For a growing number of students, American high schools just don’t make sense. Parents feel they’re overcrowded and worry about the quality of education their kids are getting. Many adult learners feel out of place in the traditional school setting, even with other adult learners. You have to work to support yourself and possibly a family. So daytime classes don’t make sense, which is why online learning provides more options.

Online high schools have become increasingly popular for learners of all ages. They can be convenient and flexible. Some parents use the programs to guide what used to be traditional home schooling. Much of online high school learning depends on you and the work you’re willing to put in.

The truth about online high schools isn’t always as simple as we’d like it to be. Many families and students have concerns. They’re not just looking for a high school diploma. Students are attending or returning to prepare for college or other programs. Depending on what you’ve heard about online high schools, some things might surprise you.

What You Should Know about Online High Schools

  1. Most Online High Schools Are Accredited, but Some Aren’t

    Many of the high school programs you find online are accredited. If you’re at all unsure, always double check. Occasionally, you’ll find one that just doesn’t meet the right standard. Online high schools have gained more credibility and respect even among skeptics.

  2. Online High Schools Can Be the First Step to College

    Many online high schools are preparing students for college. Colleges accept high school diplomas from accredited online programs. Diplomas from online programs are no different than the diplomas you’d earn at a public high school.

  3. You Can Start Your Career Planning in High School

    Online high schools can help you build the foundational skills you need for college. This means taking certain classes to meet the state requirements. If you have a career in mind, counselors can also help you find the classes you need. Teachers can then help you learn.

  4. Teachers Are Available to Help You Learn

    Many people imagine online high schools as independent learning. They think of it as completing packets through a computer. Online learning allows you more independence in some ways. You’re still working with teachers who can answer questions and provide support as needed. Some students choose to hire a tutor for extra help. Many students find online programs to be surprisingly similar to many physical high schools.

  5. Online High Schools Are for Everyone

    Taking your high school classes online may require some adjustments. You’ll have to get used to setting aside time for classes. Sometimes, not having a set time for classes can lead students to push it aside when they have other things to do. Once you get used to setting your own schedule, many students find the rest isn’t as hard as they thought. You don’t have to learn everything on your own or even by reading a book. You have plenty of people who are ready and waiting to help you learn.

  6. You Can Make Up Credits with High School Classes Online

    Some students might fail a class because they’re not getting the help they need in a traditional classroom. Others don’t have enough time to focus on more classes, or they get sick. There are plenty of reasons why you might need to make up classes later on. You can use online classes to earn your diploma at your own pace.

Return to High School and Complete Your Diploma Online

Dropout rates in traditional high schools are higher than we’d like them to be. Students are struggling, and returning as adults can be intimidating. Many people want to improve their situation, but they don’t know where to start. Online high schools are designed to help students get what they’re not finding in traditional schools.

Online high schools can open new opportunities. It’s the perfect learning option for adult learners who have to worry about jobs, family, and more. It’s also great for teenagers who don’t like waking up early. Instead of being forced into a classroom and running around a busy school, kids can set their own schedule. If you’re more awake and ready to learn at two in the afternoon, that’s when you should start.

If you’re interested in checking into your options, come to High School of America. We can help you find the right options to improve your learning and open new doors. We can help you with everything from scheduling to the curriculum that works for you. We can also help you explore payment options for your tuition. Our job is to help you earn your diploma and get ready for college, a career, and more. To see the curriculum we offer and explore more options, click here.