Would you like to know more about what your child’s teacher is like? Would you like the opportunity to meet virtually with him or her and learn about classroom expectations, course content, and how to stay in contact throughout the year? If so, we have an event for you!

Like in a traditional school, an Open House will be the opportunity to visit your teacher’s digital classrooms, meet them, learn about course expectations, and ask questions. There, you will get to see what your child’s experience is like in a virtual classroom and learn more about his or her teacher.

We are so excited for this opportunity for our parents to gather with our teachers – it is a fun new way to increase communication! You and your child’s teacher are a partnership that allows your child to get the best education possible. Working together, we can maintain your child’s momentum through the year, and help to motivate and inspire our students to reach their fullest potential.

Please use the Calendar provided below to find information about when each teacher’s Open House is scheduled.