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Welcome to your Number 1 Online High School in Oklahoma – where access to education has never been easier.

Our online high school provides a complete curriculum taught by certified teachers who are educated in both public and private schools and homeschooling courses.

Our instructional program enables students to study wherever they have access to the Internet from any location with a broadband connection.

We are committed to providing academic excellence, which will help to ensure that each student graduates with the skills and knowledge they need for college, technical school, military, or independent living.

To learn more about our Oklahoma Online High School and how it can suit you, please fill in your details on our contact form on the left or call+1-(888) 242-4262. An academic advisor will contact you shortly.

Our Curriculum

High School of America works hard to provide a custom curriculum that allows students from all over the world to enjoy learning wherever they are without being limited by geographical boundaries. High standards have been set in place at High School of America so our students can succeed in their studies and pursue them further if they wish to, or do it for fun while earning a diploma recognized by other institutions in the world. We also provide affordable study guides for students to use based on their classes and areas of interest.

Our course catalog includes:

We also offer online middle school programs.

Oklahoma High School Diploma

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Our Oklahoma High School Diploma Program is designed to meet the needs of students who need flexible scheduling or are looking for an online high school. At our Oklahoma Online High School, we offer diploma programs taught by certified teachers and homeschooling courses. We can also help you with credit recovery coursework designed to help students complete their high school requirements.

Our Oklahoma High School Diploma Program is available to homeschooled and public/private high school students across the state of Oklahoma. With our program, you can:

  • Study from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Complete your studies at times that suit you (no need for classes at specific times)
  • Access your Oklahoma High School Diploma at any time (you can print or email yourself a copy of the certificate).

Oklahoma GED

High School of America also provides complete courses for people who wish to pass their General Education Development (GED) test; this course begins with free study guides provided online. It ends up with exams taken at an official testing center near you. The GED program includes four subjects; each one has five tests, so there are 20 tests in total for students to take depending on their areas of interest or need at High School of America’s GED practice center. These tests are being designed by the same team which designs the actual GED tests.

Our Technology

High School of America offers a unique learning experience because it uses the latest technology available, such as:

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our LMS is a powerful and flexible web-based learning management system. It enables students to study independently, connect with peers and teachers for real-time support and collaboration, and provide easy access to course materials via mobile devices.

Online Library

High School of America’s online library provides free books related to your courses so you can study further without being limited by geographical boundaries or the availability of libraries near you. We have partnered up with some publishers to provide full textbooks, while others are allowed partial copyrights so students can buy them if they wish.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

All courses offered by High School of America are available online, and your teacher will guide you through them. You can meet other students from all over the world – engage in discussions with them, participate in group projects, or just chat about your day. Each class has a private virtual classroom, where all students and their instructor connect to teach their course together.

Virtual Classroom

Each student gets a parent account – free access to course materials – ability to communicate with his/her instructor – grades and progress tracking.

Course Content

Our courses are organized into modules – visual learning material – multimedia support for educational processes, including presentations, exercises, and videos.

Homeschooling Programs in Oklahoma

High School of America offers homeschooling programs for students of grades 1 through 12 who live in Oklahoma, we have designed our own curriculum, and we can guarantee that it is 100% Oklahoma’s official curriculum.

We also offer free tutoring to all homeschooled teens who take High School of America courses, so if your child encounters difficulties studying alone – you know where to get support.

College Prep Courses

High School of America offers college preparatory courses in English, math, social studies, and science. Each course consists of 3 levels (1 credit) in order to provide students with all the knowledge they will require, according to the latest statistics available in Oklahoma. Courses are divided into modules, including quizzes, tests, exams at the official testing center (with teacher supervision), readings, & handouts.

See our Advanced Placement Courses

Online School for Adults

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At our Oklahoma Online High School, we are committed to providing opportunities for adults who wish to go back to school. Whether you need to finish high school or just take a few courses, our program can help you succeed in meeting your educational goals.

We offer both full-time and part-time study options that let you fit studying around work and family. There are a number of flexible study options available to you, including:

  • Online high school at home
  • Flexible Scheduling – Study when it suits you
  • Started but stopped going to school before finishing? We can help you with credit recovery coursework that is design contacted for or students who need or wish to make up missed credits or classes.

High School Equivalency Diploma: GED, HiSET, and TASC

High School of America offers preparation courses for all three equivalency tests (“the GED, HiSET and TASC”) which the Oklahoma Department of Education administers. We have designed our own curriculum based on Oklahoma state standards which will help you get your High School Equivalency Diploma if taken seriously.


If someone wishes to get a GED, they will have access to 4 courses in English, social studies, science, and math. Each class is designed from beginning to end with an explanation of how to answer questions correctly to pass exams for this test. This course also includes 3 practice tests which you can take along with your instructor’s supervision.


If a person wishes to get HiSET (High School Equivalency Test), they will be required by the Oklahoma Department of Education to complete 5 classes (1 credit each). Classes include text reading material and test preparation; after this comprehensive course, students must sit an official exam at a testing center near them where their teacher will be present.


TASC (formerly known as TEAS) is a test that measures a person’s readiness for college or work. It consists of 3 parts – English, reading, and science. In order to get TASC, you will need to complete 4 courses from our curriculum; each 1 credit class includes text reading, practice tests & exam preparation.

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This online high school provides an opportunity for students to get the education they deserve right from their own homes. Through working with us, our students are able to better learn and achieve success in life after graduation by giving them the flexibility to study at any time of day or night throughout the year, without having to worry about transportation or missing classes due to illness.

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