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High school students living in Oregon are no stranger to virtual high schools, as there are many of them. So, yes, there are online high schools in Oregon. It is important to note that not all of these options are accredited, but most are. If you reside in Oregon and are looking for an online high school, High School of America is here for you. We offer courses for students that are currently in high school, as well as those who have graduated from high school but need to finish their GED or equivalency diploma.

Our goal is to help local students earn a high school diploma from home. We offer programs designed to meet your needs no matter what year you were born.

Whether you live in Oregon or not, High School of America is one of the best online high schools around. Enrolling your child at our school will not only give them an opportunity to earn their diploma from home but also shield them from the dangers that often come along with attending high school face-to-face.

We’re Unique

High School of America is unique because we not only offer an accredited diploma at the end, but also a course catalog full of courses designed to improve your child’s chances for success in life.

Once enrolled, you will work with an individualized learning planner in order to help your child track their progress throughout the school year. This ensures that your student is on task and making great progress towards their diploma each week.

Our Diploma Requirements are very similar to those obtained by students attending physical high schools – making us one of the best online high schools in Oregon.

High School of America is authorized to offer online high school courses to students in Oregon. We are also accredited by AdvancED and the Western Association of Schools and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). These accreditations ensure that we meet the highest standards in education.

High School Diploma Online: What to Expect

Online high school options in Oregon


High School of America is one of the leading online high schools in Oregon. As such, we offer a variety of courses designed to appeal to any student interested in earning an accredited diploma during their high school years.

High School Diploma Online: Why Choose Us?

Online High Schools have come a long way over the past decade or so, and many parents no longer see them as an alternative to regular high schools but rather as great places for their teens to get ahead during their educational careers.

Many parents choose to enroll their teenagers at High School of America because we offer flexible schedules that allow students to maintain other jobs while earning their diplomas online. This is ideal for anyone who works full-time but still wishes for their child to attend high school without having to pay expensive tuition costs (or drive them back and forth). As one of Oregon’s leading online high schools, we provide a course schedule that allows your student to be on task and engaged each week.

Oregon Online High School Diploma

High School of America offers a fully accredited diploma option for students who are currently enrolled in either 10th, 11th or 12th grade. This means that your teen will be able to meet both graduation requirements and course prerequisites by completing courses designed to prepare them for attending college after high school.

Once completed, you can request an Oregon transcript be emailed directly to any college/university you wish your teenager to attend upon graduating from High School of America.

It doesn’t matter what county you live in – enrolling at this virtual high school will provide your teen with a multitude of opportunities you might not be able to provide for them otherwise.

High School Equivalency Diploma

For students who have already graduated from high school or earned their GED, High School of America offers equivalency diploma courses for all three tests; the GED (General Educational Development), HiSET (formerly known as TASC- test Assessing Secondary Completion), and TRC (Test of Adult Basic Education).

Students can enroll in either assessment preparation or coursework courses designed to help them pass their exams. GED, HiSET, and TASC classes are available at various times throughout the year. For more information about our schedules for these tests, please visit High School of America’s official website today!

About Our Curriculum

High School of America focuses on offering students an education that will allow them to feel prepared when it comes time for entering high school or college. Our course schedule is designed with this goal in mind because we offer both advanced placement classes and courses for credit.
This means that if your teen needs extra academic help, they can meet with their instructor to discuss the best options for completing their courses while also demonstrating how they acquired knowledge throughout the year via exams and final projects.

By taking advantage of our flexible online learning program (and working towards earning a diploma from home), your child will have more free time in after-school activities where they can play sports or practice for a competition. This is something that many college-bound students using our program have been known to do, along with maintaining a high GPA and becoming well-versed in at least one language other than English.

College Prep Courses

Our goal at High School of America is to make sure that every student has the opportunity to earn both an academic diploma and increase their chances of attending college. This is why we offer several AP (Advanced Placement) courses that are designed to help kids become familiar with what it takes to succeed in top-ranked universities.

AP courses include math, science, social studies, and English which means that students will be able to learn about innovative topics like computer programming or environmental science while also taking part in challenging tests each year. If your teen succeeds on these exams, they can graduate from high school online knowing all of the skills necessary for performing well in college!

Homeschooling Programs

If you feel as if your teen might benefit from something other than traditional high school, High School of America is the right choice for you! Our online learning program works best for students who are either self-motivated learners or able to manage their own courses without too much supervision.

What makes our homeschooling program different from others is that it focuses on offering one-on-one interactions with academic mentors so that every student has the chance to connect with an instructor at their level. This means that everyone will be able to meet their goals faster and acquire the knowledge necessary for continuing onto college – so don’t hesitate to sign up today!

Online High School Diploma for Adults

At High School of America, we have a specialized program just for students who are out of school and wish to receive their diploma before going back to college or getting a job.

Many adult learners come from work backgrounds where they don’t really specialize in any particular field but wish to go back to college to have the opportunity of being recruited by other companies. High School of America is designed with those needs in mind. We offer flexible schedules that allow adults to be on task and engaged each week while also establishing deadlines for completing specific coursework (including full-length exams). This means that your teen will always stay on track with their studies and won’t fall behind schedule.

Graduating from High School Online

At High School of America, we require students to complete at least 22 credits in order to earn their diplomas. These classes cover various topics such as English (including literature and composition), math (geometry and algebra), science, social studies, and physical education. As mentioned above, we do offer some flexibility when it comes to scheduling your child’s courses but only to a certain extent. Each student must take a full-length exam during the year which means that they will be testing on specific material for two days each month while all other coursework is completed online outside of those dates. We believe this is one of the best ways for students to prepare themselves for entering college or getting a job upon graduating from high school online.

High School Online: How Does the Learning Work?

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High School of America is designed to be a program where your teen will attend class each week under the guidance of their own learning specialist. This expert instructor will ask you to provide various assignments and coursework that can either be completed at home or at school.

Online learning works differently when compared to traditional lecture-style teaching because it focuses more on one-on-one interactions between students and their instructors. This means that your student will not only have the chance to work with other children in their age group but also receive help whenever they need it – by e-mail.

Not only does High School of America help students become their own best teachers but we also offer several services that will allow for your teen to feel as if they are part of a real school community. These include online libraries filled with digital resources, campus-based chatrooms, and forums where instructors can post important information and remind kids about upcoming tests or exams. We want every student attending our program to have the opportunity to learn from us without being limited by geography or physical location so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have!

High School Diploma Online: Enrolling at High School of America

Whether you are looking to earn a GED, HiSET, or TASC certification or want your child to graduate from high school online, High School of America is the perfect online high school for anyone looking to start or further their education without having to leave their home.

To learn more about our diploma courses and how you can enroll your teenager today, please contact us via telephone or email today!