What Are the Major Issues Facing Public Education Today?

Public education is under fire for not doing enough to ensure that students are prepared for either higher education or skilled jobs in the workforce.

Teachers are being asked to do more with fewer resources, which has caused morale to continue to decline and public esteem of teachers to suffer. Self-paced learning is rare in traditional learning, not to mention flexibility.

These, and more challenges, have seen parents shift their children to private schools at an alarming rate.

Classroom Size – A One Size Fits All Approach Doesn’t Work

It is known that the quality of education often hinges on what happens in the classroom. Unfortunately, effective utilization of classroom time has become increasingly challenging to achieve as class sizes continue to grow. Children do not learn well in large classrooms, and teachers are left with little room for flexibility or creativity.

Students are not passive recipients of knowledge. They are active learners who need to be engaged in meaningful ways if they are to learn truly. When creativity is stifled, learning suffers.

Imagine having 30 or more students per class! Teachers are less able to engage each student effectively and provide the type of training that each child needs. Self-paced learning is almost non-existent in traditional schools. Historical classroom models are gradually becoming less effective for today’s changing world.

Little or No Parental Involvement

Parents play a vital role in their child’s learning. In fact, one study showed that students who have high parental involvement achieve higher academic success. This is often not the case with traditional schools, which tend to see parents as interfering rather than involved and supportive of student learning.

Today’s busy lifestyles often make it difficult for parents to become involved in their child’s education. If they can’t be there, they can’t volunteer or even offer advice and emotional support. This makes the teacher responsible for teaching and working with families to ensure that students are on track – a near-impossible task.

No Self-Paced Learning

Traditional learning is often slow-paced. Children are given little say in how they learn, what topics to focus on, or when they will learn. Again, the emphasis tends to be focused on what teachers want them to learn rather than what children’s needs are.

The traditional model of education is based on a one-size-fits-all approach. It doesn’t take into account individual differences or learning styles. There is often a lack of interest in and respect for the needs of children with special needs.

It’s easy to see why many parents choose different models of education that give children the opportunity to learn at an individual pace. Many teachers are also choosing to teach in environments that focus on self-paced learning.

Teachers Cannot Keep Up with Technology

Major problems faced by students in school today 2021


The world has changed dramatically in the past decade and continues to change faster than ever before. Unfortunately, teachers have been asked to keep up with these changes while carrying a whole load of classes and student consultations.

Technology has been called the great equalizer, but it also allows children to become self-directed learners in an online world that can be highly engaging. They have access to information previously only available through a long list of books in a library. These days it’s all digital.

It’s no surprise that many teachers are choosing to avoid the burden of keeping up with technological advances. They want to teach, not be responsible for Web research or maintaining class websites for students and parents.


Bullying is a serious issue in many schools, but it can be debilitating to children struggling with difficult home life. The traditional model of education does not support children experiencing these types of hardships.

The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for today’s students, and teachers have been feeling the impact on both sides of the equation. Many are choosing to leave the profession.

The online world can provide a haven for children who are suffering from bullying. The flexibility of learning at home, at their own pace, allows them to avoid the school environment where they were victimized.

Teacher Burnout

These days it seems teaching is not as rewarding or prestigious as it once used to be. Teachers are overworked and underpaid. They are expected to deal with ever-increasing levels of standardized testing, parent complaints, and even student violence at schools.

According to a study from the New York Times, teachers have been fleeing the profession in record numbers for years now. This trend is unlikely to change as long as traditional education focuses on standardized tests over personal learning.

Teachers are increasingly looking for alternative ways of teaching that respect their knowledge and experience, give children a voice in their education, and allow them control over how they learn.

Lack of Resources for Students with Special Needs

Traditional schools have difficulty providing the level of support to children with special needs that they need in an environment where every child must fit into a “one-size fits all” model.

Teachers who choose to teach in an environment that offers self-paced learning models have found ways to support students with special needs and keep pace with technological advancements in the online world.

Teachers are increasingly looking for alternative ways of teaching that respect their knowledge and experience, give children a voice in their education, and allow them control over how they learn.

The Public School Alternative

The issues facing public education today are complex and challenging. The good news is that change is possible. Self-paced learning programs can help solve many of these complex issues while giving students a much better shot at success in the online world.

While teachers are finding themselves unable to keep up with technology, students continue to excel in the online world. The public education system needs to take a hard look at these trends and make changes today before it’s too late.

Completing American High School Curriculum Online

The best public school alternative for students is an online high school. The High School of America curriculum offers free, no-obligation enrollment at any time. You can work at your own pace and graduate in as little as two years.

Why Online Homeschool?

  • Curriculum-based learning allows students to embrace a wide variety of interests.
  • Emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity makes education relevant in the real world.
  • Students have access to highly qualified teachers who can provide individualized support.

When you join High School of America, you become part of an international community focused on helping students succeed. Graduates are accepted at college programs around the country and join the workforce prepared to take their place in today’s economy.

Self-education has always been the foundation of individual success in society. Now more than ever, homeschooling is proving to be a better educational option for children.

There are many options for homeschooling parents to choose from, including free help from other homeschoolers through online support groups and discussion forums. Many websites, books, courses, and private tutors are available on the internet can provide valuable resources to anyone who wants to teach their children at home.

Who is Online High School For?

Issues and Challenges in Education


Online homeschooling can be a great fit for parents who want to teach their children without sacrificing time with the family.

High School of America students include:

  • Busy working professionals and parents looking to finish their high school diploma.
  • Students looking for a homeschooling alternative without sacrificing the quality of education.
  • Students looking to graduate college or get a jump on their bachelor’s degree.
  • College students and graduates who need credit for past learning experiences.
  • Adult learners seeking a flexible and convenient way to get an education.
  • Children undergoing treatment for serious illness that requires extensive hospital stays and frequent tests.
  • Students recovering from traumatic injuries that require long-term therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Children who live in rural areas where the public school system has failed them.

Teachers can use our coursework to supplement their own curriculum or for students who need advanced learning opportunities and cannot attend traditional schools.

The High School of America’s online homeschool program is designed to meet the needs of all types of learners where they are, at their own pace, with no time restrictions. This is the best public school alternative for students who want to succeed in today’s world, where they can learn at their own pace without distractions or limitations.

Program Details

High School of America is an excellent choice for anyone looking to earn a diploma through self-education at their own pace. The curriculum provides a broad range of classes that give you real-world experience and prepare you to make a difference in society.

The High School of America curriculum was created by a team of homeschooling parents and teachers who understand the needs of modern learners. Our coursework is designed to give students a competitive edge in passing their GED exams.

In our program, students have access to:

  • One-on-one support from highly qualified teachers who want you to succeed.
  • Highly interactive classes that help you keep up with new lessons and prepare for exams.
  • On-demand transcripts and certifications of earned classes, credits, and degrees.
  • Assistance with competency exams to meet GED requirements.
  • Multiple course schedules that fit into an already busy lifestyle.
  • Courses are available in math, science, business/technology, social science, and elective categories, including Life Skills, Art & Design, Music Appreciation, Home Economics & Management, Spanish Language & Culture. High School of America also offers specialized courses for adults who want to finish their high school diploma or start college right away.

Homeschooling at its Best

With self-education options now available online, there are no limits on what you can learn or where your education can take you. No matter how old you are or what career path you have in mind, you can get started with online homeschooling today and on your terms.

Online High School of America is an excellent option for learning at home without sacrificing family time or quality of education. Our coursework is designed to make it easier than ever before to get ahead in life and build a successful future.

For more information about our homeschool program, talk to us today.