Factors to When Consider Transitioning to an Online School

It’s not easy to change schools, no matter what the type. But when you’re transitioning from a traditional high school setting to an online school, there are so many more changes that need to be made.

How to Transfer to Online High School

One of the most critical factors in making this transition from traditional school to online is determining if your student will be capable of handling this kind of change. It takes a certain type of person to succeed in an online environment where they are not surrounded by others and do not have access to live human beings during times of need.

The internet can be a great tool in education at times but should never take away from actual face-to-face interaction that happens between human beings who share similar emotions via nonverbal dialogue.

Of course there will be some students who are not capable of handling this type of change and would probably do better in a traditional school setting. It really depends on the student because we’ve all heard stories about how great it is to attend an online high school but, at the same time, there have been plenty of horror stories.

Considering A Student’s Best Interests

As parents or guardians, our job is to look at every single option available and make the right decision for our child. Sometimes that means making “the hard call”, as they say, because it’s what’s best for their future rather than doing anything for immediate gratification. We need to help them analyze every single aspect regarding which choice is best both now and in the future – whether that means getting good grades by attending an high school that promotes online education or attending a school that’s only focused on getting kids into college right away.

Why Parents Should Work Closely with Their Children during the Transition

Once you’ve decided to make the transition from traditional high school to online education, it’s vital to spend time working closely with your child so they understand what their new learning environment will look like.

At times, there may be concerns over who will teach them and how classes will run in terms of when and where students need to be at certain times because some online schools will have live chat rooms for teachers but not “live” classes. The most important thing is for students to fully understand the differences between each option so they can see which one would best suit their needs as an individual learner.

This process should include all different kinds of teachers who can provide various perspectives on the subject. The best way to do this is by approaching each teacher individually and asking them what their thoughts are regarding which learning environment will work best for your child in the future.  Making sure all these conversations take place before choosing an online school in order to have all the necessary information at hand while making a final decision.

The Need for Support Systems

Given that transitioning from traditional high school to online education isn’t easy, there needs to be plenty of support systems in place both academically and emotionally for students and their families during this transition. In most instances, it’s not something just one person has to worry about but everyone involved because it always requires a team effort if things are going be done as effectively as possible. For example, if your child has a learning disability or autism and they are struggling during this transition phase, who will be there for you as the parent?  Who is going to address these problem areas and provide a sense of security when things get rough? When the time comes to make that final decision on which is best for your family, remember that it’s not just about whether or not the school offers an accredited program. Think about everything else related to how your child learns and what their needs will be in the future before making any hasty decisions.

Is Transitioning to Online School Difficult?

Over all, transitioning from traditional high school to online education can be very difficult but with the proper guidance in place, students should have no problem handling the challenge. It takes a certain type of student to excel from an online environment but they do exist. You just need to look beyond the traditional way of thinking about online education and focus on what’s best for your child by taking some time to fully understand how each school operates before making a decision.

Why Homeschooling is a Good Alternative to Traditional Education

Online Private High School vs Traditional Public high school classrooms
When it comes to getting your child’s education going, you will have a number of options to choose from.  Choosing the right school can be challenging as there are a lot of factors to consider when putting together an educational plan that ensures your child gets the best education possible for their needs and interests.

One option that needs to be considered is online high schools because they enable students to take classes independently and at their own pace while giving them more time to focus on other activities if so desired. However, enrolling in an online high school does come with its own set of challenges ranging from communication problems related to teachers and peers being far away, having little or no physical interaction with people on a regular basis, difficulty communicating face-to-face, to not being able to see the person you are speaking to.

As such, students attending these schools need to be given ample support and encouragement when it comes to making sure they have the best chance at success in their online classes as this can greatly impact their academic future. Parents will need to make some extra effort with creating an environment that promotes growth within the home while providing them with a number of resources like books, videos, and websites about online high school education. This will help your child transition into their new learning environment without any hiccups along the way. If you do choose this option for your child’s education moving forward here is why it could be a good thing:

1.Better Communication between Students and Teachers

One of the great things about online high schools is how easy it is to communicate with teachers and tutors. We are not talking about just email communication but video conferencing using programs like Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime where you can see your child in real time while they are speaking to help promote a sense of security. In turn, this will make students feel more comfortable in sharing their thoughts and giving feedback on what’s going on within their educational environment.

2.Better Communication Between Students and Parents

Another nice thing that comes with online high school education is the ability to stay connected between teacher, student, and parent as there won’t be many hurdles for all three parties to overcome in order to stay in sync. Parents that are worried about their child’s progress in school can simply log into a communication platform and ask the teacher any questions they may have without having to wait around for a phone call or written response. The ability to write, video conference, and make use of instant messaging will go a long way in helping keep everyone on par with each other at all times.

3.Better Communication between Students and Peers

While this is not something you should base your decision about online high schools upon, it is certainly something to consider when thinking about your child’s welfare and well-being while they are away from home pursuing their education. Because students aren’t physically present when doing assignments or projects together they need some type of communication device that they can use to help bridge the gap between them and their peers. Whether it’s instant messaging through a platform like AIM or having access to a video conferencing program so they can see one another as they work towards solving problems together, this will go a long way in helping build lasting friendships with those around you. Some schools do offer face-to-face meetings on campus for students attending online high school classes but that is not always feasible which is why having some type of communication device that everyone has access to makes sense.

4.Less Expensive Alternative Than Going To A Traditional High School

Homeschooling Tuition Fee for Homeschoolers
Another good reason why your child should think about going to an online high school now instead of later is because it’s a lot cheaper in the long run. While you may be thinking about the initial investment that needs to be made when purchasing all of their hardware and software, what some parents don’t realize is how much money they will save over time by not having to pay for a public school education while your child takes online classes. That financial burden is no longer there which means more money can be put into other areas like college or used for general living expenses down the line. There are also less distractions going on at home because there won’t be any loud noises coming from others in the house so when those students are studying/doing homework they will get it done without any problems.

5.Greater Access To All Types Of Classes

While this doesn’t mean that there won’t be free classes available in public schools, it does mean that if your child wants to take a specific class that may not be offered at their local high school they have a chance to do so online from another state. This can help open up doors for them as some colleges/universities only offer certain courses on campus and can be hard to get into. Students taking online high school classes will have more freedom when it comes to picking the exact course they want or need to learn about without having to worry whether or not it’s going to be offered at their current institution of choice.

6.Greater Access To All Types Of Textbooks And Educational Materials

There is no doubt that most parents want what is best for their child and when it comes to helping them succeed in life, they will do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals. One way of doing that is ensuring they have everything they need to complete an assignment or study for a test so having access to their textbooks online is a huge plus.

Not every public school offers this service as some still physically hand out hard copies of course materials but if that’s the educational tool your child wants then consider making the move online. The price tag on these textbooks alone can be overwhelming but there are usually programs available that offer these textbooks at a discounted rate which means everyone wins in the end.

Online high schools make all of this possible by allowing parents/students to download any type of textbook or educational material they need to help improve their chances of success.

7.Greater Access To All Types Of Tutor Assistance

Another positive by going to an online high school instead of a traditional one is the fact that students will have access to more in-depth tutor assistance when it comes time for them to take any type of test, exam, quiz or study for a class. Whereas most public schools only offer basic classroom instruction there are many online programs that come with enhanced learning resources/tutor assistance which can be helpful in the long run. Having extra hands on support like this allows your child to not only get through courses faster but also helps cut down on confusion related issues associated with homework given and how certain assignments should be completed.

8.Greater Access To All Types Of Learning Opportunities

If you are looking for more than just a basic education then consider what is available at an online high school instead of a local one. From learning foreign languages, how to write business plans, help with creating resumes, preparing students for standardized tests and even helping them develop soft skills needed in today’s marketplace this type of programming is becoming more common as time goes on. This shows that schools do care about the development of their student base which makes sense because it allows them to stand out among their competition when it comes time for students to look for colleges/universities to attend.

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