Online Tutoring for High School Students

Online tutoring for high school students is a relatively new concept that has been growing over the past few years. This type of tutoring generally entails a tutor going through a website or app to place them in touch with students who have questions about certain topics.

The tutor then responds to this question via video chat conference, text chat, or voice service to provide assistance. In particular, online tutoring for high school classes has become extremely popular due to the fact that it provides an efficient way for students from all over the world to receive assistance from professors and teachers.

In-Person vs Online Tutoring

One of the primary differences between traditional in-person tutoring and online tutoring involves convenience. Overall, online tutoring for high school students is much more convenient than traditional tutoring because it allows students to access help from anywhere as long as they have an appropriate device and internet connection.

With that said, another difference between these two types of tutoring involves the fact that online tutoring may involve many other students receiving assistance simultaneously.

This can be beneficial in the sense that there are more chances for one student to receive quality help, but it may also prove to be frustrating because tutors will need to accommodate multiple people at once.

Phases of an Online Tutoring Session

In general, online tutoring sessions typically consist of three main phases which include the preparation phase, the session itself, and the wrap-up.

In very basic terms, the preparation phase generally entails a tutor and a student planning to meet at a specific time and date for assistance.

From here, the session itself can last as long as necessary and typically involves tutors asking their students questions to better understand their needs.

Finally, the wrap-up consists of the tutor summarizing what has been covered during the session as well as any other advice they may have for students going forward.

Top Benefits of Online High School Tutoring

Top Benefits of Online High School Tutoring

  1. Availability

Online tutoring for high school students is available 24/7 and there are no travel costs, which makes it extremely convenient.

  1. Convenience

This type of tutoring provides opportunities to receive assistance from anywhere as long as you have a device and an internet connection.

  1. Customized Curriculum

With this option, students can learn at their own pace and review concepts that they may not understand well enough the first time around. This also allows teachers to create customized lesson plans.

  1. Flexibility

Traditional in-person tutoring requires students to attend sessions during certain days and times as determined by the teacher or tutor; however, online tutoring gives students much more flexibility with their schedules.

  1. Reduced Stress

Finals are often a period of high stress for students, but many feel that online tutoring helps to lower this stress by allowing them to receive help anytime they need it. As a result, students have more time to focus on the material rather than worrying about upcoming exams.

  1. Quality Feedback

Another benefit of online tutoring for high school students is the fact that it allows them to receive detailed feedback from teachers regarding specific topics. This helps students learn how to address future assignments related to concepts they may have not known how to handle before receiving feedback.

  1. Increased Test Scores

Many students experience higher test scores after utilizing online tutoring services because these sessions provide an excellent way to review concepts they may not understand.

  1. Self-Confidence

This type of tutoring can help students gain confidence in learning new concepts because every student is given the chance to ask questions and receive individualized attention from teachers.

  1. Flexibility with Schedules

Many high school students find it difficult to attend traditional in-person tutoring sessions due to scheduling conflicts that arise when working around other responsibilities such as after-school activities, family obligations, etc. Online tutoring provides students with more flexibility if they need to reschedule a session or make up an assignment.

  1. Cost

With online tutoring for high school students, there are no travel costs which can lead to substantial savings over time.

What Is the Difference Between Online and In-Class Tutoring?

Both online and in-person tutoring provide similar benefits such as individualized attention and reduced stress; however, there are also some differences that high school students considering either option should take into consideration. For example, one benefit of traditional tutoring is the freedom to ask questions verbally; however, this may not be possible with an online tutor which can make it difficult for students to fully comprehend the material they are learning at times.

Additionally, many students claim that interacting with a tutor face to face is beneficial because it helps them better understand concepts by demonstrating relevant examples; however, this might not be the case when meeting online. Besides, many young adults who utilize virtual tutoring say that they prefer this option because it does not require them to miss class or makeup assignments.

Finally, another drawback of online tutoring is the fact that there are no face-to-face interactions which can lead to misunderstandings between students and teachers.

What Is the Difference Between in-Person and Video Chat Tutoring?

Video chat tutoring is somewhat similar to traditional in-person tutoring; however, it provides several benefits that high school students may find beneficial. For example, the ability to see the tutor while speaking with him/her makes virtual sessions feel more like a face-to-face meeting rather than a phone call. This helps some students better understand concepts; therefore, they tend to receive more individualized attention.

Additionally, video chat tutoring can allow students to ask questions whenever they have them without the need to wait their turn. This allows students to receive immediate feedback that can help clarify any confusion or misunderstandings about the material being learned.

A final benefit of video chat tutoring for high school students is the fact that it provides more flexibility since there are no travel costs involved which ultimately saves time and money.

What Are Some Examples of Online Tutors?

There are many different types of online tutors available depending upon each student’s needs; however, many fall under one or more of these categories:

  • Professional Tutors: These highly trained individuals know how to teach a variety of subjects at all levels which often include test prep for standardized exams such as the ACT and SAT.
  • Academic Tutors: These individuals have a strong understanding of how subjects are taught in schools which makes them ideal virtual assistants to help students complete homework assignments as well as review key concepts as needed.
  • Professional Career Coaches: In addition to providing academic tutoring, these online professionals can provide career advice and coaching to help high school students understand what career path they may want to pursue once they graduate from college or gain employment.

Why Choose High School of America for Tutoring?

  • Personalized attention developed through small class size
  • Flexibility to schedule sessions around your high school student’s busy schedule
  • Convenient and available tutoring services throughout the U.S.
  • Affordable prices for all types of students.
  • Online and in-person tutoring options are available so you pick what works best for you and your family

High School Geometry Tutor Online

High school geometry is a broad term that can mean the study of points, lines, and planes. Euclidean geometry deals with flat surfaces and other topics concerning straight lines and angles. Advanced high school geometry deals with three-dimensional figures, solid objects, and curved surfaces.

High school math tutor online


Geometry is present in the everyday world we live in; therefore, it can help students learn to apply math skills as well as hone their critical thinking skills as they attempt to solve real-life problems involving shapes such as spheres or cones.

To be successful at higher levels of geometry, students should have strong mathematical background knowledge including algebra II concepts. Some students may struggle with these more complex forms of geometric relationships; however, tutoring can help them better understand this material and perform better in their geometry classes.

Online Writing Tutor for High School Students

A writing tutor is an online teacher that provides feedback on students’ writing assignments. Some of the most common types of writing tutoring are essay editing, college or university application essays, and high school English papers.

Writing tutors are usually skilled at evaluating each student’s specific needs with regard to how they write. This allows for a better assessment of the writing process and the assignment itself. Additionally, this individualized attention can be beneficial for students who may have difficulty expressing their thoughts or showing what they know on paper.

Online High School Chemistry Tutor

High school chemistry is another broad term that can encompass the study of anything from atoms to molecules and chemical equations. While this type of high school chemistry course may be challenging, students who work with a tutor may find this content easier to understand and therefore do better in their class.

Online High School Math Tutor

High school math courses are challenging for many students, but particularly so for those who have struggled with mathematics in the past. A high school math tutor can help these individuals improve their understanding of concepts taught in class as well as help them better prepare for tests and quizzes.

Math is important to learn, especially at an early age when it’s still “high school” algebra 2 geometry tutor online because geometry is everywhere! It helps us understand how the world works and also gives us a deeper insight into life itself.

All kinds of high school students benefit from some type of tutoring; however, some students find it easier to comprehend material when it is presented via video chat. Video chat provides an opportunity for an online teacher to interact with a student in real-time while simultaneously analyzing what he or she is doing right and where there is room for improvement. This interaction can be key to helping certain high school students reach their full potentials in the classroom by understanding the more complex subject matter.