Tenth Grade Math

Tenth grade math brings with it some of the more important life skills that every student will need to have before they proceed to graduation. It might be two years off, but there has never been a better time to start learning the numerical and problem solving skills that will carry them through the entirety of their life. We’re going to cover a few of the skills that your child will be taught, and the items that they will be required to know when they take their 10th grade math test online. For many students this can seem quite daunting, but it is well worth the effort that is put into it. Start your child on the right path today by examining the following items. As one of the premiere online high schools, we are more than happy to present this range of skills that we will not only teach, but help them to master. Do keep in mind that when your child moves on to the next grade, the mastery of the following skills are assumed, making it essential for them to not only learn, but learn from a qualified online instructor.

Goals of 10th Grade Math Test Online

Here at High School of America we will help you every step of the way to achieving your goals for your tenth grade math classes online. The math course presented to students in the tenth grade are not all encompassing, nor do they represent the bulk of the knowledge a student is going to require once they complete the credits needed for graduation from their educational institution. There is currently no national curriculum in existence for the 10th grade student, meaning it can differ significantly from one state to the next. In addition to that, that, there are many districts that now use a blended curriculum, in which you would find elements from arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry combined into the same course. Common core standards however dictate that students should be able to perform the following:
• Make Conjectures
• Recognize Patterns
• Evaluate Claims
• Analyze Solutions
These are skills that the student should have by the time of graduation from their tenth grade math classes online, or at the very least be in the process of learning.

Tenth Grade Math

At the time the student enters the tenth grade they should be fairly proficient in all of the areas of arithmetic including problem solving that involves both radicals and exponents. Our tenth grade math classes online will ensure that you’re at the proper learning level for students your

The ultimate goals for a student learning tenth grad mathematics are to be able to apply the skills in both the classroom and in the real world, which is precisely why consumer math is at the forefront of the curriculum. In other words, it is designed so that students do not enter the real world, following school, without having the ability to balance a checkbook.

Numerical Skills

Consumer Math

Consumer math differs from typical math as it does not revolve around solving problems. Instead students will deal with real world situations including:

  • Budgets
  • Before/After Tax Wages
  • Financial Math

This type of math will help the student to perform critical skills in the real world whether it is balancing a checkbook or making change from a cash drawer. In addition to that, these skills will help the student to make budgets later in life, leading to more effective financial decisions.

Number Relationships

Students will learn to comprehend and understand the interrelationships of number sets and ultimately demonstrate them.

Mathematical Language

Math is a language in and of itself, as you probably already know and it makes use of complex language symbols. These symbols need to be mastered in order for the student to move on to more advanced techniques and concepts. Once completed, the student will be familiar with a wide variety of problem solving situations.

Measurement Skills

In learning 10th grade math online, students will learn a wide variety of skills including:

  • Application – Learn to apply Pythagoras Theorem, Primary trigonometric rations, and various applications therein.
  • Identification – Solve problems w/ line segments, lines, rays, bisectors, perpendicular bisector, transversal, alternate interior angles, same-side interior angles, and more.
  • Trigonometry – Use trigonometric ratios to solve problems that involve indirect measurements.
  • Compass – Use a compass to explore geometric constructions, gaining a skill that can be used in real world situations.


  • Understand Common Triangle Properties, n-gons, special quadrilaterals
  • Use linear equations
  • Investigate slope properties
  • Graph real-world relations in Cartesian coordinate plane
  • Identify special properties of right angles:
    • Sine
    • Cosine
    • Tangent
  • Use Analytic Geometry
  • Develop Primary Trigonometric Ratios
  • Algebra
    • Basic Math including Addition, Subtraction, multiplication, and division of Rational Numbers. Also applies to polynomials.
    • Solutions for Quadratic Equations and Problems w/ quadratic functionsl.
    • Represent and Analyze Relationships w/ tables, verbal rules, graphs, equations, and more.

    Probability and Data Management

    • Identification, Description, Implementation, and Analysis of Sampling Procedures. Draw conclusions from Collected Data
    • Develop/Analyze Algorithms
    • Demonstrate Ability to use:
      • Estimation
      • Logical Reasoning
      • Mental Computations

    Online Schooling – The Best Way to Go

    When you’re looking for a school in which to enroll you child, especially one that teaches tenth grade math, it is critical you find one that is able to meet the specific needs of your child. For example, the are some who are far better at attending class if they can do so on their own terms at their own pace. In addition to that, there are some who do a much better job of succeeding if they’re able to ask the teacher the important questions. An unfortunate fact, is that there are many students out there who miss out on a quality education due to being stranded in rural areas with no ability to travel to their desired destination. This is where online schooling not only comes in, but can really change the way in which your child sees their education. By taking away the typical noisy classroom environment and creating a quiet space where work can be completed at their own pace, we create an environment fueled toward success, and tailored around every student.

    Tenth Grade Math Classes

    If you’ve come to a point where public education and even private education doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, then there is little doubt that now would be the time to start looking into the online option. Taking your student online rather than forcing them into a classroom environment will help them to concentrate better, and will ultimately lead to better results.

    To participate, you simply need a recent computer with a decent internet connection (DSL/Cable/Satellite). Let your child set their own schedule, learn at their own pace, and excel at their course of study. If you’re ready to take their education to the next level, then it’s time for you to contact us and see just what we have to offer. We can almost guarantee that once you begin using our system and our remote learning technology, traditional school will be out of the question whether you’re hoping to get your child out of the typical classroom environment, or are simply seeking to give them a chance at a quality education. Tenth grade math is an important year of study, Give High School of America a call today to get to learning.