The Best Online High School in NJ

Here’s a quick look at the life of a homeschooler: You get up early in order to get everything done before 10 am, spend several hours studying various subjects, and finally have time for some fun. Hmmm…Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

High School of America is an online high school that offers homeschoolers the opportunity to earn a New Jersey High School Diploma. Our students who attend this virtual school never miss a beat and can complete their entire high school curriculum from the comfort of their homes.

With our virtual high school, you get to be part of an exciting new program that has become one of the fastest-growing programs of its kind in the nation! You’ll enjoy the convenience of scheduling your courses around your own personal schedule. Enroll today and take advantage of our special introductory offer!

What Separates Our Online High School from Other Online Schools?

  • Live teacher interaction available via web conferencing platforms
  • Small class sizes to ensure student success every step of the way
  • Personalized attention, motivation, and motivation specific to your teen’s needs
  • Career path counseling option (e.g., medical assistant, information technology, engineering)

High School of America is authorized to offer online high school programs to learners in New Jersey.

New Jersey Online High School Diploma

New Jersey students now have a great way to earn their online high school diploma from home! We can help your teen graduate from High School faster, cheaper, and with more flexible education schedule options. In fact, getting a New Jersey Online Diploma from our best online high school is even cheaper than going to a traditional brick-and-mortar public high school in the state.

High School of America believes that flexibility is important for all learners, which is why we offer an innovative approach to earning a traditional high school diploma. Our flexible online classes allow students to complete coursework on their own time and at their own pace. It’s never been easier to get a diploma from one of New Jersey’s best online high schools thanks to our flexible online curriculum. Plus, we offer a number of convenient payment options.

Online High School for Adults

Online homeschooling programs in NJ


At High School of America, adult learners can enjoy the convenience of an NJ Online High School Diploma with training. Our course work caters specifically to adult students with flexible scheduling options and 24/7 support for any questions along the way. Adult learners also have access to recognition for prior learning through credit by exam programs, which allows students to receive college credit based on past work experience in a field they are already in.

Online Homeschooling Programs in New Jersey

High School of America is proud to offer online homeschooling programs in New Jersey. It’s never been easier for parents to take their children out of public schools and teach them at home with our easy-to-use program. Our virtual classrooms are perfect for students who are looking to take full advantage of the flexible learning opportunities available through online homeschooling programs. Teens can complete course materials from anywhere, anytime, allowing them the freedom they need to succeed!

High School of America offers online homeschooling programs that allow your teen the opportunity to experience a personalized education while maintaining an active social life outside of school. Our innovative curriculum provides all learners with effective communication tools that will prepare them for future success in college or careers. We also offer several great activities and events for homeschooled teens to take part in as well as academic support such as online tutoring and lead teachers who provide one-on-one help.

High School Equivalency Diploma: GED, HiSET, and TASC

New Jersey adults have a number of great options when it comes to getting their GED, HiSET, or TASC from one of the best online high schools. High School of America is an NJ Online Diploma Provider that offers flexible courses and exam prep materials for students who are interested in pursuing these important credentials. Our program can help you get your high school equivalency diploma faster, cheaper, and with more flexibility than traditional public schools in New Jersey.

Getting Started: Online Learning at High School of America

New Jersey teens and adults who want to improve their future prospects while making money at home should consider enrolling in our new NJ Online Diploma Program today! High School of America’s innovative program combines the most effective course materials with state-of-the-art online learning technology to offer students customized lessons, unique activities, and interactive classes. It’s never been easier to earn your high school diploma from home in New Jersey with one of our flexible online homeschool programs that cater specifically to your needs. Plus, acceleration courses are available for students who need more challenging work or would like to get their diploma even faster!

Our courses provide all learners with a solid education that will help them effectively communicate for future success in college or career. In addition, we have a number of special events and other opportunities open just to homeschooled teens, which gives them the chance to socialize while making lasting memories together.

New Jersey Online Diploma Program: Flexible Schedules and 24/7 Support

Students who are interested in pursuing their high school equivalency diploma, taking college courses, or putting themselves on the path to success should contact us today to learn more about our NJ Online Diploma Program. We also offer online homeschooling for elementary, middle school, and preschool students. Our program is easy to use, affordable and provides all learners with 24/7 support.

College Prep Courses: SAT, ACT, and AP

New Jersey students who want to take college courses from home can also benefit from High School of America’s College Prep Courses. We offer all kinds of online classes including those for homeschooled teens as well as prep materials for the SAT, ACT, and AP exams.


Our SAT prep courses are the most effective way to prepare for the exam and maximize your future college prospects. Students can take part in our College Prep Courses to get ahead on their coursework, sharpen their test-taking skills, and more.


Our ACT prep courses will help you build your confidence before taking the real ACT exam! Our courses provide students with personalized lessons that teach them effective strategies for answering questions quickly and correctly. This is an excellent way to improve your score on one of the most important exams of your life.


Our AP prep classes are perfect for students who want to go beyond the basics! These online homeschooling programs introduce students to new concepts, teaching them how to assess problems, analyze issues and apply their knowledge in real-world situations. This is an intriguing and effective way to ensure that you get the most out of your high school experience.

About Our Curriculum

Our courses are developed by veteran teachers who have years of experience teaching in New Jersey. The materials we use to teach students at all levels are based on the latest curriculum from the state of New Jersey, which means you’ll get a high-quality education that can help prepare you for future success.

High School of America’s courses are designed to provide all learners with a customized education that meets their individual needs. Our online homeschooling curriculum will help you score high on your GED, SAT, or ACT exams, ace college classes, or build the self-confidence necessary for future success.

What to Expect from an Online High School

New Jersey online high schools


Our courses are designed to prepare students for the most important exams of their lives, including the GED test. Our online homeschooling program is also great for students who want to excel in college-level classes or need more flexibility with their schoolwork.

Here are some ways that our program can help you succeed:

Build Confidence 

Whether your goal is to get ahead on your high school course load, ace an upcoming exam or improve your chances of future success, High School of America’s online homeschooling program has something special to offer every learner. Students will benefit from engaging lessons that focus on critical thinking and effective problem-solving skills.

Improve Test Scores 

Our SAT prep courses are designed specifically to help students improve their scores on the exam. Our exclusive College Prep Courses will give them a much-needed head start in college and beyond.

Get Ahead

If you want to graduate early, our homeschooling program is an ideal choice for you. With our flexible schedules and personal support, we can help you progress at your own pace and prepare to change the world!

Building Self-Confidence 

Online courses from High School of America are great for students who need more flexibility in their schoolwork or crave one-on-one attention from an engaging teacher. We are experts at tailoring each course to meet the needs of learners with different learning styles. Students who participate in this program will get alluring lessons that emphasize critical-thinking skills and effective problem-solving methods.

High School of America: Your Partner in Education and Success!

Are you ready to take the next step in pursuing an exciting career or entering college? If so, don’t wait another moment — contact us today. We offer flexible online programs while also providing 24/7 support. Students who enroll with High School of America usually build more confidence and self-esteem while learning how to work together with others toward excellence and success.