Accredited Online High School

As technology opportunities continue to increase, the ability to learn online increases also.

As technology opportunities continue to increase, the ability to learn remotely increases as well. For many learners, that means a choice to learn online at home becomes a possibility. Is attending an online high school the best choice for you?

Below are the pros and cons of online high school.

Pros of Online High School

1. You are given the opportunity to work at your own pace.

With an online high school, there aren’t the same scheduling pressures as at the traditional high school. You don’t need to worry about making it to class by a bell or a particular time. You can take extra time to understand certain materials if you require it. You can also power through courses when you know the content, which enables you to get through some classes faster than usual.

2. A more flexible schedule.

Online Learning Pros and Cons

When you’re enrolled in an online high school, you can work from any place provided you have a data connection.

Pacing benefits are present for your overall plan too. You can work when you’re ready to work unless there are specific real-time necessities that are part of the class program. You can work early in the morning, late at night, or split your day to accommodate your requirements. That makes it easier to find a job, get involved with extracurricular activities, or even handle your day-care needs.

3. Fewer social burdens placed on you.

When you’re enrolled in a virtual high school, you can work from any place provided you have a data connection. Many learners opt to work from home, which means they get to avoid the social distractions that certain groups or cliques might cause. You can also select to work at the public library, the local coffee shop, or even at the beach if you can tether your phone to your computer. You get to be in full control of your situations.

4. You can opt to specialize in certain areas.

The chances for specialization classes or elective classes are often much greater with an online high school compared to traditional schools. This allows you to focus on a particular area of expertise, which could earn you college credits, based on the structure of the online high school. You can also experiment with certain classes to see if there are courses you might like without the same pressures to be involved as you would be at the local school.

Cons of Online High School

1. You will receive fewer social opportunities.

If you are learning online in high school, then you must create social chances for yourself. It is effortless to stay attentive to your schoolwork, stay at home, and let the rest of the world pass you by. Even if you do arrange social opportunities with other online learning families, you’ll find that in high school, you tend to be the oldest learner in the group. You must take great care about avoiding isolation because it will creep up on you fast.

2. You must become your educator.

Pros and Cons of Online High School

In many online high school programs, you tend to be your educator.

You might be excellent at some topics. You might be terrible at others. In many online high school programs, you tend to be your own educator. Your parents can step in to assist you if they can. You might have access to some teachers, mainly if you use an online K-12 publicly-funded choice. At the end of the day, however, if you’re stuck on a geometric theorem and can’t find your answers,there may not be anyone around to assist you in finding them.

3. You must be self-motivated to complete your training.

When you can get through your school work fast, it becomes easier to procrastinate. If you know you can get three days of work completed in 6 hours, the enticement to take two days off, then work hard on the third day, can be powerful. If you miss that third day, you’re suddenly three days behind on your studies. It requires high levels of self-discipline to stay motivated to do your work when you’re on your own.

4. You may be enrolled in a non-certified high school.

If you attend an online high school, you must ensure that the institution you are using is an accredited school. If it is not, then the colleges you start to apply for may not recognize the work you have completed. Employers might not even recognize your transcripts and diploma.

The pros and cons of an online high school to you will depend on what you want to get out of your schooling experience. If you’re focused on the pursuit of a career and you want to get there fast, then this is a reliable option to consider. If you prefer a social experience, the chance to compete in sports, and school-based extra-curricular activities, learning online might not be the right option for you.

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