Top 10 Reasons Why Parents Are Frustrated with Public Schooling

The public school system is not perfect. One of the most common complaints among parents is the issues with bullying, lack of parental involvement in their child’s education, and teaching styles that don’t work for all children. Here are reasons why parents are frustrated with public schools.

Lack of Parental Involvement

Parents feel like they don’t get to spend enough time with their kids at school and that there needs to be more communication about what happens during the day. Some parents don’t have the time to spend at school, but they also think it’s essential for their children to have a support system to turn to when they need help. This is an area that needs improvement in public schools across the country.


Many parents feel anti-bullying policies and regulations aren’t strict enough and that the school isn’t doing enough to protect their kids from bullies. Parents might want tougher punishments or more severe consequences for bullying behavior. Other parents think that children need to be taught how to stand up for themselves instead of relying on teachers and staff members to get involved in all altercations.

Class Size

Many parents feel like class sizes are too big, that the staff-to-student ratio isn’t good enough, and that there aren’t enough resources in school for special needs children or students who need extra attention. Parents might want smaller class sizes to make sure their child is getting personalized instruction to excel in their education.

If a child has individualized attention, they might be less likely to fall behind in class and more likely to maintain high grades.

Lack of Discipline

Some parents think that the staff at school doesn’t do enough when bad behavior occurs and that kids aren’t held accountable for their actions. Parents want to know that their children will be safe and have a positive learning experience at school. If teachers and other officials don’t discipline students for misbehavior, then parents think it’s up to them to dole out punishments when their children come home with stories about what happened at school.

Mask Mandates

Parents feel like their children are being forced to wear a mask in school even when they haven’t been diagnosed with any respiratory issues. If a parent wants to keep their child out of the masks, they might not send them to public school where they’re required to wear one. This can cause problems for parents and schools if there aren’t enough students attending regularly.

Academic Rigor

Some parents feel like their children are just being taught to pass tests instead of learning what they need to know to succeed after high school. Parents want public schools to raise standards and teach more than just one way of doing things. They also want to see their children challenged more in class to learn as much as possible.

Lack of Diversity in the Classroom

Some parents feel like their children aren’t exposed to diversity education enough at school and that the curriculum needs to be updated so that all races and cultures are included. Parents want their students to learn about different backgrounds, religions, races, and ethnicities so they can interact and work with people other than them once they graduate from high school and move on to college or get jobs.

Technology in the Classroom

Engaging parents in school and student learning


Parents feel like their kids aren’t being given enough ways to learn with modern technology and that there isn’t an equal balance between books and computers when it comes to classwork. Some parents want more opportunities for their children online to have access to lesson plans, class materials, and other educational tools that they might not get in the Classroom. This can be especially helpful if a child has special needs or pursues higher education after high school.

Too Many Kids With Special Needs in One Classroom

Some parents feel like their children are being left behind when it comes to special needs accommodations. Parents want more classes and staff members who can accommodate children with autism or other learning disabilities, so they don’t feel isolated in the school environment. If parents make enough noise, schools might be forced to keep up with new laws on special needs education and hire more trained teachers to handle children with disabilities.

The Lack of Opportunities for Students to Explore their Interests and Talents Outside the Curriculum

Some parents feel like their children aren’t being given enough chances to explore what they’re interested in at school. If a child likes playing sports, taking music classes, or doing volunteer work outside of the curriculum, they might not have many opportunities in public schools. Parents want their kids to have activities that keep them engaged and help them discover what they’re passionate about.

Schools that Focus too Much on Standardized Testing

Some parents feel like their children are constantly being tested and judged by the school system’s standards. Parents want their students to go to schools where they can be themselves and get more individualized attention instead of worrying about test scores all the time. If a parent has an issue with one or more of these concerns, they need to make sure that they speak up. Parents can’t just assume that these issues are being taken care of, which is why they need to get more involved in their child’s education from an early age until they graduate from high school and go on to college or get a job.

The Online High School Alternative

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional high school, you may be interested in taking online courses. Online education is an excellent option for many students because it offers more flexibility regarding class assignments and studying. You’ll be able to get your work done at your own pace without the presence of a teacher watching over you all the time, and you will be able to set your own schedule.

You might also want to look into private online high schools. Many private online institutions offer flexible class schedules, live lessons, and even extracurricular activities for students. Whether you are looking for more individual attention or just need a change of pace in your education, taking classes at an online institution might be the perfect choice for you.

Benefits of Online Schooling for Teens

If you are a parent to teen who is looking to take online courses instead of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar school, you might be interested in some of the benefits of taking classes online. For instance, there is less teacher-student interaction in an online setting which means that learning will not be impacted by factors such as social anxiety.

Engaging parents in school and student learning


An online high school also allows teens to have more flexibility in terms of when they are able to take tests, work on projects, or complete assignments. Many online programs allow students to choose their own hours for studying and completing academic challenges so that things can be done when it’s convenient for them.

Online schooling is also a good option for students who want more individualized attention or need extra help in certain subjects. Online courses can be customized to offer one-on-one instruction, and teachers are often available for help outside of the classroom hours as well.

Online Schools: Making Learning Easier

If you’re a teen who is struggling in school, you might want to take online classes. Online education can be a great option for students that aren’t thriving in traditional classroom settings because it offers more flexibility and individualized learning opportunities.

An online high school also makes it easier for students with hectic schedules to take classes since everything can be done from the student’s own home. Students are able to make their own schedule for studying and completing assignments, which allows them to fit lessons into their daily routines.

Also, online programs are known for offering more individualized attention to students who are falling behind in certain subject areas or need extra help to boost their grades. Many online high schools like High School of America offer customized instruction and one-on-one sessions with teachers or tutors, which can be extremely beneficial for students.

These are just a few of the reasons why more and more teens are choosing to take online courses instead of going to traditional high schools. If you’re not doing well in your current situation, it might be time to contact an online school and explore your options.