Online School for Students with Special Needs

Designed to meet the needs of families with special needs children, High School of America offers flexible scheduling and other services that allow students with special needs to access education in a positive, caring environment.

Educators work closely with parents and students on an individual basis to customize coursework specific to each student’s learning style and objectives. Students learn at their own pace, communicating directly with teachers when they need help or have questions.

Can a special needs child be homeschooled?

Yes. Homeschooling is one option for special needs students, particularly if the child’s disabilities or health issues can be handled in a private setting at home. However, many parents choose to send their children with special needs to local school districts that have additional resources and professionals to help meet their child’s educational and emotional needs.

High School of America gives students from grades 5 to 12 who have special needs an opportunity to learn and earn an accredited high school diploma.

Customized Curriculum to Suit a Child’s Interests and Capabilities

Based on student needs and interests, the academic curriculum can be adapted to fit each child’s pace and unique capabilities. Students learn at their own rate and have opportunities for hands-on learning and project-based experience.

The flexible scheduling allows students to work on homework or classwork when they are ready. This helps them to develop a sense of accomplishment while achieving goals at their own pace and within their abilities.

Fostering Social Integration through Online Learning

Students communicate with their instructors and peers through online forums, meaning they can interact socially without the need to be physically present. High School of America has no classrooms, and students never have to worry about bullying or isolation from peers.

Students’ self-esteem is enhanced through positive feedback from teachers as well as peers. They are challenged to achieve goals without the fear and intimidation that can come with attending traditional schools. Using online learning provides a safe space where every child feels comfortable and included.

Helping Students with Special Needs Progress at Their Own Pace

Because online high schools do not have classrooms or meetings on specific days or times, students can set their own pace for completing assignments and exams. This allows everyone to help each other progress in an encouraging environment free from pressure or competition with classmates.

High School Credits Obtained through Online Classes

Many students who enroll in High School of America earn credits that are accepted by colleges and universities. This makes it easier for students to meet registration requirements upon graduation, which can speed up the process of earning their bachelor’s degree.

Students who complete a certain number of credits at High School of America receive an accredited online high school diploma. Students who need more time to progress through coursework or need additional tutoring can continue their studies until they have completed all required coursework.

Choosing the Right School

How to start homeschooling your child
Research shows that online schools offer flexibility and convenience for families with special needs students while delivering excellent academic standards and services. Online schools are typically designed as full-time programs allowing greater flexibility in scheduling class times for students who cannot attend a traditional school schedule.

Online schools also recognize that working with parents is a key to student success and provide educators who can help families customize educational programs specific to their child’s learning style and abilities.

Educational Options at High School of America are designed to meet the needs of special needs students:

  1. Full-time program provides courses with flexible scheduling that allows greater flexibility for both parent and student;
  2. Prerequisite courses are available if needed prior to taking college-level classes;
  3. A private tutor may be assigned by request, or teachers will work one-on-one online through the use of an instant messaging system;
  4. Private tutoring services are available for a small fee;
  5. Online support is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by phone or email. Students and parents receive help completing their homework if needed;
  6. Homework is designed to be completed at home; however, assistance is provided online or through phone calls with teachers as needed; and

Highlights of High School Of America Curriculum and Programming

  1. Vocational and Communications Skills are both part of the core curriculum along with College Preparation courses;
  2. Academic Assistants work with students on a 1-to-1 basis, providing individualized instruction in reading, math and study skills online;
  3. Social Skills Groups and Learning Strategies are also available by request. The High School of America Special Education Program provides services to meet the education needs of students who have been assessed as exceptional. A multi-disciplinary team consisting of credentialed professionals guide academic progress and recommend appropriate special support services for each student based upon his or her unique educational plan. Services may include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nursing Services, Psychological Interventions and Social Work;
  4. Para-professional Instructional Support is also available to help students succeed in core academic classes as well as vocational and communication skills. High School of America has three work study positions devoted to special education support services. This allows for a ratio of 2:1 instruction with additional support provided if needed;
  5. Resource Room provides individualized supplemental academic and social learning experiences for students in core content areas such as English, math or science. Resource aides are teachers who have specialized training in the area of special education to support students with identified disabilities. Each student is assigned an aide on a full time basis;
  6. The High School of America speech/language pathologist works closely with teachers to assess any communication issues that may exist among students and provide direct intervention services through social skills groups, one-on-one work and/or small group instructional settings. Speech/Language Therapy includes:
    1. Understanding how the child’s verbal communication functions and using this information to make recommendations for intervention;
    2. Identify strengths and weaknesses in the child’s verbal communication skills and recommend appropriate intervention;
    3. Refer students with inadequate social-communication abilities for further evaluation by a certified speech/language pathologist or other qualified professional;
    4. Work directly with students to improve their comprehension of spoken language and awareness of its role in school tasks as well as confidence in expressing their thoughts through talking. The Speech/Language Pathologist works closely with classroom teachers to assess any communication issues that may exist among students and provide direct intervention services through social skills groups, one-on-one work and/or small group instructional settings;
    5. Propose methods for addressing problems arising from cognitive, perceptual, affective and learning disabilities that affect students’ social communication skills;
    6. Supervise and evaluate the work of other staff members in delivering speech/language programs, including student aides (11) A student Support Team meets on a regular basis with representatives from the school’s special needs department. Representatives from this team will include a representative of the School System’s Section 504 Compliance Committee and others as appropriate or necessary. This team shall discuss educational issues, concerns, problems etc., pertaining to all students who have been identified as having an Educational Disability;
  7. High School of America has made available through its Website information regarding its policies, programs and services for students with disabilities. Such information includes identification procedures for eligibility; application process including time lines for initial evaluation

Online Learning Environment Alleviates Student Anxiety or Isolation

With homebound students, provision of the school’s individualized curriculum is provided by a network of qualified professionals who work closely with parents and caregivers as well as teachers. Students are free from being singled out in class due to embarrassment over their disability and can attend school on their own timetable.

Online Learning is a Great Alternative to Traditional Schools

A variety of institutions offer online learning, ranging from traditional colleges and universities to educational providers offering specialized offerings in a particular field. Online learning is a great option for students who want to continue their education following high school, but who do not have the time or means to commute to campus on a daily basis.

Community colleges and other two-year programs are ideal choices for adult learners with busy schedules. Two-year programs often lead directly into four-year programs if students wish to continue their education at a more traditional campus setting.
Online Learning is a Great Alternative to Traditional Schools
Online learning provides opportunities for students living far from campuses as well as those seeking advanced degrees without relocating schools or family members. This can save money in terms of housing, travel expenses and the cost of maintaining automobile insurance.

As online learning becomes more popular, there is a greater variety of educational programs available for students who are interested in pursuing their education in this manner. It can provide opportunities to take courses that may be difficult to fit into traditional schedules and it makes remote learning possible. Online coursework allows adult learners to pursue continuing education while working full-time jobs or caring for family members.

Online Learning Offers Flexibility when Scheduling Classes

Students must consider the costs of tuition as well as the time they will need to dedicate towards their studies before deciding whether an online program is a right choice for them.

Online students typically pay reduced tuition rates compared with those attending traditional schools, but they often pay additional fees associated with taking classes online. Many online schools allow students to take regular courses for a reduced tuition rate, but charge additional fees for more specialized offerings such as tutoring or physical therapy.

For online students who are able to dedicate the time needed to complete their assignments and who have access to the internet on a regular basis, online learning can be cost-effective. However, for many adult learners with careers and other commitments that force them to work during typical business hours or require travel, an online format may not be practical because it does not offer flexibility in terms of scheduling classes.

Online coursework requires that students reserve a set amount of time each day for schoolwork. For example, if they do not finish all their assignments by the end of the day, they will need to come back and complete them the following day.

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