The Basics of Online Learning

Online learning has become an increasingly popular method of instruction for high school students across the globe.

While there are many reasons why students may choose to pursue their education in this way, the most common factor is the flexibility it offers.

With online learning, students can study according to their own schedules, which is ideal for those who have busy lives or who want to balance work and education simultaneously.

In addition, online learning allows students to interact with classmates and educators from all over the world, making for a more diverse and global learning experience.

Whether you are interested in pursuing online high school courses for the first time or you are a returning student, read on to learn more about the basics of online learning.

High School of America

High School of America is an accredited online high school that offers students the opportunity to earn their diploma through a flexible, innovative learning program.

To begin, here are some questions to help you understand the basics of online learning at High School of America:

How does High School of America work?

High School of America operates via an online learning platform, the Learning Management System, which allows students to access course content and communicate with educators at their convenience.

Our online program offers your child a personalized learning experience, allowing them to benefit from small class sizes and one-on-one interaction with their instructor.

In addition, students have complete access to all course materials 24/7 from any location with an internet connection, allowing them to study at home or on the go.

How does High School of America work with my schedule?

High School of America gives students the flexibility to work independently on their studies. For this reason, our students are all over the world!

Some choose to study at night while others prefer early mornings before they begin their day. Either way, each student is responsible for setting his or her own schedule according to personal availability.

For example, if your time zone is different from that of your teacher, you can complete assignments earlier in the day so that they are available for grading by the time they log in.

If you have a busy week ahead and know you will be too busy to complete an assignment during its due date, simply set it as “Not Due” so that it does not interfere with your schedule.

How does High School of America compare to other online schools? 

Unlike some virtual schools that focus primarily on distance learning, High School of America is committed to offering fully accredited courses to students in high school.

Our program also includes comprehensive academic services for struggling learners, inclusive extracurricular activities, and various enrichment opportunities designed to boost academic success.

How long does it take to complete a course? 

High School of America is proud to offer our students the opportunity to earn credits at their own pace – no stressful deadlines or unnecessary pressure!

We understand how important flexibility is for students – after all, every child learns differently – so we allow your child up to six months to finish each course they start.

This gives them plenty of time to gain the necessary skills and knowledge before moving on while still allowing them the chance to begin new courses as soon as they are ready.

How does High School of America differ from traditional high schools?

The main difference between High School of America and traditional high school is that everything takes place online. The courses are the same, the lessons are the same, just without the time commitment!

High School of America offers students the opportunity to earn their diploma through an online learning program. We emphasize individualized attention and flexibility, giving each student the chance to benefit from small class sizes and one-on-one interactions with educators.

Our team of friendly professionals also provides academic support for struggling learners.

What are High School of America’s admission requirements? 

Our admissions process is designed to be less intimidating than that of other online schools.

Our enrollment team will walk you through each step in your child’s application so you can receive your diploma with ease. As part of this process, you’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a phone interview if needed and complete any necessary assessments.

What subjects are offered at High School of America and how is the curriculum designed to meet the needs of students around the world?

Does High School of America offer assistance with coursework?


High School of America offers a comprehensive curriculum in all subjects that require instruction in order to receive a diploma.

We offer individual courses in Biology, Calculus, English Literature and Composition, U.S. History, World History, etc., as well as full programs in each area for students who wish to complete a sequence of courses in high school.

While our curricula are designed with the needs of students from around the world in mind, we also take into account the different learning styles that exist among them!

What are the benefits of enrolling in an online high school program like High School of America?

There are many benefits to enrolling in an online high school program like High School of America. For example, time management skills are taught by encouraging students to balance their coursework with other activities such as sports or part-time jobs.

Another benefit is that all of the courses are credit-based, which guarantees your child will be able to graduate on time rather than worrying about taking too many classes during one semester.

Students who participate in extracurricular activities also have more opportunities for success because they can practice team-building and leadership skills outside the classroom.

How do students access their courses and materials at High School of America?

Every student at High School of America has a unique login and password, which is used to access their online high school courses and materials. Students can log in from anywhere as long as they have access to the Internet.

Does High School of America offer assistance with coursework?

Yes, our team of academic professionals offers assistance with every course offered by High School of America! The number one goal here at High School of America is for your child to succeed, so we work with them on any subject that might pose difficulties if needed.

In addition, we have a support desk available to answer any questions parents or students may have throughout the school year.

What happens if my teen struggles with coursework after starting High School of America?

If your teen struggles with coursework after enrolling in High School of America, a support team of academic professionals is available to help them succeed.

The number one goal here at High School of America is for your teen to succeed academically, and students who require assistance receive it from faculty members who excel in each subject offered.

Establishing Connections

How can online students feel connected to their teachers and classmates online?

What are the Basics of Online Learning?


The teachers at High School of America are very dedicated to connecting with our students online. For example, we use Skype and Google Hangouts to have live chats with students during class time, and we have message boards on the website by subject area so that any student can communicate with classmates or teachers in each area if they need help or just want to share their thoughts!

For starters, instructors assign each student a “buddy” to answer any questions they may have about the school or online life as High School of America. In addition, tutors are available if your teen needs help understanding certain concepts.

What types of support services do you offer for parents?

High School of America understands the difficulties that can come from homeschooling or unschooling a teen, so we provide many support services to ease this transition!

Parents receive access to our Parent Portal, which allows them to check attendance and view grades without even logging onto the school website.

They also receive unlimited phone and email support from the team of academic professionals here at High School of America – just give us a call if you have any questions about enrolling or how we work!

What advice would you give to a student who is afraid of being isolated in an online class?

I would tell them not to worry – it can be difficult at first, but you will get used to it!

The instructors here have been very dedicated to finding ways to connect with students online to feel more comfortable.

Classes are also small, so there is a lot of one-on-one interaction with classmates and teachers for support.

What advice would you give students who think they cannot do this?

Anyone can succeed when given a chance! If your child feels discouraged or doesn’t think they’re going to do well, I’d suggest discussing what’s making them feel this way and talking through any steps that need to be taken in order for them to succeed academically.

In addition, both the support desk and tutors here at High School of America are available to help students succeed if they need it.

Online Learning Tools

What are the technology requirements for online learning?

In order to enroll in High School of America, your child only needs access to a laptop or desktop computer with very high-speed internet.

They’ll be learning from home and communicating with teachers and classmates online through the internet as well.

How can students set up their online learning environment?

We host a brief orientation for new students to go over our technology requirements and how we operate online. This helps them set up their learning environment and get started on the right foot!

If you want to learn more about online learning through High School of America, contact us today. If you have any questions, call +18882424262. We can’t wait to help your teen succeed!