Sending your kids to school is mandatory in nearly every district in the country, but as luck would have it, you aren’t 100% bound to send them to public school – there are simply better options. The first thing that we want to say here is that while public school is great for the majority of students, there are far too many things that are overlooked and there are far too many students who have special needs, and there are some who simply do not learn the same way. Take for example children who are on the autism spectrum, even if it is a high functioning form; they have trouble in a public school environment due to sensory overload.

The biggest problem that even the higher functioning autistic children and teens face is a heightened sense of vision and hearing, meaning the noise of a classroom or the stampede of shoes in a hallway can cause them to completely and utterly shut down. Even if they make it to the classroom they may be unable to function or complete their work which leads to failing grades and ultimately failure in life as they will be unable to secure employment.

Here’s the thing: nearly every child has the capacity to learn so long as the information and curriculum is presented to them in a way that they can digest, but too many educators give up because they have not taken the time to research, or even worse, because the school does not allocate budget for such research. This is where High School of America comes into play, and we have the answer.

Let your Child Thrive with High School of America

High School of AmericaHigh School of America firmly believes that students will learn best when they have lessons that meet their interests and match their ability level. The idea is to assess each individual and determine how they learn best. We have several templates set up already, but each one needs to be fine tuned for the individual students, and with that being the case, every student will get individualized instructions, along with access to full time programs designed to help them succeed in the real world, ultimately creating a win-win situation for both the school and the student.

Adapting to the Student

High School of America works to adapt the instruction for each individual student, ensuring that the focus is on them rather than focusing on the class as a whole. A great example would be learning styles; you may notice that some students work better when the information is presented to them visually while others can make due with auditory instructions – it’s just a fact of education that is constantly overlooked. Don’t worry, we won’t overlook it. These customized lessons will help students to reach their potential whether they’re enrolled as full time or part time. American Senior High School is fully capable of addressing the following:

  • Gifted and Talented Students who May Require more Advanced Curriculum
  • Honors Courses
  • AP Courses
  • Core Classes Including:
    • Math
    • Reading
    • Science
  • Special Interest Courses
    • Foreign Language
    • Digital Photography
    • And more
  • Electives

It’s Convenient for You

American Senior High SchoolThe trick is online learning. Rather than your student rushing to school and trying to fit everything into a pre-determined schedule, your child will have the opportunity to learn from home on their own time and on their own schedule. Assignments have due dates, but there is no pressure and they have the chance to learn at their own pace. The same simply cannot be said for public school.

If you’re ready to see your child succeed in today’s world, then so are we. It’s time to stop worrying about schedules, and it’s definitely time to stop worrying about teachers who are ill equipped to handle special needs students. We firmly believe that every child has the ability to succeed in this world and set themselves on a great career path so long as they are given the right tools early in life. High School of America Online is proud to be the one to offer them those tools and set them off on the right path.