Online High School in Nebraska

If you’re looking for an online school in Nebraska that is 100% flexible and affordable, there’s no better option than High School of America.

Our online school is designed for students who have a history of failing in traditional schools or those with special needs. Our individualized learning plans ensure every student gets the attention they need to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.

Our Nebraska online school offers students more than just a diploma. We provide each graduate with the socialization, work ethic, and real-world experience necessary to succeed as an adult. With us, you’ll learn how to schedule classes around your daily life, connect with members of your community, and be prepared for college-level courses when you finish.

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Why Choose an Online High School in Nebraska?

For many students, traditional schools simply don’t work. They carry the weight of problems like bullying, social anxiety, and learning disabilities on their shoulders.

Unfortunately, this sets them up for failure right from the start.

High School of America was designed specifically to help students whose needs aren’t being met in other settings. It’s our mission to provide a caring and supportive community that helps struggling students finally reach their full potential.

By joining High School of America, you enjoy many benefits, including:

  • No state residency requirements – open to all students.
  • Affordable tuition and flexible monthly payment plans.
  • Individualized learning plans to meet the needs of every student, including those who struggle with traditional schools.
  • Expert academic support from teachers and counselors who understand the challenges of an online learning environment.
  • Support through graduation and throughout your college career, including a live-in mentor if needed.
  • A caring community that helps students throughout their education and beyond.

Nebraska Online High School Diploma

High School of America’s 100% online diploma program is one of the most flexible and affordable choices available. We offer a research-based curriculum that helps students achieve their full potential and a tuition rate thousands of dollars lower than traditional Nebraska public schools.

Graduates are immediately prepared for college-level courses, thanks to our rigorous curriculum. They also enjoy full rights as adults, including voting and serving on juries in some states.

And because enrollment is open to all students, you don’t have to worry about state residency requirements. Enrolling with us means joining a community of students from across the country and worldwide.

Our online high school diploma program includes:

  • 100% online curriculum taught by Nebraska teachers, including full use of our math and English courses.
  • Curriculum that’s aligned to state and college standards, including a dual-credit course for Nebraska students.

High School of America is the best online high school in Nebraska for students looking to earn their degree without leaving home!

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College Prep Courses for Nebraska High School Students

Online high school classes for Nebraska


High School of America understands that not every student is ready for college after high school. For those who need more time to mature and explore the world around them, we offer a variety of credit courses designed with extra support from our teachers.

Our college-prep courses range from elementary to the high school level, and each one is designed to help students explore different topics that could be covered in a traditional school setting.

In addition, these courses offer support from classroom teachers who are experts in their academic fields. This helps students get ahead academically while also learning important life skills, including time management and note-taking.

College prep courses are available in a variety of subjects, including:

  • Math – teaches students basic math skills while also learning how to apply these concepts later for more complex challenges.
  • Science – helps students explore the ideas behind biology, chemistry and physics through dozens of hands-on activities designed by our teaching team.
  • Social studies – from ancient civilizations to modern government, students explore cultures and historical events from various perspectives.
  • Language arts – through literature and poetry, students learn how the written word can transport them to another time or place.
  • Spanish – our Spanish courses teach basic vocabulary and speaking/listening skills that are essential for daily life.

Advanced Placement Courses for Nebraska High School Students

For Nebraska students who need a little extra support and guidance before starting college, we offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses designed to help them succeed in college and beyond.

Each course is taught by an expert teacher who has experience preparing high school students for success in universities across the country.

Designed for serious students looking to take their education to the next level, our AP courses are available at all levels, including English, math, science, and social studies.

Flexible Schedules for High School Students Looking to Earn a Nebraska Diploma Online

High school is a time of transition for any student. They’re learning how to live on their while also preparing for a future career.

High School of America understands that not everyone is looking for a traditional high school experience, and we’ve developed our curriculum to be flexible for students with busy daily schedules.

With a full-time virtual high school program, students can expect to spend about eight hours per day working on assignments and studying important topics.

This schedule is designed for students looking for an online learning option to know when their work will be due each week.

In addition, our courses follow a flexible schedule that allows students to start classes when they’re ready. This is perfect for students who want to take a few courses each semester before returning to traditional school the next year.

How Do You Finish High School Online Fast?

Students in Nebraska and across the country are looking for a way to finish high school quickly to get started on their college journey.

High School of America offers one of the best online high school diploma programs for students who want to earn their degree without leaving home. The program is designed around flexible schedules and engaging courses that help students find success from the first day of class.

In addition, students have 24/7 access to our learning platform from any computer or mobile device that provides them with even more flexibility for completing homework assignments.

Here are tips to help you graduate high school even faster:

  • Take classes that meet your interests
  • Get started as soon as possible
  • Work with your teacher for support and encouragement
  • Be flexible in your learning schedule

High School Programs for Adults in Nebraska

Nebraska Online high school diploma


We offer several options for Nebraska adults looking to earn their high school diploma or GED.

These courses include:


This is an alternative to earning your high school diploma that helps adults prepare for college or career training.

High School Diploma 

These courses help students learn the social aspects of attending school and prepare them to return to traditional high school.

High School of America offers adult education courses designed specifically for students who need a little extra help finding success in their educational journey.

Our teachers are specially trained to work with adult learners and provide flexible enrollment options that fit into any schedule.

In addition, we offer a full-time virtual high school program for students who want to get started right away.

This schedule is designed around a traditional school day and allows adult learners to complete grades 9 to 12 like they would in a conventional classroom.

Self-Paced High School Programs for Homeschooling Students

If you’re a homeschooled student looking for an alternative to traditional high school, we encourage you to explore our self-paced options.

Unlike other online programs that focus on general educational knowledge, our courses are designed specifically for high school students who want to succeed in college and their career training.

Self-paced programs do not follow a traditional schedule, and students can complete assignments at their own pace.

Self-paced courses work best for adult learners who have completed high school but want to earn their diplomas without attending classes on campus.

This learning program is self-paced and divided into four semesters per year. If you need more time, you also can take an extra semester.

Dual Enrollment in Nebraska

If you’re looking for a way to earn your high school diploma and college credits simultaneously, then dual enrollment is a great option.

This program is designed for students who plan to attend a four-year university or college. In most cases, students can save money on tuition costs by taking both their high school courses and college courses together.

However, it’s important to remember that taking both your high school diploma and college credits simultaneously requires a greater level of commitment than other programs.

Students often spend more time on homework assignments and studying for tests than traditional high school students.

Still, dual enrollment is an excellent way to prepare for college and earn your high school diploma at the same time.

We offer a full-time virtual high school program that helps students take care of both their high school coursework and a four-year degree.

This schedule is designed for adults who want to get started immediately in earning their diploma while working toward completing their college degree.

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High School of America is a fully accredited online GED diploma and homeschooling program that offers flexible class schedules and engaging lessons for students in Nebraska and across the United States.

We offer GED diploma programs, high school diploma courses, adult education courses and dual enrollment for students who need to complete their education as quickly as possible.

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