South Dakota Online High School

If you are looking for a high-quality online high school, look no further than the High School of America in South Dakota.

Our online high school offers students a world-class education that is tailored to their individual needs and interests. Our highly qualified teachers and cutting-edge technology provide students with an exceptional learning experience that prepares them for success in college and beyond.

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Graduation Pathways

To graduate high school in South Dakota, students are required to complete 22 credits.

Some of our students choose to take all 22 required courses in high school, while others may find it beneficial to engage in internship opportunities or postsecondary training during the summer.

Our unique graduation pathway ensures that our students receive their South Dakota high school diploma while providing them the opportunity to explore the world of higher education.

Program Benefits

  • We offer an individualized curriculum tailored to each student’s academic needs
  • Our teachers are highly qualified and passionate about education
  • We provide all necessary course materials to students at no additional cost
  • We equip our students with learning strategies and research skills needed to be successful in college and beyond
  • We specialize in virtual high school courses, allowing students to learn from home
  • We offer highly interactive experiences – students can even complete classes from their smartphones or tablets!

South Dakota High School Diploma Online

Our online high school offers all 22 required courses to earn a South Dakota high school diploma.

Students are awarded an official South Dakota high school diploma, valid for life upon graduation.

Our online high school also provides students the opportunity to earn an official transcript that can be sent directly to colleges across America.

The South Dakota Department of Education authorizes us to accept students.

South Dakota Diploma Online Highlights:

  • Highly individualized curriculum tailored to each student’s academic needs
  • Teacher qualifications include both state certification and advanced degrees
  • All necessary course materials are provided at no additional cost
  • Online virtual courses available 24/7, including via smartphone or tablet
  • South Dakota High School Diploma online offered via correspondence, allowing students to learn from home
  • All South Dakota high school graduation requirements satisfied for life

Home Tutoring Services

As an online high school, we offer students the opportunity to complete their courses in the comfort of their own homes.

However, we understand that some students may need additional academic support in specific areas.

Sometimes, a small amount of tutoring can impact student success.

Our team of certified teachers offers home tutoring services to students who need additional support in math, science, history, English, or foreign languages.

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Custom Self-Paced Programs

Affordable Online High School for Credit Recovery Online in South Dakota State


We offer individualized curricula tailored to each student’s academic needs.

Based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses, our highly qualified teachers will design a program that is both challenging and rewarding for them.

To ensure students’ progress, we assess their knowledge regularly through exams.

Our students are also provided with weekly reports that outline their progress.

We equip our students with learning strategies and research skills needed to succeed in college and beyond.

Every student will have access to a library of research material and computer software for productivity tools.

This ensures that our online high school courses are rigorous interactive, and engaging.

Credit Recovery Courses

We understand that some students may need a second chance; we offer credit recovery courses to those who want to rehab credits and graduate on time.

Our teachers will work with your child one-on-one and design a personalized course of action that aligns with their specific needs and goals.

Our credit recovery courses can be completed in as little as three weeks, and we guarantee at least a semester’s worth of college credits upon graduation.

Explore Our Online High School Courses for Credit Recovery.

Adult Learners – Rejuvenate Your Mind!

Are you tired of lost time?

Do you want to finish high school but have put it off for so many years that you are looking for an online high school course?

High School of America provides South Dakota adults with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma on their own terms.

All courses are available at any time, allowing students to finish on their own schedules.

Our program is also career-ready with career assessments, career prep tools, and internships offered in most fields of study.

No matter the reason behind your delay, High School of America has a course that will work for you!

Top-Rated Homeschooling Programs

We have been top-rated homeschooling online high school for more than ten years. We know how to help you help your child succeed.

Our teachers are certified, degreed professionals who can offer expert tutoring and support anytime, day or night.

Our courses are challenging and engaging enough to maintain interest while preparing students for college and beyond.

High School of America is a trusted, accredited choice for homeschooling programs because we offer:

  • High-quality online courses
  • Personalized learning plans that help students progress
  • Expert tutoring and support from certified teachers
  • A full array of support services to help students succeed
  • Personalized learning plans designed to meet each student’s needs

College Prep Courses for Maine Students

Increase your chances of getting into the college or university of your choice by taking advantage of our College Prep courses.

Whether your goal is to get into a two-year school or a four-year college, our courses and materials will help you write impressive essays and develop the research skills needed to succeed. Adult students who need to brush up on their academic skills can also benefit from these courses.

Affordable Online High School for Credit Recovery Online in South Dakota State


In addition to offering homeschooling online high school courses, we offer dual enrollment programs for college credits.

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AP Courses – Expand Your Horizons!

From the moment students walk through our online high school doors, we empower them with knowledge and tools to succeed beyond high school.

Our courses are designed to help students grow by encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We also offer AP courses, encouraging students to push themselves by taking college-level classes while still in high school.

Advanced Placement scores can be submitted to colleges as extra credit, making students’ applications more attractive.

Our advanced placement courses include: 

Many colleges and universities use AP scores to determine course placement as well, saving students from taking lower-level classes at the university level.

Our college-prep courses can help you earn college credit while still in high school and save thousands of dollars in tuition costs after graduation!

Dual Enrollment – Achieve the Greatest Potential

For South Dakota students who want to take college-level classes but can’t fit them into their schedules, we offer dual enrollment courses online. Dual enrollment combines high school and college coursework so you can graduate with an associate’s degree along with your high school diploma!

Because our program is designed for adult learners, you won’t have to worry about sitting through lectures designed for high school students.

We offer a variety of course options so you can choose the classes that will fit into your schedule and help you achieve your goals. Reach Your Education Goals ––– No Matter Your Reason for Delaying!

When it comes to homeschooling online high school courses, we are among the best in the business. We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to expand their horizons and reach their full potential.

Year-Round Enrollment – Join Us Today!

Sign up today to join our talented community of students! We are so confident in the success of our programs that we offer a full refund for the first thirty days.

Our top priority is helping you succeed. That’s why we’re committed to providing an education that makes learning fun and engaging, while still preparing students to excel beyond high school.

Don’t wait another day to start reaching your goals!

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