Kentucky Online High School

If you’re looking for a high-quality online high school education, look no further than High School of America. Offering a variety of courses and programs, HSOA is the perfect choice for students who want to earn their high school diplomas. Our highly qualified instructors and cutting-edge technology, along with small class sizes, ensure students receive the attention they deserve.

Is Online High School Right for You?

If you’re looking for an education that gives you the flexibility to fit your classes into your busy schedule, an online high school might be for you.

HSOA offers students many benefits, including:

  • Personalized learning – We offer self-paced courses in core academic subjects, electives, and APs to provide every student with an individual educational experience. Our online school is tailored to your needs allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • Affordable tuition –Our prices are competitive with all online schools. We offer low monthly payment plans, and our school year tuition plan is available for those who wish to pay their tuition in full.
  • Full-time availability –All of our classes are available during the day and evening for students who want to take a course or more per semester. Our small class sizes allow students to receive extra attention from their instructors.
  • Flexibility– With our online high school, you have the freedom to complete your work when it’s convenient for you. You can choose which classes you want to take and how often you would like to attend them.

Kentucky Online High School Diploma

Earn your high school diploma with High School of America. You can apply to our program and begin taking classes immediately upon acceptance.

Once you have completed our program and enrolled in college, we can help you transfer your credits, so they count towards your degree.

We offer a variety of options for diplomas. You can receive your diploma in the mail or have it sent directly to your college for free! Our online high school also offers eligible students the option to receive their diploma combined with a GED.

College Credits

HSOA offers AP courses allowing students to earn college credit while still in high school. Upon successfully completing an AP test, you will have earned the equivalent number of college credit hours at most universities across the country.

College Prep Courses

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Our courses are designed to prepare students for college success. This includes study skills, test preparation, and the necessary knowledge to pass an entrance exam. College prep courses can help students gain admission into colleges across the nation.

AP Courses

We offer a variety of AP classes that allow students to receive college credit at most universities. Students receive their college credits free of charge upon completing an AP exam.

Core High School Courses

Our core courses are available for all students who want to earn a diploma through our online high school. These subjects include American history, English I & II, geometry, world history, biology, chemistry, algebra I & II, and the U.S. government.


HSOA also offers students the opportunity to take electives which include classes in foreign languages, business, music, art, health & PE. You can even take AP courses in Spanish or French!

High School Diploma vs. GED

The High School of America offers students a high school diploma and the GED test. Students considering either option should know that there are significant differences between the two.

A high school diploma is an academic credential, whereas the GED® test is designed to measure your level of skill attainment in five areas: reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

High School of America uses a curriculum that meets or exceeds Kentucky standards for high school education. Our courses are designed to prepare students for success in college, the workplace, or both.

A high school diploma is typically required for entry into many colleges and universities since it denotes that you have met all requirements regarding the coursework necessary to complete high school. The GED® test also includes an examination of civics knowledge which most colleges find valuable in determining the general preparedness of an applicant.

Homeschooling Opportunities Worldwide

HSOA is an accredited, licensed, private high school program designed for homeschoolers worldwide. Our diploma meets all federal requirements necessary to show you have graduated from a U.S. high school.

No matter where you live or what your educational situation might be, HSOA can help you earn your diploma while satisfying the requirements for homeschooling in your area.

High School of America is a great option for homeschoolers because we have many benefits that other private high schools do not offer. You can begin earning your diploma immediately upon being accepted into our program. We will even help you find a mentor and tutor so that you can become academically successful.

You also have the option to take college prep courses, AP courses, or electives if your homeschooling laws allow for these types of learning opportunities. Plus, we offer online high school at no additional charge!

Our Homeschool Advantage Package allows you to choose from a variety of subjects. This includes American history, English, geometry, biology, Chinese I/II, chemistry, physics, and calculus!

Can Adults Get Their High School Diploma Online?

Yes – Adults can enroll at HSOA as homeschool students and earn their high school diplomas online.

Students who join our homeschool program as adults can also take college prep or AP courses and electives such as music, art, foreign language, business, and health & PE.

Adult students can earn their diplomas through our online high school program within a year or less.

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Adult students have the option to take AP courses, college prep courses, or electives for those who do not have homeschooling laws that allow them to carry certain types of classes.

High School of America is a great option for adults because we give you all of your high school needs in one place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a high school diploma that will meet the requirements for homeschooling in my state?

Yes, HSOA offers diplomas that meet all of the federal requirements necessary to show you have graduated from an accredited U.S. high school.

This includes our Homeschool Advantage Package (HAP), designed specifically for homeschoolers.

If I already have a GED® or high school diploma, does that mean I cannot enroll in your program?

No – if you have a GED®, homeschooled high school diploma, traditional high school diploma from another country, or even a college degree, you can still enroll in our program.

You can even opt to take AP courses, college prep courses, or electives according to your homeschool laws to earn a diploma with said classes included in it.

Will I be able to begin working towards my diploma immediately?

Yes – you can begin working towards your diploma immediately.

We will even help you find a mentor and tutor so that you can be academically successful in our online high school program.

Are the courses I take at HSOA equivalent to those I would study in a traditional public or private high school?

Yes – all of our courses are designed to mirror those offered in your local public and private high school.

Our online high school program is nationally recognized and accredited by the NOSB (National Open-Source Baccalaureate).

What kind of credit can I earn at HSOA?

You can earn transferable college credit or advanced standing credit in many cases at HSOA.

How many credits can I earn at HSOA?

You can earn up to 30 college credits through our online high school program. This includes U.S. History 1 & 2, Chemistry & Physics, Calculus, English Literature & Composition, and more.

Can I take an AP class through your online high school program?

Yes – taking AP courses is one of many ways you can customize your diploma at HSOA.

We also offer college prep classes in subjects such as math, science, foreign language, social studies, business, and more.

Can I take electives through your online high school program?

Yes – you can also take elective courses like music, art, dance, business, speech & debate, foreign language (French or Spanish), and health & PE.

How long does it take to graduate from HSOA?

This length of time is determined by the student’s course load, credit transferability, and GPA performance.

That said, our online homeschool program is very flexible, and you can choose to take courses at any pace that works for you.

Can I join the HSOA homeschool program if I am not a U.S. citizen?

Yes – we would love to have you as part of our online homeschool program.

All that is required is reading, writing, and speaking English.

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