Why Is It Important to Get Into a Good High School?

Most jobs require some form of advanced training, work experience, or a college degree. High school provides the opportunity to achieve these requirements in an environment conducive to learning and personal development. 

Without a high school diploma, students are much more likely to be unemployed, underemployed, and incarcerated at some point in their lives compared to their peers that graduate from high school

What Does a “Good” High School Look Like?

A good high school allows students access to certain resources that will help them become better prepared for the transition into higher education after graduation. These resources include: 

  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Academic rigor
  • Quality teachers and leadership
  • Access to safety and counseling services
  • Extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and performing arts

AP course offerings are an indicator of a school’s academic rigor as the courses require students to complete college level work in order to pass the class. 

Why Should You Study In An American High School?

Studying high school in the United States means that you can get into an American university without taking the TOEFL/SAT tests as opposed to those who do not come from schools where English is taught as a second language. This is because studying in an English-speaking school for 12 years will have the same effect as being present in your country where English is taught at least for 2-3 years, depending on policies and requirements of the specific high school.

That means that students who have graduated from a US high school or home school have an edge over their competition when applying to top universities in America because their application does not require any additional documents such as TOEFL/SAT scores to prove their proficiency level. Many schools do not look favorably upon these tests and instead prefer to consider the fact that you are from an English-speaking educational system for more than 12 years! In addition, if it takes too long for you to take the TOEFL test, you may have to retake it once again if your score is not up to par. This can be a hassle that many high school students do not wish to go through.

In addition, studying in America means that you will experience the American education system which focuses on 4 years of high school with 11th and 12th grade being required for university admittance. That way, you have a better understanding of how the universities work with applicants from their country as opposed to someone who has attended an international school where they teach different methods or grade systems compared to those taught in American schools. It also gives students living there valuable real-life experience just like any other exchange student before enrolling at college age.

How the American School System Works

Studying abroad should be about learning a new culture and experiencing life in a different country. It should give you the opportunity to improve your language skills, meet new people from different cultures as well as open your mind in order to learn about other countries and gain experience that will help you long after high school is over. In fall 2019 alone, 69,518 international students were enrolled in U.S. high schools – what are you waiting for?

So, think about it; studying at an American high school is not only an easy way into university with no additional tests, but it also gives you real life experiences that cannot be taught anywhere else!

What Is the Purpose of American High Schools? 

The purpose of American high schools such as High School of America (HSOA) is to prepare students for college or the workforce afterwards by offering advanced academic courses and/or vocational training programs. These institutions are supervised by a special administrative body such as a school board. 

How does the American School System Work?

The American school system is fundamentally different from the education systems used in other countries such as India, China or Japan. Although it varies between individual states and even counties within these states, enrollment into primary schools usually begins when children are 5-6 years old (kindergarten). 

Most of these institutions do not require entrance exams to be conducted for prospective students. After completing their 5-6 years of primary educational program, they are then promoted to high schools where they may choose a specific course of study (e.g., mathematics, science, literature or social studies) depending on their interests and abilities.

US Education System for International Students

The American education system is considered to be one of the best for international students as it provides various opportunities and choices to its graduates. Unlike many countries where a student is naturally expected to become either a doctor, engineer or lawyer; students in the USA are given several career paths to choose from after graduating from their high schools. 

For instance, those who excel in math and science could pursue higher studies in medical school whereas individuals who demonstrate excellent written communication skills can opt for journalism programs. There are of course other specializations such as law, economics, performing arts, psychology and others available.

How to Apply for High School in USA for International Students

The best thing to do before applying for a high school in the USA is to first research all the institutions available that are recognized by the country’s education authority. An individual can access this information online and then narrow down their choices based on various criteria such as location, tuition fees, core subject specializations offered and others. 

After carefully selecting one or more prospective high schools, it would be wise for an applicant to take time to visit these locations personally so they can decide whether or not they like it enough to be committed as it is needed for attending classes regularly throughout one year (grade 10-12).

Most Common High School Admission Questions 

In order to make the admissions process more efficient, American high schools typically offer students a standard set of questions that they must answer in their applications. Here are some examples:

  • Why do you want to attend this high school?
  • What are your interests?
  • What are your fears?
  • What is your academic background and how have you been doing in school so far? 
  • What extracurricular activities have you participated in and what did you gain from them? 
  • Please describe yourself including physical statistics such as height, weight, skin color or other defining features. 
  • Which living individual (besides family members), dead individual (besides relatives), and place/building/institution would you say has had the greatest influence in your life and why? 
  • What would you like to add, change or maintain about the world with the power to do so and why?

Some high schools may not require students to answer all of these questions but it is useful for them to be aware of what their peers are being asked. It gives them an idea of what sort of answers are acceptable in a typical admission application. 

What Could I Do After Graduating From the Best High Schools in USA?

Why the US Education System Is the Best

Upon completing high school with excellent grades either at public/private institutions, universities may offer several prestigious scholarships and grants to highly qualified students who can demonstrate both academic excellence as well as leadership qualities. These institutions may also offer deferment of payment for up to one year after graduating in order to give these individuals some time to decide what they would like to do with their lives next.

Studying in America is Easy 

American high schools provide students with opportunities for both academic and extracurricular growth. These institutions are overseen by special administrative bodies which makes it easier for them to find funding for certain programs such as robotics clubs or student councils. 

Many American high schools do not have entrance examinations and they only require that their applicants be at least fifteen years old or more which means the majority of students who wish to attend these institutions are able to go there. This establishes a sense of camaraderie as most everyone in class has come from another school unlike in some countries where admission is based on grades. 

Explore High School of America’s online programs and enroll today to kick start your journey towards earning a US high school diploma. You can do so from the comfort of home without having to worry about making it in time for class or commuting around town.