Wisconsin, also known as the Badger State, is a diverse and vibrant state in the United States. With its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and thriving communities, Wisconsin offers a unique setting for homeschooling families.

In Wisconsin, homeschooling is legal under the state’s homeschool statute, which provides families the freedom and flexibility to educate their children at home.

High School of America, a reputable online high school, recognize the importance of personalized education and offers comprehensive homeschooling programs in Wisconsin.

Our curriculum aligns with the latest standards set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education. Our dedicated and qualified teachers are committed to supporting students throughout their academic journey.

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Stay tuned to discover more about the homeschooling requirements in Wisconsin.

Homeschooling Laws in Wisconsin

Homeschooling is legal in the state of Wisconsin. The regulations for homeschooling in Wisconsin are lenient, allowing parents to prioritize the learning experience.

Consequently, an increasing number of parents in Wisconsin are realizing the positive influence they can have on their children’s education by providing them personalized attention and instruction through homeschooling.

You must meet the following requirements when homeschooling in Wisconsin:

To homeschool, you’ll need to follow these requirements:

Filing of an Annual Report

Each year, by October 15 or earlier, you are required to submit a statement of enrollment (PI-1206 form) to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). This can be done conveniently online through the DPI’s website.

Your statement should indicate the number of students enrolled in your homeschool for elementary and high school grades as of the third Friday in September.

The report must also state that:

  • The main objective of homeschooling is to offer education based on private or religious beliefs rather than evading compulsory school attendance laws.
  • Homeschooling is under private control, meaning public institutions do not govern it.
  • A minimum of 875 hours of instruction must be provided throughout the school year.
  • The homeschool curriculum should cover subjects such as health, science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, and reading sequentially and progressively.

It is essential to keep copies of all the PI-1206 forms you have completed. Failing to provide evidence of filing the enrollment statement during your student’s high school years may result in certain employers and government agencies not acknowledging your student’s high school education as valid.

Required Courses

There are state mandated subjects in Wisconsin.

Grades 9-12

The law requires parents to teach their high school students in the following courses:

  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Mathematics
  • Language arts/English
  • Health
  • Physical Education

You are required to maintain records to prove that your homeschooling student was taught these subjects in the high school years.

Standardized Testing

In certain states, homeschooled children may be required to undergo standardized testing to ensure they are performing at a similar level to their traditionally schooled peers.

Even if these assessments are not mandatory, many parents choose to have their children take these tests to demonstrate their academic proficiency compared to other children their age.

It is advisable to have your child participate in these tests as a precautionary measure, especially if there is a possibility of re-enrolling them in a public or private school or if you plan on relocating to a state that mandates test scores.

Record Keeping

While not all states have strict requirements for record-keeping in homeschooling, we emphasize the importance of maintaining comprehensive records at High School of America. This includes documenting attendance, the curriculum used, assignments completed, grades, and other essential documents.

These records can prove beneficial if there are any changes to the homeschooling laws in your state. In addition, they can serve as valuable resources if you decide to transfer your children to another state or if you choose to enroll them in a public or private school.

Our online parent portal offers a convenient storage solution for these important documents. You can easily access and download them whenever the need arises.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wisconsin Homeschooling Online

How many hours of instruction are required for homeschooling in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, homeschool programs must provide a minimum of 875 hours of instruction each school year, from July 1 to June 30. Homeschooling parents need to keep track of these hours and be able to document them if required.

What are the graduation requirements for homeschoolers in Wisconsin?

Homeschooled students in Wisconsin must complete at least 22 credits in subjects such as English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Civics, Physical Education, and Electives. Some school districts may also require students to have community service experience.

What is the process to register a child for homeschooling in Wisconsin?

To register for homeschooling in Wisconsin, the child’s parent or guardian must file the online PI-1206 Homeschool Enrollment Report. This form can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website at: https://dpi.wi.gov/sms/home-based.

Can someone else homeschool my child in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, you may hire someone to homeschool your child, but the teacher can only instruct one family unit. It is not permissible for a teacher to homeschool your children and someone else’s. However, you can hire a qualified teacher who will solely teach your children.

Is a teaching degree required to homeschool in Wisconsin?

No, you do not need a teaching degree, college degree, or educational background to homeschool in Wisconsin.

What are the steps to homeschooling in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, there is only one option for homeschool enrollment. You need to file an annual report that states your purpose for homeschooling, the grades, and the number of students you are teaching, agree to teach the minimum number of hours, and commit to teaching the core subjects progressively.

What activities count towards the minimum hour requirement for homeschooling in Wisconsin?

Homeschooling parents in Wisconsin can include hours spent on curriculum instruction, reading to their children, group activities, co-ops, and field trips as long as the instruction during these activities covers the required subjects.

Are homeschooled learners in Wisconsin required to be immunized?

No, Wisconsin does not require homeschooled students to provide proof of immunization as a requirement for homeschooling.

Online Homeschooling Statistics in Wisconsin

Online homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in Wisconsin. The number of homeschooling families in the state increased significantly due to the coronavirus, which convinced most parents and legal guardians to take their children’s education into their own hands.

The number of students enrolling in homeschools has been increasing slowly compared to those enrolling in public schools. For instance, in the academic year 2019-2020, homeschooling learners accounted for 2.2%. This percentage increased to 3.25% of the total number of learners in the state in the 2020-2021 academic year.

With technological advancements, more and more parents opt to homeschool their children in the state.

How to Do it: Online homeschooling in Wisconsin

To engage in online homeschooling in Wisconsin, you will need to follow the state’s homeschooling laws and regulations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started with online homeschooling in Wisconsin:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Wisconsin Homeschool Laws: Review the homeschooling laws and regulations specific to Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, homeschooling is considered a form of private education. You can find detailed information on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website or consult with local homeschooling organizations for guidance.
  2. Submit a Homeschooling Notice: Notify the Wisconsin DPI of your intent to homeschool your child. You must submit a homeschooling notice, also known as a PI-1206 form, to the DPI. This form declares your intention to operate a homeschool and includes basic information about your child and the educational program.
  3. Choose an Online Homeschooling Curriculum: Research and select an online homeschooling curriculum that aligns with your child’s educational needs and teaching preferences. There are numerous online platforms, virtual schools, and homeschooling resources available. The popular option is High School of America. Consider factors such as cost, curriculum content, teaching style, and support services when choosing.
  4. Create a Homeschooling Schedule: Establish a structured schedule for your homeschooling activities. Determine the number of hours per day or week you will dedicate to each subject or learning area. Be flexible and adapt the schedule to accommodate your child’s learning pace and preferences.
  5. Set Up a Learning Environment: Create a dedicated space in your home where your child can study and learn effectively. Ensure that the environment is free from distractions and has the necessary supplies, such as textbooks, notebooks, a computer, and internet access, if you plan to pursue online homeschooling.
  6. Implement the Online Curriculum: Follow the chosen online homeschooling curriculum and adapt it to your child’s learning needs. Monitor their progress regularly and adjust the pace or approach if necessary. Take advantage of the interactive features, quizzes, assessments, and support materials the online curriculum platform provides.
  7. Supplement with Local Resources and Experiences: Enhance your child’s learning experience by incorporating local resources, field trips, and community activities. Wisconsin offers various opportunities for educational outings, museums, libraries, parks, and cultural events.
  8. Stay Connected with Local Homeschooling Community: Join local homeschooling organizations or online communities in Wisconsin to connect with other homeschooling families. These groups can provide support, resources, and opportunities for social interaction, field trips, and group activities.

Advantages of Wisconsin Homeschooling Online

Online homeschooling in Wisconsin has a number of advantages. They include:

  1. It allows students to learn at their own pace and progress on topics when they are ready.
  2. Parents have the ability to customize lessons and provide materials that meet the student’s individual needs.
  3. Online homeschooling eliminates the need for families to travel to physical classrooms and adhere to a set schedule.
  4. Online homeschooling allows students to access educational resources anywhere in the world.
  5. Parents can connect with other homeschooling families and get support through online forums or social media groups. This can provide both emotional and intellectual growth for all involved. In Wisconsin, homeschooling online provides an accessible and collaborative learning experience.


Homeschooling is a great choice for those who want to give their children a more personal and flexible educational experience. By researching the laws in Wisconsin and finding an excellent online program from High School of America, families can make informed decisions about this journey. You can count on experienced instructors, an award-winning curriculum, and plenty of support and guidance as you guide your student through the grade levels.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about how to homeschool in Wisconsin with High School of America, reach out today! Our knowledgeable representatives will help you find the right program for your student’s needs.

Contact High School of America today and discover all that homeschooling offers your family!