Reasons to Consider Online Middle School

High School of America offers an online middle school experience that is perfect for students who want the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Our program allows students to complete their coursework from anywhere in the world, and our highly qualified teachers are available 24/7 to help them succeed.

If you are considering an online middle school or high school for your child, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is deciding if an online-only school is right for your family.

Here are reasons to consider an online middle school like High School of America:

Increased flexibility

Online schools offer more flexibility than brick-and-mortar schools.

This flexibility also encourages students who may be struggling academically to ask for help when it is needed and receive assistance from teachers and mentors immediately.

Some parents choose not to enroll their teen in an online-only school because of concerns that their kids won’t succeed without face-to-face interaction with other people–but this is an unfounded assumption.

Since our program allows for 24/7 access to qualified teachers via email or phone (and we offer live tutoring sessions for students who prefer a more traditional classroom setting), we make sure every student has the support he or she needs to succeed academically.

Learn at your child’s pace with High School of America

High School of America is 100% online; this means that the curriculum is delivered via an Internet-based learning system.

This gives students more control over their schedule, the ability to work on the computer they feel most comfortable using (no longer bound by location), and how much or how little they can learn in a day—the possibilities are endless!

Online middle school is more accessible to students with disabilities

Schools are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations for children who have a disability, but that doesn’t mean every student will get the help they need. Students in an online program can arrange their schedules around learning activities so that they only focus on learning what is absolutely necessary, ensuring success without feeling overwhelmed.


Another benefit of operating our program online is that it’s cost effective for parents. Because we do not maintain expensive facilities and hire large administrative staffs, High School of America only charges affordable rates per course (which includes all textbooks and materials).

This low fee makes it possible for students to pursue their education without breaking the bank.

Individualized instruction

Every student is different, and that’s why High School of America allows students to enroll in courses at their own pace.

We understand that teens learn at different rates, so our program lets them work ahead or take a few extra days to master certain concepts.

This individualized approach makes it possible for students to move on to more advanced material as soon as they are comfortable with first-level coursework–rather than wasting time repeating lessons they have mastered already.

Access to mentors

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Along with our dedicated team of certified teachers, High School of America also employs top industry professionals who mentor students throughout their coursework.

These advisors assist students in developing time management skills, setting academic goals, and getting organized–which can help them become more confident individuals overall.

For many families, having access to mentors is one of the biggest benefits of enrolling their child in an online middle school or high school.

A variety of course options

High School of America offers a variety of course options for students to choose from, which means they can enroll in classes that interest them.

Not only does this encourage teens to get excited about learning, but it also enables them to pursue interests that could potentially lead to an exciting career down the line.

In addition to high school courses, we also offer college-level classes and GED preparation programs. So, you should feel free to explore all your educational options at High School of America.

The ability to learn from anywhere in the world

With our online middle school program, students can learn from anywhere in the world.

Our online high school program is designed for teens of all ages and from various parts of the country and the world who are interested in gaining a better understanding of their academic areas.

We have many students from different states within the U.S., including New York, Ohio, Michigan, California, and Texas.

Quality instruction

At High School of America, we’re committed to providing our students with the education they need to excel in their academic areas and reach their goals.

We have a dynamic staff of dedicated teachers who are experts in their fields and have received extensive training.

We also provide additional resources for parents and students alike, such as a guide that helps teens learn how to select a college. Additionally, most state boards of education approve our online high school program, so you can rest assured knowing your child’s coursework will be recognized throughout the country.

In addition to offering instruction from some of the top educators around, our courses are also designed to prepare teens for standardized tests like SAT and ACT. With this knowledge, students can easily gain admittance into colleges and universities across the nation.

Comprehensive curriculum

With access to high school courses and college-level classes, interested teens can further their education in ways that meet their interests.

Topics we cover within our program include math, English, Spanish, French, Latin, science, and social studies.

We also offer many AP (Advanced Placement) courses so students can learn at a higher level than what is typically expected. When they graduate from High School of America, they will have the tools necessary to excel at colleges and universities that require advanced coursework as part of an applicant’s profile.

High academic standards

Unlike other online schools for teens, we’re committed to providing top-quality instruction and upholding academic standards that are recognized by colleges and universities across the country.

Our coursework is designed to meet high school graduation requirements, as well as prepare teens for standardized tests like the SAT and PSAT.


Operating our program online is also a great convenience for families because it means they don’t have to travel long distances just to participate in school.

Instead of spending hours on the road traveling back and forth from home to school each day, students can complete classwork anywhere with an internet connection.

When you enroll your child in an online middle school or high school, you’ll also gain access to many convenient perks such as 24/7 technical support and progress reports that are available anytime.

You can enjoy these services through our website or through our mobile app, which makes staying on top of your teen’s educational activities even easier. With both programs, students can study at their own pace–and wherever they have internet access.

Cutting edge technology

Our online middle school program is also designed to include the most up-to-date technology in order to make learning more interactive and fun for teens.

In many cases, students can learn from lifelike simulations and games so they can get a better feel for their subjects.

By offering leading-edge technology courses, we hope to engage teens and provide them with a comprehensive view of what it means to be well educated and succeed in their studies.

One-to-one teacher-student ratio

We also have a very low teacher-student ratio, which means your child won’t be just a number at High School of America.

Instead, they will have their own unique experience and work with a dedicated instructor who is on hand to assist them as needed.

Accredited education

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We’re proud to offer accredited high school and college courses that teens can complete at their own pace, on any device with internet access.

State boards approve every course we provide of education. Hence, you know your teen will be able to easily gain admittance into colleges and universities across the United States as they progress through our program.

A safe and secure online learning environment

High School of America is a safe and secure online learning environment that teens can trust. That’s why we utilize the latest security measures to protect your data and personal information while it remains within our system.

Since safety is such an important aspect of our program, we also require every student who participates in signing a digital honor code before they get started.

This statement explains their responsibilities as online school students and ensures that everyone enrolled in High School of America will abide by the highest standards throughout their academic journey through our program.

Enroll in Our Online Middle School Today!

At High School of America, we work hard to ensure every teen gets the guidance and support they need as they figure out what it means to go after their dreams.

We do this by providing an engaging learning experience online, which also gives families the freedom of a flexible schedule.

To find out more about High School of America, contact us at any time by phone or email. We’re excited to speak with you and help your teen enjoy the benefits that come from furthering their education in our online middle school program!