Texas high school online courses

Make your child’s future bright, enroll in an online school in Texas

If you are a resident in Texas, you can help your child begin his or her future with an online K-12 school in Texas by the High School of America.

We are one of the most celebrated and credible online high schools in Texas. With our programs, students can achieve academic success through flexibility and quality accredited programs in Texas.

Texas K-12 Online School

High school of America is a Texas online private school with a k-12 online school accreditation. We offer high-quality online courses for students in Texas, nationwide, around the world. At the High school of America, we are committed to providing a positive learning environment for all our students.

Our grade-level programs comprise core subjects and a diverse range of electives. Technology and cyber tools facilitate learning in an online environment, enabling students to learn in a flexible and comfortable environment to get rid of the stress of rushing to traditional schools. We have online high school midyear enrollment.

Synopsis of Online Courses We Offer

Are you wondering how to start homeschooling in Texas? The high school of America provides world-class education to the students of Texas. We recognize the individual needs of the students as well as their academic goals. The courses we offer meet the state’s high standards for teaching and learning.

Online Elementary School Program

Texas online preparatory school has an elementary school program where students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 learn the basics of education that lay the foundation for their future. The course curriculum consists of fundamental subjects that lead to academic growth. At this level, students learn reading, writing, storytelling, and engaging lessons that stimulate their interests. It is worth noting that the core subjects include Language Arts, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies.

Online Middle School Program

Online High School Program

Prepare your child for middle school with our middle school program

Typically, students in middle school prepare for high school. Our middle school program succeeds in the social, academic, and intellectual growth of every student. Students learn language arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social studies as the core subjects.

Online High School Program

Texas high school online courses serve as college preparatory courses. Students from Grade 9 to Grade 12 will be ready for college classes. Remarkably, our high school program prepares students to be successful in college and their future careers.

Students in high school will learn English, Maths, Science, and Social Studies as the core subjects. However, they may choose a couple of online elective courses as a part of their academic curriculum.

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