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Online Classroom Options for High School Students

High School of America offers virtual and online classes for high school students. Students with a reliable internet connection can receive this convenient type of training, and enrollment is now open.

Online High School Courses

Our for-credit classes enable high school students to attend school “on the go” or in the comfort of their homes. These virtual classes have personalized instruction, including opportunities for interaction with teachers.

Our students can:

  • Complete accredited high school courses virtually as distance learners
  • Retake a class or classes online for credit
  • Enroll in courses to prepare for college
  • Take online classes from sequestered or therapeutic environments.
  • Enrich their knowledge through non-credit classes.

Online Classroom Training Programs

High School students often gain from interactive training online. Video conferencing sessions can be scheduled with faculty members for classroom learning enforcement, with a number of sessions based on educational objectives. An online classroom session will provide:

  • Mid-term, final, and standardized exam preparation
  • One-on-one help with homework or coursework
  • Enrichment of basic skills.

How Can Students Succeed in Online Classrooms?

How Students Can Succeed in Online Classrooms

Like traditional classrooms, it takes some effort to succeed in online classrooms. Below are some workable tips that can help students succeed in online learning.

Set Goals

Being goal-oriented may be the most obvious of all tips to succeed in online school.  Someone who sets goals has a vision for what they’ll need to do in order to be who they want to be. They know there are steps that ought to be accomplished to reach their ultimate goal, and they work to accomplish bigger goals in that step-by-step process.

This makes the basic format of online learning.  Students who can follow guidelines, complete work as asked, and proceed to the next assignment are just on their way to success.

Be an Independent Learner

An independent learner isn’t someone who doesn’t require help from people around them. However, it’s someone who is active in the academic process. Independent learners take action, think critically, want to learn for themselves and get help from those around them to break through the problems they come across in the educational process.

This isn’t a passive approach to education.  Independent learners aim to learn from situations and people around them, and they never make the excuse that there isn’t anything to be gained from a situation, even in situations that they’ve experienced before.

Set a Schedule stick to It

This is similar to being goal-oriented.  Most tutors give students an outline for how quickly they should be progressing through online classes.  As long as students stick to that schedule, it’s hard to feel overwhelmed.  A flexible learning schedule doesn’t imply waiting till the last two weeks of the term to turn in everything at one time.

This would be problematic for a couple of reasons.  First, it is stressful for the student and teacher. The student is likely not to be learning and retaining any of the course work as they’re rushing to finish all of the work at the end of the semester, which doesn’t allow the teacher to provide feedback that the student can then gain from.  If students just set a schedule and strive to meet set goals and deadlines, they will complete all course material, gain from the experience, and have less stress at the end of the semester.

Taking Individual Responsibility

Finish high school online

An independent learner will take responsibility for the learning process. Such a student would not be expecting a parent or guardian to push them to learn.  They wouldn’t be expecting the tutor to spoon-feed answers to them. Such a student pushes himself or herself in their academic process and uses the provided resources as a guide for learning.

This is a key thing that is needed at the high school level. You can learn this in high school, and it will be of great help as you advance your studies and career. Taking responsibility now will not only prepare you for the next academic step but also will it prepare you to be a problem solving and critical thinker once you’re out in the real world.


It’s a common misconception that young kids can only learn if they are in the same room with their teachers. It is true that many of the learning experiences are centered on interaction with people, but when it comes to imparting knowledge and building skills, online platforms have much more to offer than brick-and-mortar institutions.

Currently, there are dozens of countries where homeschooling has become an increasingly popular option for parents who seek quality education for their children but do not wish to burden themselves with going through the tedious process of finding a school in their neighborhood.

This trend has made it easier for homeschoolers to get access to online schools and curricula from all over the world. Online learning has been able to bridge the gap between teachers and students, allowing them to interact through technology. With the help of modern communication tools, learning becomes more effective than ever before.

The Benefits of Online Learning for Young Adults

1) Self-Paced Learning

Online education gives young adults a unique opportunity to learn at their own pace without suffering from boredom or lack of motivation. You can choose your own study plan and follow it as closely as you wish; if you’re in a rush – just go through all lessons in one day, if not – take your time working on various assignments and studying concepts you find difficult. The main advantage with online education is that students have more control over their learning, which helps them to become independent and responsible for the results.

2) Flexibility

The structure of online courses is also quite flexible, making it possible to learn from anywhere in the world. This means that you can study right from your home or local coffee shop without worrying about spending a fortune on textbooks and transportation. In addition, online education often grants access to an extensive choice of accredited universities offering various degrees in many fields. Therefore, if you’re not sure what career path suits you best – there’s no need to stress out, as you can always change your mind later by enrolling into a different program of study.

3) Learning from Home

Studying at home has numerous benefits compared to traditional educational institutions. One of the main advantages is that you can provide a very comfortable learning environment for yourself, where you are free from stress and distraction. Moreover, when studying at home, you don’t have to worry about transportation or your family who constantly needs attention. What’s more, online courses offer great opportunity to learn subjects you would never be able to study in a conventional school – such as literacy and numeracy skills if you choose the program designed for illiterate adults.

Learning online allows students to build a solid foundation in numerous academic fields while getting familiar with basic writing standards and elements of grammar (sentence structure, spelling etc). This greatly benefits learners who need extra time to catch on with all material they have missed or never had the chance to learn in the first place.

4) Practical Skills

Online courses also help students acquire practical skills such as project management, time management and problem-solving which often prove to be rather useful when young people enter the working world. In addition, online learning provides an opportunity for self-directed learners who prefer going at their own pace over attending a regular class with other students of similar age and skill level.


Currently, blended learning is taking education by storm – it combines traditional classroom instruction with a variety of modern tools (computer software or apps) used for teaching purposes. Thanks to this approach learners can engage in face-to-face learning where they can develop a better understanding of certain concepts and acquire basic knowledge.

The Benefits of Blended Learning

Blended learning is particularly beneficial for homeschoolers who want to receive high-quality education from experts in various fields, such as science, history or math. This approach enables young adults to learn by doing – using an interactive computer program one day and spending some time with a tutor the next.  This means that students will get used to practice what they’ve learned, which helps them to retain information longer (63% compared to 38%).

It has also been proven that face-to-face interaction between student and teacher positively affects behavior among learners and prevents academic problems such as bullying and isolation.

Learning from a computer program is essential for students suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This approach enables them to learn independently in the absence of external stimuli, so they can concentrate on the material and pay attention to what’s going on.

Study shows that students who engage in blended learning often succeed better than those who participate in conventional classroom instruction only.

E-Learning Tips: How To Make The Most Out Of It

  • Always check for system requirements – many online courses require Adobe Flash Player (for web use), Microsoft Silverlight (for offline video playback), or software such as Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.
  • Make sure you have all this software before you start learning. Also, if an e-learning platform asks you to download proprietary software make sure not to install any toolbars – opt for default options instead.
  •  If your device is not compatible with the course material don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer support where staff will try to solve your issue and, in many cases, provide you with a link to an alternative program that can handle the course material.
  •  If you are using an e-learning portal make sure to update your antivirus software and keep it on all the time – malware is one of the main threats for online learners regardless of their age or profession. 

Enroll in Online Classroom Courses, Anytime

High School of America makes it easy for students to go to online high school or attend virtual high school classes. Our programs have various options for virtual instruction, regardless of whether the student intends to expand classroom knowledge, earn course credit, or get help for homework. Most of our accredited high school courses and summer programs are conducted online.

Our teaching model makes it easy for students to communicate with tutors directly when required.

Talk to us today to enroll or learn more about our online classroom options and educational advantages.

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