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Washington D.C.’s High School of America is a top-ranked online high school that offers a variety of rigorous and innovative courses for students who want to complete their high school diploma from home.

Whether you’re looking for core courses, electives, or AP classes, High School of America has something to offer all students. With experienced and certified teachers, an accredited curriculum, and personalized support, High School of America provides an excellent online high school experience that prepares students for college and beyond.

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Graduation Pathways

To graduate high school in Washington D.C., one must complete 24 credits. These 24 credits include English (4), math (3), science (3), foreign language (2), social studies (5), wellness/PE, and arts/humanities electives.

In addition to these core courses, high school students must also pass the High School Assessments graduation requirements in order to graduate.

High School of America graduates receive an accredited diploma .

Washington D.C. High School Diploma Online

Washington D.C.’s High School of America is 100% online school offering students a complete high school diploma from home.

High School of America provides a comprehensive opportunity for high school completion from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about High School of America and the Home Study program in our detailed homeschool curriculum overview.

High School of America is accredited by Cognia. We are not only members of two leading national school associations, but we are also a regionally and nationally recognized private charter high school.

We offer an innovative, rigorous, and personalized learning experience that prepares our students for success in college and beyond.

Program Benefits:

  • Fully Accredited Diploma ​
  • Students have access to over 200 online resources, including e-books and online databases.
  • Every student has the opportunity to map out their own academic path and create a personalized graduation plan based on their individual goals and interests.
  • Each High School of America student is assigned to a designated counselor that provides personalized guidance throughout each student’s high school experience.
  • Students have access to our award-winning platform that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Learners can expand their educational opportunities by taking advantage of our wide range of electives and enrichment courses.

Custom Self-Paced Programs

High School of America offers custom self-paced diploma programs that are 100% online.

If you prefer to have extra flexibility with your courses or you’re looking for a high school diploma program that allows you to move through the courses at your own pace, our custom self-paced diploma programs are just what you need!

Whether it’s taking one class at a time so you can focus on learning one subject during each course or taking several classes simultaneously so you can earn your diploma sooner, these innovative learning options allow students of all interests and learning styles to enroll in the courses they want.

Home Tutoring Services

Washington, D.C. Homeschool Program


High School of America also provides home tutoring services in the Washington D.C. area at affordable rates.

With online tutoring, students can access support from qualified teachers and experts 24/7 through live chat or video call services – making it easier than ever to solve problems and develop essential skills for academic success!

By taking advantage of our tutoring services, students get access to instructors who know how to get through difficult subject matter, catch common mistakes on assignments before they make them, and give tips for mastering coursework!

This creates a valuable one-on-one experience where every student gets more individualized instruction than what is provided by traditional educational environments.

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Credit Recovery Courses

High School of America offers credit recovery courses for Washington D.C. to help students recover lost credits so they can complete high school and move on with their college or career plans.

Our credit recovery courses provide a flexible option that allows students to get back on track and graduate on time with a diploma from home.

Our expertly trained and experienced instructors provide flexible, personalized learning plans that allow students to complete the required coursework to earn credits quickly and effectively!

Explore Our Online High School Courses for Credit Recovery.

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Adult Learners – Rejuvenate Your Mind!

Are you a busy adult that wants to return to school but don’t have the time or flexibility needed to sit in a classroom?

High School of America offers diploma programs for adults, so people looking to return back to school can complete their high school requirements from home.

Whether it’s part-time courses so you can take classes when your schedule allows or full-time online courses at our Washington, D.C.-based learning center, we have a flexible program that will meet your needs.

These online courses allow students to work on their own time and at their own pace so they can spread out their coursework and take classes when it’s convenient to them!

Top-Rated Homeschooling Programs in Washington, D.C.

High School of America offers homeschooling programs in Washington D.C. that allow parents to provide their children with the education they want for them while also allowing students to learn on their own terms and pace.

Our online homeschool curriculum is designed to give you the flexibility you need, whether it’s providing resources for core courses like math, English, science, social studies, or electives like government & civics, and more.

Our homeschooling program provides parents and students an opportunity to work together on projects, assignments, and courses so they can complete their high school requirements at home without disrupting their lives or their schedule.

This is perfect for older students that want to graduate early or younger teenagers that want to get ahead!

Advanced Placement Courses – Expand Your Horizons!

High School of America also offers AP courses for Washington D.C. that provide students with the opportunity to take college-level courses and earn college credit at their own pace and on their own time.

AP courses allow students the chance to develop the skills they need to be successful in college and beyond.

These challenging courses may prepare them not only for the AP test, but they could also save time and money in their future higher education experience!

In addition, earning passing grades on AP tests can also knock out some university requirements, saving students time and money on their post-secondary education costs.

Our Advanced Placement courses include:

To learn more about High School of America’s Advanced Placement courses in Washington D.C., be sure to get in touch with us today!

College Prep Courses for Washington D.C. Students

Best Online High School In Washington D.C.

High School of America also offers college prep classes for Washington D.C. that prepare students for higher education and help them with their future career paths.

Our college-prep courses provide students with the knowledge they need to successfully find a job after high school or to get into top universities!

Advanced learning opportunities like these are a great way to boost your confidence, make yourself more marketable, and set yourself apart from other candidates looking for employment or enrolling at colleges and universities across the country!

Test Prep Programs for Washington D.C. Students

High School of America offers test prep courses in Washington D.C. that help students get the scores they need on entrance exams for universities across the country, including ACT and SAT testing.

These are very important tests since they are often required for admission to colleges and universities across the nation!

By providing advanced learning opportunities like this, High School of America is helping make our students more competitive when looking at educational options while also giving them a boost on their future career paths!

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