High School Self-Paced Classes

Self-paced online high school Notably, self-paced online high school programs create Independence and Accountability. Additionally, self-paced courses allow high school students to learn on their schedule. Self-paced online high school classes can work quickly through topics, or spend more time on difficult-to-grasp concepts. There is no pressure to “keep up” with a certain pace. This flexibility also allows high schoolers to learn how to be self-motivated, teachable, and adaptable.

With our Self-paced online high school, high schoolers can select from over 200 textbooks and online courses. Therefore, whether they need to fulfill graduation requirements or explore areas of interest, they can! Our self-paced online high school diploma courses feature textbooks with the best titles and publishers and are coupled with instructor guides. The pre-recorded video format for our online classes allows the student to watch the lesson at any time, at any place. Students can also re-watch lessons if need be if more time is needed to master content.

What to Expect with Self-Paced Homeschooling

Personalized Learning – Classes at the High School of America are filled with flexible and engaging lessons and are set up to allow parents to conduct evaluation and oversight.

Freedom to Make a Personal Schedule – a student’s progress through self-paced online high school Texas at their own pace on their own time.

An Easy-to-Follow Calendar – For those who choose to follow a calendar and schedule, the calendar lets you know what is expected each day and is designed to keep students on track. The calendar can be shifted for those who prefer more flexibility in their day.

Real-Life Connections – Lessons are designed to connect learning to real-life situations. Students can see the direct connection between what they are learning and why it matters.

Can My student Start a Course at Any Time?

Yes! High School of America offers rolling admissions throughout the year.

Are self-paced Courses Accredited?

Online high schools
No, self-paced online high school California courses are not accredited at all. However, a parent can purchase the Records and Support package to complement the Self-Paced purchase and take advantage of accreditation, record-keeping, and year-round support.

Can a Student Enroll for Individual Courses?

Yes! High School of America offers over 200 textbooks and online courses for students to enroll in!

How Long Does My Student Have to Finish a Self-paced Course?

The great thing about homeschooling with the High School of America is that students can work through each self-paced course at their pace! Each full-year course has a 300-day limit, but extensions can also be purchased.

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