What Is an Online High School Diploma?

As the name implies, an online diploma is one that was earned through a distance learning program that allows students to study from home via the internet. 

Although computers and other devices can be used to access lessons and submit work, usually some sort of verification will take place either in person or over the phone as well. 

What Is an Accredited Online High School Diploma?

Accredited is basically another term meaning approved or validated by a reputable organization, in this case, the Department of Education. 

This can also refer to other types of accreditations but when it comes to high school diploma programs, this typically implies that they meet all required standards set forth by the DOE and state boards concerning curriculum, teaching practices, etc.

Can I Complete a Diploma Online?


At High School of America, we have made the process of earning an online high school diploma much easier than ever before possible! Any student looking for their accredited high school diploma should seriously consider what all the online world has to offer in terms of distance education. The amount of money and time saved is truly invaluable and unlike a traditional brick and mortar school, you get to keep ALL YOUR MONEY without having to worry about paying another tuition bill again!

On top of that, once students finish up with their classwork for the day, they can go ahead and study about whatever they want! There are no more boring lectures or students being forced to sit in a stuffy room all day with nothing else to do but listen. 

An online high school diploma allows students to work at their own pace, set their own schedule, and do work when they have the time for it – this means that if your baby wakes up from a nap right while you were in the middle of math class then you can simply go ahead and put on some Netflix until she falls back asleep. When it comes down to it, earning an online high school diploma is probably the most convenient way there is to get an education!

How Long Does It Take To Earn a High School Diploma?

Earning an online high school diploma can be done within 1-3 years on average. This might seem like a short time frame but it is important to remember that one of the benefits of online schooling is that students can go through courses and lessons at their own pace instead of feeling pressured into having to complete everything in under 8 hours per day or less. 

As a result, most students who earn an online high school diploma will do so within the timeframe mentioned above as long as they stay focused, motivated, and dedicated to completing their work each week!

How Hard Is It to Get an Online Diploma?

It’s actually much easier than you might think! Many programs only require students to complete a certain number of courses and/or earn a certain grade point average before they’re automatically given their diploma (so long as they’ve met all other graduation requirements set by the institution).

Are Online High School Diplomas Legit? 

Online Diploma Programs for AdultsEarning an online high school diploma has become far more common in recent years thanks to the rising trend of students wanting to attend a traditional brick-and-mortar institution.

However, many of these schools are still not accredited and therefore it makes sense to ask the question – are online high school diplomas legit?

Luckily, this is no longer a valid question as most modern schools and programs offer legitimate accreditation that cannot be ignored. In addition, earning an online high school diploma gives students access to all of their grades for future reference which can come in handy during job interviews or simply just for bragging rights!

What Are Some Good Online Certificate Programs?

Some of the best online certificate programs on offer are those that can lead to future careers. The truth is, while a lot of people might be interested in earning an online high school diploma or degree, it often boils down to wanting better opportunities for employment down the line. While there are many different types of certificates available, this questionnaire should help you narrow your search:

  • What do I want to gain from my certificate?
  • How long will it take me to complete?
  • Which schools have the best reviews and ratings on their certificates?

What Is the Quickest Certification to Get?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself when trying to determine which online certificate is going to be the most beneficial. Some even offer courses and training that can meet future career goals! If investing in education is not something you can afford right now, then consider searching for free online certificates. Chances are, there will be at least one or two available! Even if it means replacing your current job with this new opportunity, that’s okay – getting paid to learn about what interests you is always better than working a job you hate!

As long as students take their time and choose between traditional schools, brick and mortar institutions, or online schools, everything will eventually work out!

Does an Online Certificate Have Value?

Yes! In fact, earning an online certificate is one of the best ways to start on a bright path and invest in your future. 

What Types of Programs Can I Get?

This depends on why you are doing it – if it’s for a job, then think about what you might need to do that specific job! If it’s just because you’re interested in learning more about a certain field or area of study, then find out which schools offer the most interesting courses.

Earning an online diploma (high school or otherwise) opens up so many doors – students who have earned such credentials have paved the way to success whether their ultimate goal was to pursue higher education opportunities or simply improve their lot in life as much as possible through further education.

Finding schools that offer online courses is as easy as typing in your search terms into any internet browser, but make sure you have all of your documents ready before applying to ensure there are no issues down the line!

Online Diploma Programs for Adults

If you are over 18 years of age and you were not able to satisfactorily complete high school, there’s still hope left for you! 

Earning an online diploma for adults is definitely worth it, and not only because of the actual learning experience. Many traditional brick-and-mortar institutions offer adult education programs that help people finish high school or earn a GED but they are almost always far too expensive once you factor in housing costs! In addition, many young students do not have the patience to sit through lectures by teachers who may have little idea what their life has been like up until that point. These schools also tend to follow relatively inflexible timetables which can make earning a diploma difficult for those who already have full-time jobs!

For all these reasons, online high schools make sense for adults who want to complete school without breaking the bank and without compromising their jobs to do so. At the very least, online learning can help people improve their current living situation by earning a better income or obtaining employment in a higher position.

Why Would I Want an Online High School Diploma?

A lot of adults who were never able to graduate from high school due to financial woes or because they had children at a young age struggle with feelings of inadequacy because they don’t have that prized piece of paper on their wall. Earning such credentials is helpful in a number of ways – it can lead to improved job opportunities, stronger career advancement, and greater happiness overall!

Can Anyone Earn an Online High School Diploma?

Yes – in order to ensure all students receive adequate instruction there is often some form of mandatory testing before enrollment or sometimes even after finishing a certain set of classes so make sure you’re prepared by keeping up on your studies! 

At the same time, not every online high school program is the same. Make sure you do plenty of research beforehand in order to find out which program would be best for you!

What Should I Do if I Don’t Have a High School Diploma?

If your GED or high school diploma has been lost over the years it might make sense to consider enrolling in an adult education program that will help you earn another one. You can then submit this for college applications or simply head on out and work towards earning more money than you were before completing your degree!

What Is the Difference Between Online High School Diploma and GED?

The biggest difference between earning an online high school diploma versus getting a GED is the fact that traditional brick-and-mortar degrees have been accredited by independent agencies such as the Department of Education whereas states consider a GED equivalent to high school education. 

Colleges and other academic institutions will typically look at online diplomas more favorably than GED’s.

How Much Time and Effort Is Required to Complete an Online High School Diploma?

It all depends on where you choose to enroll and what modality of distance learning they use – some may require more attention than others, but most programs offer at least a few courses each month meaning students can enjoy a steady pace of progress as they go!

How to Get Diploma Certificate Online

There are a few steps you’ll need to take in order to get your high school diploma, but the entire process can be completed online from start to finish!

#1. Look at Your Options for Online Diploma Programs

Online high school diplomas are typically only issued by accredited institutions. Therefore, it’s best to search for schools that have been evaluated and approved by independent agencies such as the Department of Education.

#2. Apply and Enroll in an Online Program

After finding a suitable learning institution, students will usually need to fill out enrollment paperwork (electronic forms) before they begin classes. This saves time later on because they won’t have to worry about sending anything through the mail after they’ve completed their studies!

#3. Receive Your Diploma Certificate Electronically

How to Get Diploma Certificate OnlineWhen the program is finally finished, students are issued a digital diploma sent through email within a day or two of finishing the final class! This makes it easy to print off and frame for memories (or even to submit with college applications!)

#4.  Attend an Onsite Graduation Ceremony

For those who are interested in completing their high school diploma entirely online, this is usually optional. 

However, some schools may require students to attend a physical graduation ceremony where they’ll be able to experience the thrill of earning their degree live and in person! These ceremonies tend to take place at a local university or another venue, so make sure you ask before registering for one!

What Is Distance Learning Modality?

Distance learning modality is a phrase used to describe various ways for students to learn and earn online diplomas. There are some specific terms that go along with all of these different modalities, such as on-campus and off-campus enrollment, for example, that help put everything into perspective!

On-campus – this refers to the fact that an actual classroom is required for all lessons. Classes usually run from 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday. This makes earning a diploma the quickest because there’s less worry about things like childcare or work schedules coming into play! On-campus classes also tend to be smaller as well which means more one-on-one time with instructors.

Off-campus – this defines the concept of seminars running at different times throughout the week, usually with the intent of allowing a greater number of students to attend. This can be helpful for those who are also working full time because they can take care of their schedule in advance but it means that lessons won’t be as intimate and more attention will have to be given to ensuring everyone understands what’s being taught.

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