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High School of America is an online high school that offers students the opportunity to take courses in Massachusetts. High School of America is a trusted distance learning school, giving students flexibility and convenience for completing their high school diploma. Our service was designed with the student in mind. We offer students worldwide a comprehensive curriculum allowing them to continue their education in a convenient, fast and affordable way.

School Is in Session Year-Round with No Breaks or Vacations!

We offer a variety of courses for our students, including college prep courses, business courses, workforce readiness courses, and technical career courses. Our academic credit recovery is also available for students entering the 9th grade – 12th grade. Credits are awarded for courses previously taken, course work currently in progress, or earning college credits while still in high school.

Graduates of High School of America have been accepted to various colleges and universities, including the United States Coast Guard Academy, Sacred Heart University, Rhode Island College, Suffolk University, and more. If you want a flexible schedule high school diploma with an excellent and affordable curriculum, look no further than High School of America.

Course Offerings: 

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Courses are offered in the following areas of study: business, computer technology, court reporting, criminal justice, dental hygiene, digital design, graphic design, health sciences, marketing, medical coding and billing, paralegal studies.

Massachusetts Online High School Diploma

Graduates are Fully Qualified for College Acceptance and Scholarships at Colleges and Universities.

All High School of America courses are developed and taught by highly qualified instructors with extensive knowledge in relevant academic disciplines, ensuring students receive a relevant, comprehensive curriculum experience. Courses are created based upon the latest industry standards, leading practices, and professional development opportunities offered at each course level.

Our online high school offers a traditional brick-and-mortar experience with the added benefit of being flexible, affordable, accessible, and most importantly, successful. Whether you are looking to earn a diploma for your personal development or seeking an opportunity to help improve the lives of others in your community, High School of America is the school for you.

Homeschooling in Massachusetts

High School of America is designed to allow homeschooling students to continue their education or coursework flexibly and affordably. Our online high school curriculum is designed with the student in mind and gives students around the world a high-quality education that they can complete at their own pace, either on the computer or using an iOS or Android device.

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High School of America’s course offerings include American History, Algebra I & II, English Language Arts I & II, Personal Financial Literacy, and Introduction to Microsoft Word & Excel. With relevant, comprehensive, flexible, affordable, convenient, and successful courses, our Massachusetts online high school provides the best curriculum experience for students throughout the US.

Is Online High School Right for You?

Virtual learning is a great option for students who need more flexibility or want to get ahead in their education. But is it the right choice for you? Every student has different schedules and life circumstances, so it’s important to consider your situation. The good news is that the answer may be as simple as asking yourself a couple of questions:

  • Do you love being on the computer?
  • Are you comfortable using technology?
  • Are you self-disciplined enough to learn from home?
  • Would you prefer to work independently?
  • Do you need more flexibility in your schedule?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these, then online courses may be a great choice for you.

With growing technology making online learning accessible to more people than ever before, the limits of virtual education are expanding. Now more than ever, there are options available for homeschooling that give students exactly what they need to learn and succeed at their own pace.

How Can Online Courses Help Me?

There are many benefits to taking online courses. By joining our Massachusetts online high school programs, you get:

  • Flexibility: Our online school offers more flexible options than you might find at other online schools. We know that life is full of unexpected events and changes, so we let you adjust your program as necessary.
  • Affordability: Our courses are affordable and typically cost less than the equivalent course at a brick-and-mortar high school or college.
  • Convenience: Online learning in Massachusetts offers comfort in that you can learn from anywhere with Internet access. You can study on your computer or through mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Successful Results: We offer successful online courses because of our trained, knowledgeable instructors who are committed to providing high-quality programs. Our Massachusetts homeschooling online courses are designed with you and other students like you in mind.

Our Curriculum is tailored to meet the Needs of Each Student

High School of America is dedicated to providing the best educational experience possible. We understand that every student learns differently, so we offer many different ways to help you succeed in your online coursework.

For instance, each student is assigned an Academic Counselor who guides them through their learning process and helps them set attainable goals. The counselor will work with you to make sure you feel confident about your progress and provide personal attention throughout the course.

Our online school also offers tailored learning programs for students who need more help or want a faster pace. With online courses and tutoring available, we provide flexible options that give you the most personalized program possible.

We Offer You a Chance to Graduate Early

Many students want to graduate early because it saves them money and they can enter the workforce sooner. By completing two years of high school in one year, you can save money on tuition and start working sooner.

High School of America offers a chance for homeschooled students to graduate high school at age 16 or even younger so that they can start college or work sooner.

Virtual School Options for Adults in Massachusetts

If you’re a working adult looking for a flexible schedule, an online school may be a great choice. High School of America offers online courses for adults and younger students. Our Massachusetts adult homeschooling program is designed with the busy adult learner in mind. It gives students a flexible and affordable way to earn their high school diploma or take courses for career advancement.

Our graduate program is designed to help students who have not completed high school earn their diploma from the High School of America. We also offer a GED Preparation course that prepares students for the official exam and helps them pass with flying colors.

Credit Recovery Courses

If you need to make up classes or get ahead, our credit recovery courses can help. These Massachusetts online high school courses are designed for students who need a little extra push to succeed in their classes.

While taking credit recovery courses, you’ll have access to the same great instructors who are committed to helping you get the grade you need.

Dual Credit Courses & AP Courses

If you’re already in high school or planning ahead to college, dual credit courses could help you save time and money. Taking AP courses can also increase your chance of being accepted into the college of your choice. These classes show colleges that you are challenging yourself and getting a head start on your higher education career.

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Our Massachusetts online high school programs offer dual credit courses approved for both high school and college credit. Working towards college credit while still in high school will save you money and time.

AP courses at our Massachusetts online high school allow students to take college-level classes for reduced tuition. This is another great way for students to save money on their future education expenses.

High School of America – A Better Approach to an Online Education

If you’re looking for a better approach to homeschooling, consider joining our Massachusetts online high school programs. We understand how busy life can be, and we give you the option of working at your own pace. You also get the benefits of:

  • Proven results: Our courses are successful because they’re designed to help each student succeed.
  • We offer small classes and individualized attention that help students learn to their full potential.
  • Exciting online courses: Our self-paced, homeschooling online courses include modern lessons and dynamic material that makes each class fun to study.
  • High standards: We maintain high academic standards because we understand the importance of earning a diploma from an accredited high school.
  • The flexibility to work when you want: Our Massachusetts online school gives students the freedom to work when it works best for them.

Our students recognize us as one of the best online schools in Massachusetts for homeschooling. We are committed to offering an affordable option for homeschooling that ensures success in our online school program.

Join Our Online School for Success

High School of America’s online high school offers the best curriculum experience for students taking online courses in Massachusetts. We have been an accredited homeschooling provider since 1984, and we continue to expand our educational offerings.

We offer a variety of programs that give opportunities to all kinds of learners. Our courses are affordable, fun to take, and help students succeed in their future education goals.

Join us today for a more exciting way to learn!