The Best Online High School for The Navy

Welcome to High School of America – the best online high school for the Navy! We are proud to offer a unique online high school education program that caters to the needs of students serving in the U.S. Navy.

Our goal is to provide a high-quality education that meets traditional academic standards and prepares our students for their future careers in the Navy.

We understand the unique challenges and demands that come with serving in the Navy. That’s why we have developed a flexible and adaptable online learning platform that allows our students to continue their educational journey while balancing their military duties.

Get started today and join our community of dedicated students who are committed to pursuing their education while serving in the Navy.

Reasons why High School of America is the Best Choice for Navy Students

We know that choosing the right high school can be a daunting task, especially for Navy students who have to balance their military responsibilities with their education.

Here are some reasons why High School of America is the best online high school for the navy:

Flexibility and Convenience

Our online learning platform allows Navy students to access their course materials and assignments anytime, anywhere. This means you can study at your own pace and from any location with an internet connection.

High School of America makes it easy for you to continue your education, irrespective of where you are stationed.

Military-Friendly Curriculum

We offer a curriculum that is tailored to meet the unique needs and demands of Navy students. Our courses are designed to align with the Navy’s educational requirements and help you develop skills that will be useful both in your academic and military career.

We also offer a wide range of elective courses to cater to your personal interests and career goals.

Accredited Curriculum

High School of America is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). This means that our curriculum meets high academic standards and is recognized by colleges and universities nationwide.

Our courses are also aligned with the Common Core State Standards, ensuring that our students receive a well-rounded education in preparation for their future endeavors.

Dedicated Support System

Our team at High School of America is committed to supporting our Navy students every step of the way. We have experienced teachers and counselors who understand the unique challenges that come with serving in the military while pursuing education.

They are always available to provide academic assistance, guidance, and support to help you succeed academically.

Comprehensive Course Offerings

We offer a wide range of courses that cover various subjects and levels, from basic to advanced. This allows our Navy students to have the flexibility to choose courses that align with their academic and career goals.

Our course offerings also include electives such as foreign languages, computer science, and more, giving students the opportunity to explore their interests and broaden their knowledge.

Dual Enrollment Program

Our dual enrollment program allows our Navy students to earn college credit while still in high school. This not only helps them save time and money, but it also gives them a head start on their college education.

We partner with accredited colleges and universities to offer a variety of dual enrollment options. This gives our students the opportunity to earn transferable college credits in various subjects.

Curriculum Highlights – What Makes High School of America Unique

Serving in the Navy requires discipline, determination, and adaptability. These same qualities are emphasized in our curriculum at High School of America. Our unique curriculum includes the following courses:


Our math program focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving, and real-world application. Students learn various mathematical concepts and skills that are essential for success in college and beyond. Our Math course covers the following areas:

  • Algebra – Students will learn to solve linear equations, graph lines, and parabolas, simplify expressions, and work with polynomials. They will also explore topics such as exponents, logarithms, and matrices.
  • Geometry- Students will study the properties of shapes and solids, including angles, triangles, circles, and three-dimensional figures. They will also learn about geometric proofs and constructions.
  • Statistics and Probability – Students will learn to analyze data, make predictions, and interpret statistical results. They will also explore topics such as measures of central tendency, probability, and correlation.


Our science program focuses on inquiry-based learning and hands-on experimentation. Students learn to think critically and develop skills in scientific research, analysis, and communication. Our Science course covers the following areas: 

  • Biology –Students will explore the living world, from cells and microorganisms to larger organisms. Biology also focuses on genetics, evolution, ecology, and human anatomy.
  • Chemistry – Students will study the properties of matter, chemical reactions, and basic atomic structure. They will also conduct experiments to understand concepts such as stoichiometry, gas laws, and acid-base chemistry.
  • Physics – Students will learn about the fundamental principles of motion, energy, and forces. They will also study topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and optics.


Our English curriculum focuses on developing strong reading, writing, and communication skills. Students will read a variety of literature and learn to analyze and interpret texts. They will also practice different forms of writing, from persuasive essays to creative pieces. Our English course includes the following:   

  • Literature – Students will read a range of literary works from different genres and time periods. They will learn to identify themes, analyze characters and plot, and make connections between texts.
  • Writing – Students will develop their writing skills through various assignments, such as essays, reports, and creative pieces. They will also learn techniques for effective communication and argumentation. 
  • Grammar and Vocabulary – Students will learn the rules of grammar and expand their vocabulary through reading and writing activities. They will also practice using proper grammar in their writing to enhance clarity and precision.
  • Speaking and Listening – Students will practice their speaking and listening skills through discussions, presentations, and debates. They will learn to communicate their ideas and listen actively to others effectively.
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis – Our English curriculum also emphasizes critical thinking skills, where students will learn to evaluate information, form opinions, and make logical arguments. They will analyze different perspectives and develop their own viewpoints on various topics.

Social Studies

Our social studies course focuses on developing students’ understanding of the world and their place in it. The course covers the following areas:

  • Geography – This course focuses on the study of landscapes, people, places, and environments.
  • History – History is an integral part of social studies, and students will explore different time periods and events to understand their impact on the world today.
  • Government and Civics – This course covers the study of government and politics, including different systems of government, citizenship, and civic responsibility.

Physical Education

Our physical education curriculum aims to promote the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of physical activities and sports, including:

  • Fitness and exercise
  • Sports and recreation
  • Health and wellness
  • Team building and leadership


Our online high school for the Navy program also offers a variety of elective courses for students to choose from. These electives cover a wide range of topics, including art and music, computer skills, language studies, and career exploration.

Students have the opportunity to explore their interests and develop new skills while also earning credits toward graduation.

How Earning an Online Diploma from High School of America Can Help Advance a Career in The Navy

Earning an accredited online diploma from High School of America can open up many opportunities, including advancing a career in the Navy. The Navy values individuals who have demonstrated strong academic skills, and earning a high school diploma is an essential requirement for many positions within the organization.

However, for those who were not able to complete a traditional high school education, earning an online diploma can be the perfect solution.

It allows individuals to continue their education while also fulfilling their responsibilities in the Navy. This flexibility makes it possible to gain the necessary qualifications for career advancement while still actively serving in the Navy.

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