Online High School Students Can Get Physical Education Credits Too!

Do you have a student enrolled in an online high school who needs to complete physical education credits? There are numerous ways for your student to obtain these credits, regardless of if their studies are completely virtual or simply supplemented by online classes.

With the right knowledge, students can still complete the requirement and fulfill their academic goals. Physical activity, exercise, and sports not only offer educational advantages — but also provide a number of improved health benefits that will stay with them throughout life.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the available resources students can use to finish out their required physical education credits as an accredited online high school student. We will also discuss tips and tricks for earning your physical education credits online.

The Benefits of Physical Education Credits for Online High School Students

There are many reasons to prioritize physical education credits while enrolled in online high school. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved Physical and Mental Health – Exercise has been known to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while improving overall physical health. It can help students improve their energy levels, stay focused on their studies, and have more success in their academic goals.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury – When students are properly educated on how to move safely during exercise, they are less likely to experience injuries due to improper form or poor technique.
  • Increased Self-Confidence – Physical activity often increases self-confidence since it can result in a stronger body image for many people. The increased confidence that comes with feeling good about yourself is a great advantage for successful online high school students!
  • Enhanced Cognitive Performance – Studies have found that physical activity can help boost cognitive performance by improving blood flow to the brain. This improved cognitive performance could assist the student with their studies and lead to higher grades, which is always beneficial for any online high school student.
  • Improved confidence – Physical activity helps kids feel confident about their bodies and gives them the courage to put themselves out there and try new things. This increased self-esteem can make it easier for online learners to take academic risks, such as signing up for more challenging courses or participating in group discussions.

How Can Your Student Get Physical Education Credits Online?

The first step to obtaining physical education credits online is making sure the online school you’re enrolled in offers them. Not all virtual schools provide this possibility, but if yours does, then it’s time to figure out how your student can use them to their advantage. Some ways that students can meet their requirements include:

1. Joining a Local Gym or Activity Center

Many gyms and activity centers offer classes specifically designed for young people — ranging from basic fitness and sports instruction to specialized offerings such as yoga, dance, and martial arts.

By completing these courses, your student can gain not only physical education credits but also experience with specific activities they may wish to pursue further.

2. Participating in Virtual Sports Leagues

If your student is a fan of sports, they may be able to join up with a local and virtual league in their favorite sport. Playing games with peers can help them stay motivated, gain experience in skills development, and receive physical education credits at the same time!

3. Taking Part in Online Exercise Programs

Many online schools now offer specialty exercise programs that teach students how to do exercises while gaining physical education credits properly. These courses typically involve a combination of lectures, detailed diagrams, instructions on proper form, and video demonstrations featuring live trainers or athletes performing the exercises in question.

Such courses can also incorporate interactive components such as quizzes or discussion boards to engage the student further.

4. Engaging in Physical Activity at Home

Students can also find ways to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. Going for a walk or run, practicing sports and exercise drills, playing outdoor games with friends or family — all these activities can help them fulfill the requirements of their physical education credits and stay fit at the same time!

5. Joining Online Clubs

Many online schools now offer clubs that provide students with opportunities to participate in activities such as yoga classes, fitness challenges, running clubs, dance teams, and more — all from the comfort of home.

These clubs are typically quite active on social media platforms and offer great support networks for staying motivated throughout your student’s physical education credits.

6. Connecting with their Physical Education Teacher

Students should also feel free to reach out to their physical education teacher or advisor for help if they have any questions or need additional guidance on how to meet the requirements.

These teachers can provide valuable advice and insight into which activities are best suited for your student’s skill level, interests, and goals.

7. Participating in Virtual Boot Camps

Virtual boot camps are becoming increasingly popular among teens who want to stay physically active while completing their academic studies from home.

There are numerous online programs with sessions running anywhere from one day to several weeks, giving you the flexibility you need to juggle your course load and still meet physical education credit requirements.

8. Participating in Online Challenges

Many online high schools offer challenges that focus on fitness and health, such as a 30-day fitness challenge or an obstacle course competition. These activities can help you stay physically active while earning points towards your physical education credits.


No matter what method you choose to complete your physical education credits, the most important thing is to ensure you stay active and healthy!

Physical education is an important part of any academic program — even for online high school students — and can help you become a more successful learner.

Tips for Earning Physical Education Credits Online

Now that you know the different ways your student can obtain physical education credits online, here are a few tips to make sure they stay on track and succeed in their goals:

1. Educate Yourself on the Requirements

The first step to success is understanding the requirements of your student’s physical education course. By familiarizing yourself with the syllabus and any other relevant information, you can ensure that your student knows exactly what’s expected of them and how best to approach their studies.

Your student should also take note of any special instructions or guidelines provided by their instructor. This includes reading all instructions carefully before beginning an assignment or activity and making a list of materials and resources that may be necessary to complete tasks successfully.

It’s also important for students to keep track of due dates for assignments or activities to avoid missing out on any credits!

Additionally, it helps the student to research any unfamiliar terms or concepts that may arise during the course. This will help them to understand better what is being taught and allow them to participate more actively in class discussions, assignments, and activities.

2. Set Realistic Goals

Before beginning their physical education credits online, your student needs to set realistic goals for themselves. This means not only considering their physical fitness level and lifestyle but also thinking about how much time they can realistically commit to studying each week.

It’s great if they are motivated and determined to achieve a certain grade or credit level; however, setting lofty goals without factoring in their personal circumstances can be counter-productive and lead to disappointment or even burnout.

Additionally, your student should be realistic about their ability to stay motivated throughout the course. Staying focused and engaged in an online learning environment can sometimes be challenging, so it helps to set short-term goals that are achievable consistently and break down longer-term goals into smaller steps.

This allows for more frequent successes, which will help keep them motivated and driven throughout the term!

3. Keep Track of Progress

Students need to track their progress throughout their physical education credits online course. Keeping a record of completed activities and grades achieved helps them stay organized and is a great motivator when they start to feel overwhelmed or discouraged.

Your student should keep track of their due dates, assignments, and any activities they have completed. This will help them stay on top of their studies and ensure they don’t miss out on any credits or opportunities to earn extra marks.

Additionally, it’s a good idea for students to take note of the areas in which they are struggling so that they can focus more time and effort on those topics during their next study session.

4. Stay Connected

Just because physical education courses are online doesn’t mean your student has to feel disconnected from their peers and instructors! There are many ways for students to stay connected and interact with classmates, such as through discussion forums or even video chats.

This can be a great way for students to ask questions or discuss concepts with each other, which can help them understand the material better.

Additionally, staying connected will also give your student access to any relevant support resources provided by their instructor. This includes office hours and virtual Q&A sessions where they can get immediate feedback on their studies and coursework.


These are just a few tips to help your student succeed in their physical education credits online course. With the right strategy and mindset, they can make sure that they don’t fall behind and achieve their desired grade!

Final Thoughts

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