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Welcome to High School of America. We offer 100% online virtual high school programs that are extremely flexible, efficient, and affordable. If you are a high school student or parent in Pennsylvania, please take the time to learn more about High School of America’s affordable, fully accredited diploma offering.

Our self-paced, online high school programs are designed to help you succeed by empowering you to learn at your own pace. Whether you are looking for a diploma, GED®, or college credit, High School of America has the perfect solution for your needs.

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Accredited International High School Diploma Program

Our international high school diploma program is designed for students looking to earn a trusted high school diploma from anywhere in the world and can be completed 100% online. As graduates of this prestigious, internationally recognized program, you will be prepared for success in our modern global society by learning valuable knowledge and skills, including:

We are not a diploma mill. Our products are developed with the highest quality standards in mind. We work directly with each student to ensure they have access to the courses needed for graduation. We strive to help each student graduate with the best possible knowledge and skills.

Our international high school diploma program has been developed in accordance with state and national standards (and more) and is accepted throughout the United States.

 What we offer:

High School of America offers a variety of diploma options, including:

Pennsylvania High School Diploma

Online high school Pennsylvania


Our Pennsylvania high school diploma program is designed for students that are looking to earn a traditional, recognized high school diploma from the state of Pennsylvania. As graduates of this prestigious, nationally recognized program, you will be prepared for success in our modern global society by learning valuable knowledge and skills.

College Prep Courses

If you plan on attending college after graduation and looking for that competitive edge, then our college prep courses may be the right fit for you. These courses require more rigorous coursework but can be managed after or as you work to obtain the Pennsylvania high school diploma. High School of America provides college prep courses in all academic disciplines.

Homeschooling Programs

High School of America also offers homeschooling programs for those students who want to be homeschooled. We offer the different diploma options as well as our credit recovery courses to students interested in being homeschooled. If you live near one of our campuses, we have a full virtual high school program that allows homeschooled students to work at their own pace and join us on campus occasionally throughout the year for special events or field trips.

Our Curriculum

High School of America implements a standards-based curriculum where students are held to high expectations in all courses. Our faculty is dedicated to providing one-on-one tutoring services and small class sizes for the best learning experience. In addition, our credit recovery program allows students who have failed a course to retake it at no extra cost, allowing them to move on without repeating the same course twice.

At High School of America, we provide a safe environment that makes learning accessible for everyone. We offer flexible schedules and online courses that allow you to work towards earning your diploma from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet!

What to Expect from an Online High School?

High School of America is an online high school that allows students to work at their own pace and schedule. All online classes offered by High School of America follow similar guidelines so that students may feel comfortable transitioning into the school’s virtual classroom just as those who attend live classes do each day.

Since High School of America is an online high school, many parents and students wonder what to expect from a virtual course. All of our courses are taught by highly experienced instructors who understand that no two students learn exactly alike.

Students enrolled in an online program at High School of America work on their own schedule and pace so long as they stay on top of deadlines and assignments assigned throughout the week. If something comes up and you cannot finish your work properly within a given deadline, we allow you to unfinished work up until the day before it is due.

Online private high school Pennsylvania


High School of America grades transcripts differently than traditional schools do, assessing student progress throughout the course instead of just at the end of the school year. This allows students to have an accurate depiction of their progress towards earning a diploma or GED without having to wait until June or July. We also offer credit recovery classes that allow students who are behind to receive credits for failed courses, so they do not have to repeat them.

Why Choose High School of America?

High School of America is an online alternative high school that prides itself on offering the same quality courses, flexible schedules, and technology as traditional public schools while remaining independent of said schools. We allow teachers to work one-on-one with students, so everyone receives the same level of attention no matter their need or skill level.

At High School of America, we offer a safe environment where learning is accessible for all. Unlike some brick-and-mortar institutions, our staff encourages you to be confident in who you are and to celebrate your individuality. Our goal is not to change you into someone that society wants you to become; instead, we want to foster the skills and passions that make you unique without changing who you are as a person, which is why we have no required uniforms or strict dress codes.

We also understand that not everyone learns in the same way, so our classes are taught by instructors who cater to each student’s learning style at their own pace and pace. We offer small class sizes for maximum one-on-one attention from your instructor. You will never feel alone when you enroll in a High School of America course because we offer a safe space where you can express yourself without judgment.

Finally, unlike traditional high schools, our courses follow college credit guidelines instead of school credits. This allows students to receive full recognition for any completed courses, which may transfer into their future education seamlessly without having to take extra classes they do not need just to fulfill a requirement. For this reason, all of our courses are transferable to other schools.

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If you would like more information about High School of America, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Students and parents may fill out our online contact form to get answers to questions regarding our online school programs offered in PA as well as our virtual school programs offered in other states. You may also call us at +18882424262 to speak to an admissions representative who can answer any questions you might have about enrolling in High School of America.