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Homeschooling is an excellent approach to educate your child.

Homeschooling is an excellent approach to educate your child. It is also a great way to foster strong and cohesive family life and impact the aspects of life that surround your child. Without a doubt, these benefits sound fantastic! However, you may be wondering how many days are required for homeschool in Texas and how to help your child homeschool. Below are the steps to beginning your homeschooling journey!

Simple Steps on How to Start Homeschooling in Texas

  1. Join the High School of America – we believe that parents have the God-given privilege of raising their children. We have been serving homeschool families and helping them to enroll their children for homeschooling.
  2. Become familiar with the law. It would be best to understand what is and what is not legally required of homeschoolers before embarking on the process.
  3. Withdraw from public school – Learn how to evade legal problems when deregistering your children from the public school system. You can consult an education expert in obtaining a letter of intent to homeschool in Texas.
  4. Find a local homeschool group: Being connected with other homeschoolers offers essential information, ideas, important advice, and encouragement.
  5. Research curriculum: – Learn more about the available options and narrow down your choices to find the best curriculum for your child. You can also get homeschooling resources in Texas such as homeschooling audios. These audios will answer several of your questions and assist you in getting started down the right path.
  6. Begin homeschooling – you can now start homeschooling in Texas. If there is any challenge, you can consult an educationist or the college you are enrolling your child in.

How Did Homeschooling Become Legal?

How to homeschool in Texas

Online students are exempted from compulsory school attendance laws

Notably, homeschooling became legal because of the Leeper vs. Arlington ISD class-action lawsuit. The April 13, 1987 decision completely justified Texas families’ right to educate their children at home.

Currently, homeschools in Texas are private institutions. Therefore, homeschool students are exempted from compulsory school attendance laws.

High schools that offer homeschooling also offer public school at home programs and k12 homeschool Texas programs. These options provide a virtual schooling option to parents. Additionally, programs are administered by the public school system and are not taken to be homeschool. Parents should be aware that at least four hours of instruction are needed daily, and students must take standardized tests like public school students.

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