core classes required to earn a high school diploma can include advanced placement or remedial classes. It depends on your proficiency in the subject. Much like college, you can also choose electives that interest you. This could include home ec classes and others that cater to your personal interests like psychology.

Some classes will give you an introduction to the subjects in question. Others can help you become proficient depending on how many classes you take. Many high schools offer a range of language classes for French, Spanish, and more.

As an adult learner returning to school, you may not want to go back to the traditional classroom. Even if you do, many people don’t have the time. They have a work schedule to keep up with as well as family obligations. So online learning is the perfect option. You can still take advantage of all the resources and support you need to learn. Online learning just allows you to do it on your schedule.

What Classes Do You Need to Earn a High School Degree Online?

accredited homeschool curriculumThe basic requirements when you take high school classes online are the same as those you would expect in a traditional high school. A lot of the high school classes you take are mandatory. The exact details can vary based on your proficiency and other factors. Students typically complete:

  • Four years of language arts (commonly English)
  • Three to four years of math
  • Three years of science (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.)
  • Two to three years of American history or social studies

These basic requirements are mapped out. For example, in math, you would progress from algebra to geometry to calculus, and beyond. You can plan your schedule ahead of time. Many times, students include one class from each in each grade. You can plan some of this on your own. Many successful students work with a Academic Counselor to make sure they fit everything in. Sometimes, you’ll make adjustments when you feel you need more support or you’re ready to take on more. Your exact graduation date will vary accordingly.

What High School Classes Should You Take for College?

For many students, a high school diploma isn’t the only thing they’re working towards. It’s the first step towards college and other bigger things. Once you graduate high school, many community colleges will be happy to offer classes and options. When you’re ready to apply to college, you still want a strong resume to get you started. Some students participate in volunteer and other extracurricular activity. Particularly for online students or adult learners, the question of what the best classes are comes up. What do colleges want to see?

Colleges expect the same classes you’d complete to graduate with your high school diploma. If you’ve completed the number of credits you need and the core classes, your transcript will be in line. Some college requirements will vary. So always double check if you have a specific school in mind.

Colleges Look at Rigor in Your High School Class Load

Colleges look at many things from your grades to how many AP classes you take. The primary thing many universities look at is referred to as “rigor.” They’re looking for a student who challenges themselves and takes on the appropriate load. It’s a way to determine if students can handle the challenges of college. It’s not just about taking a certain number of classes. It also means progressing to take more difficult classes. This shows you’re willing to do the work to earn your degree.

How does this affect your choice in classes? Pushing yourself isn’t the same as overloading yourself or doing too much. So don’t be afraid to take things at your own pace. Look for the balance in your home and school life. Take classes based on how much time you have outside your current job or family obligations. If you’re not sure, write things down. When you have it committed to writing, you’ll know what’s coming up and what to expect.

You can also determine what kind of classes you want to take. If one subject is harder for you, combine it with subjects that are easier. This way, you can find the balance you’re looking for while performing well in all your classes. Also, set aside time for tutoring as needed.

Should You Choose Harder High School Classes or a Better GPA?

You’re the one who decides what classes you ultimately take. You may qualify for advanced placement classes. It’s up to you to decide if you feel ready to take on the challenge. You can also choose the elective classes you take. It might be tempting to take easy classes and get a 4.0. Your GPA is a major factor in your college acceptance later on.

Your grades are only one factor in how it’s weighted. If you’re not challenging yourself, colleges will see you as not meeting the same standard someone did when taking harder classes. You should always look for balance. If you don’t feel like you’re up to the task of taking a harder science class, sign up for the highest level you feel comfortable with.

If you’re ready to go back to school for your high school diploma, look at classes online with High School of America. For more information on your options in online high school classes, click here.