Virtual high School Programs From A-Z

The world is changing. The days of going to the same high school for four years are long gone and there is now a plethora of options for those seeking an education. One option that has become increasingly popular in recent years is virtual high schools.

These programs provide students with courses that they can take online, which means you don’t have to move from your home or commute every day to a brick-and-mortar location.

There are many benefits associated with this type of schooling, but it’s important to know what these programs offer before making any decisions about whether or not they’re right for you. This article will help educate readers on the specifics of virtual high schools so that they can make informed decisions about their future education choices.

Top 8 Reasons Why Virtual High School is Right for You

Time and Money

With a traditional brick-and-mortar school, you have to go to class at set times during the week. This means you’re limited by your schedule or transportation options—even if it requires you to ride the bus for an hour each way! And when it comes to tuition, online learning costs less than regular, in-person classes.

One of the best parts about going online is saving time. You can log into your course at any time of day from anywhere there’s an internet connection. What better way is there to fit education into your daily routine? Virtual high school may help get you that college degree sooner than you think!

Virtual High School Lets You Learn At Your Own Pace.

Whether it’s during the week in the middle of class or on weekends when you have time to yourself, there’s no wrong way to take a lesson! Virtual high schools offer lessons that are self-paced and designed for independent study—with tools to help you work quickly if needed.

It’s easy to move around in the course based on how fast or slow information is absorbed, so every student can go through it at their own speed. If something takes more time and effort than anticipated (or less), students can adjust their schedules as they see fit!

Students also aren’t required to wait for a class period of time to finish a lesson. In fact, you can even move ahead if you’re done early!

Students who are living in areas with limited educational opportunities often choose virtual high schools.

Whether it’s due to financial restraints or personal reasons, some students don’t have access to the education they need close by. With programs available throughout the country and around the globe, virtual high school can bring quality classes and teachers right into your home—no matter where that may be.

The great thing about online courses is that students don’t have to worry about moving or changing schools altogether in order to reach their goals. You get all the flexibility of a traditional brick-and-mortar school program with 24/7 access every time you want it. Since virtual high schools are available in nearly every state, there’s no reason to be without a quality education just because your family moves!

Just like with traditional classes, it can be hard to keep up if you have transportation or scheduling issues. With a virtual course, at least the class never leaves you behind! Stay on top of assignments with online resources and communication tools that help make sure all students are prepared for the next lesson.

Virtual high school allows students to learn from anywhere in the world—even their backyard.

The curriculum and courses at virtual high school programs may differ based on your state, but all offer the same great accessibility online.

Since education is now a 24/7 opportunity, this drastically changes the way students can learn. The number of people who excel in high school or college classes skyrockets when they’re able to use their own time and schedule to complete assignments!

With virtual learning, you don’t have to worry about missing anything during long commutes or waiting for slower classmates (or even family members!) anymore. You can stay on top of classwork while driving home from work or working out of the office—and then return later if you want!

Moving beyond traditional classes opens up a whole new world for students! For the first time, they can enjoy state-of-the-art technology wherever it’s available.

Although virtual high school courses are still designed to support learning like in a brick and mortar school, online studies bring a new level of interactive capabilities with them. Video chats are now accessible for live help from teachers or classmates, and even video lectures make lessons come alive before your eyes—for college credit!

Interactive software is perfect for class discussion as well as working alongside other students on projects. Students can participate in project teams via video conferencing, helping them build skills needed for teamwork and communication throughout their careers. Need more help than you can get from a book? No problem! Virtual high schools offer online tutors to help students who need it, and online tests are available as well.

The flexibility of virtual high school also opens up a whole new world for families!
For the first time, parents can keep tabs on their children’s homework from afar. Anywhere in the country, you can now check-in with your child to see how his day at school went by using live chat or video conferencing to stay connected no matter where you are. You can even see what he is learning firsthand via streaming videos!

This makes a night out or other events easier than ever before—and gives you peace of mind that your kiddo got home safe too. Teachers also enjoy the freedom virtual high school brings them: they get more one-on-one time with their students, and can often reduce class sizes. Since they can see each student’s face on a screen rather than working with an entire crowded classroom at once, teachers can spend more time focusing on individual problems and helping students learn in the best way possible.

Do Online High School Courses Differ from Traditional High School Courses?

Online High School vs Traditional Public Schools
Although many aspects of online learning are the same as at traditional high schools, there are some key differences.

One difference is that students need to be self-motivated in their virtual high school courses – it’s up to them to work hard and stay focused on achieving their goals. This extra effort can make all the difference in grades! Talk with your child about how you can help him stay motivated, and set aside time for a chat once or twice each week to check in on his progress.

How Are Online High School Courses Different from Homeschooling?

Online high school courses offer an alternative to homeschooling because they offer similar flexibility and apps but are still overseen by a teacher, so parents don’t have to be as involved.

With online high school you can talk with your child’s teacher, get her assignments each day, and help your child if she is struggling. You’ll also enjoy the same benefits of homework completion and communication with your child that you would in a traditional high school environment – but from anywhere, any time!

What Is A High School Diploma?

Online high schools give students credit for completing courses and achieving certain goals within those courses.

Students who successfully finish their virtual high school course requirements earn an accredited diploma that they can use to apply to college or land better jobs. Most virtual online schools offer diplomas in Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees too! If you’re ready to get started, look for a high school that fits your child’s needs!

How Do I Choose a Virtual School?

Online high schools are great options if your child is doing well at her current high school and you feel she could do even better with increased flexibility. An online high school can be a good choice for students who have to travel often, or want to focus on one particular area of study without distractions.

If your teenager has special needs such as ADHD or ADD that require more attention than public schools can offer, he may also benefit from taking virtual high school courses alongside his peers. Plus, unlike homeschooling, it is possible for students in an online high school to take part in athletics or other extracurricular activities without having to change schools.

While you’re choosing an online high school, double-check that the curriculum is aligned with your child’s interests and goals! Even if a virtual high school offers the same courses as those offered at her current school, it may not offer them in an exact way – make sure you are comfortable with how things work before enrolling!

How Do I Enroll My Child?

Once you choose a virtual high school for your child, a representative will help you through enrollment. You can expect questions about any special needs your child has, his schedule, and what he wants out of the program. Once he’s enrolled, any changes to his schedule – such as traveling for sports tournaments or adding a summer class – are easy to work around.

What All Do I Need to Get Started?

Just like enrolling in a traditional high school requires your child’s records and transcripts translated into English, you’ll need to have certain documents translated before you can join an online high school.

It’s important that your student document the courses he has taken elsewhere so you know exactly what credit will transfer over! Plus, some online high schools require extra testing if your child is taking classes outside of his core curriculum; although this doesn’t always apply, it’s better to be prepared!

Our Online Classes

Best online high school Courses
Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

Online High School offers a variety of science classes for students who are looking to learn more about the world around them! Our biology course in particular is designed for both AP and non-AP students. If your child has always loved thinking about how the world works, but never quite understood it from his high school textbooks, this class may be perfect for him!

Our online high school chemistry courses cover topics such as quantum mechanics, while our physics classes explain concepts like momentum and conservation of energy. These introductory science courses are great for any student who wants to get ahead in their studies without spending hours in a classroom, taking notes and doing homework every night!

Mathematics (Statistics, algebra, geometry and calculus)

Online High School offers a variety of mathematics courses for students who are looking to get ahead in their studies. Our online high school statistics course, for example, is designed with the AP statistics class specifically in mind. In these classes, you can learn about topics ranging from combinatorics and probability to linear regression and data analysis! If your child already has calculus under his belt but wants to take it further, our online high school calculus courses allow students to explore advanced topics such as Laplace transforms and Fourier series. These courses will help bolster any future STEM goals they may have!

English (Oral languages, humanities, literature and composition)

The main purpose of all English courses – whether they’re offered online or in-person – is to improve your child’s writing and communication skills. With this in mind, our English courses cater to the needs of both students who are looking for AP credit as well as those who need help with basic grammar concepts!

Social Sciences (History, geography and economics)

Social Sciences courses explore topics such as the human experience, evolution and animal behavior. Of course, when you’re trying to explain how humans have changed throughout history, there’s no better tool than a human teacher! With Online High School’s social sciences classes, your child will learn from expert instructors who know exactly how to get concepts across to even the most skeptical of students!

AP Courses

An AP course is a college-level class that emphasizes the material needed to be successful in college. Online High School offers courses in many popular AP topics, from English and Spanish Literature and Language to Psychology and Chemistry. Plus, our online high school classes are designed for even the most tech-averse students – these courses can either be done through audio or video lectures!

The HSOA Difference

Founded in 1999, High School of America (HSOA) is a better alternative to regular high school.

Our programs accommodates all types of students and are tailored to be effective and user friendly in an online environment. High school and middle school classes are adapted to work in an online setting. We provide an excellent, well-rounded, proven curriculum. You receive the instruction you need to meet your educational goals.

HSOA is fully accredited by leading agencies such as AdvancEd and SACS. AdvancED is the unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI).

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