Online Homeschool Resources for Homeschooling

Accredited online homeschool programsIf you are interested in homeschool programs or educating your child at home with an online school, the High School of America can help. We have years of experience providing quality, accredited online homeschool.

At the High School of America, we understand the challenges and rewards of homeschooling. We have been a leading online school that features on best online homeschooling sites for providing students with an outstanding online high school education using the technology of online homeschool courses.

Whether you are looking to enhance your child’s traditional brick-and-mortar education or expand your homeschooling program, our list of accredited homeschool programs matches your desire to bring excellence to your child’s education.

Keeping It Simple

Our teachers are mindful of making your child’s experience as simple and straightforward as possible. We follow a computer-based homeschool curriculum in our online homeschool courses to offer easy-to-use planning and progress tools, assessments and answer essential teaching guides.

On Your Own or with Our Teachers?

When you do not want to go through the process alone through independent study, our online homeschool courses, and our world language courses feature the option of support from our professional and credentialed teachers. All of our courses come with teacher support for high school because the curriculum demands are greater.

Keeping It Affordable

High School of America wants to help you give your child a quality education without breaking the bank since we offer affordable accredited online homeschool programs. Remarkably, we offer a variety of ways of paying fees including subscription plans and discounts for prepaying, multiple students, multiple courses, and military personnel.

Is it Right to Homeschool Your Child?

Affordable accredited online homeschool programsMany families believe that the best online homeschool programs elementary are a valuable alternative since they offer the benefits of public schools, such as state-certified teachers and pre-selected curriculum.

They combine with the advantages of online learning like greater involvement and personalized learning.

Is Online Public School the Same as Homeschooling?

No! Online public school is different from traditional homeschooling in several ways. Although online students typically complete their lessons and assignments from home, the curriculum and instruction are given by a school. However, students have more opportunities for personalized learning and can more easily suit their schedule to their needs because the instructions are delivered online.

Is Online Homeschooling Free?

Traditional homeschooling usually comprises costs for curriculum and equipment. Our online schools have costs for certain supplies and services, including computer equipment and internet provider fees. Our enrollment consultants can help solve your technological and computer questions and needs.

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