Kansas Online High School

Kansas has been ranked one of the best states in America to raise a family, and with good reason. The state offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development and a number of top-rated schools.

If you’re looking for an online high school that offers the same exceptional quality as traditional brick-and-mortar schools, look no further than the High School of America. HSOA is a top-rated online high school that provides a rigorous curriculum taught by experienced educators. With HSOA, students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and build a foundation for success in college and beyond.

Graduation Pathways

To graduate high school in Kansas, students are required to complete 21 credits. HSOA students can meet this requirement by satisfying requirements in English, math, science, social studies, and electives. Additionally, students who want to graduate early or come back later can test out of classes to feel confident they know the material.

Our hands-on learning process is crucial to student success. Students may gain credit by passing courses through AP exams, dual-enrollment, or transferring college courses taken from an accredited university.

HSOA takes pride in offering a wide range of extracurricular opportunities to students. Students can join clubs, try out for sports teams, or even start their own club. There are also plenty of chances to engage in community service and leadership roles as well.

Kansas High School Diploma Online

If you’re ready to earn your high school diploma online, HSOA is here for you. We are one of the best Kansas high schools that allow students to complete their coursework online, even if they cannot attend traditional brick-and-mortar classes.

We are committed to helping students graduate high school with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Program Benefits:

  • Flexible and convenient class schedules
  • Hands-on learning process: students can gain credit by passing courses through AP exams, dual enrollment, or transferring college courses taken from an accredited university.
  • Small class sizes that allow for plenty of individualized attention
  • Extensive extracurricular opportunities such as sports teams, clubs, and leadership roles
  • Strong graduation pathways to ensure the regular high school diploma is earned
  • Clear communication with instructors throughout the semester (24/7)

For more information about our Kansas online high school, contact us today! We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Home Tutoring Services

Affordable Online High School for Credit Recovery Online in Kansas State


Regular high school students are busy balancing their course schedules with extracurricular activities. There are also college-bound students who are beginning to take on rigorous coursework in preparation for their future academic endeavors. This can be extremely stressful for any student, but luckily there is an easy solution: Home Tutoring Services!

For over 25 years, HSOA has been helping students in Kansas and across the country. We provide a variety of tutoring services to meet our students’ needs, including:

  • AP classes
  • General high school courses
  • College entrance exams
  • Test prep for ACT/SAT/GRE

We have an extensive network of tutors, including certified teachers and subject-matter experts.

Custom Self-Paced Programs

If you’re a student with a unique set of needs or an organization that sees the value in custom-made courses, we offer Custom Self-Paced programs. We can create a program for any topic and online high school level (grade 9-12).

We provide complete technical support for our Custom Self-Paced programs, including the development of a self-paced, customizable course. If you’re interested in creating an entirely new program, we can help you with that as well.

Credit Recovery Courses

When students take a course in high school and fail to do well, they usually have the option of retaking it to earn a passing grade. However, when this happens in college or university, students may not be given the same opportunity. This is where HSOA’s Credit Recovery courses will help!

If you need to take a college course over again, call us today! We offer courses in most high school subjects and online high school levels, including AP. Call us today to find out more information!

Explore Our Online High School Courses for Credit Recovery.

Adult Learners – Rejuvenate Your Mind!

Even adults need a little help now and again. Whether you’re looking to earn your high school diploma or learn a new subject, we can help! We offer flexible class schedules that fit into anyone’s busy lifestyle.

Adult learners can even start a Custom Self-Paced program, which will allow them to work at their own pace and study the subject matter that they need to learn.

We also offer academic coaching to help adults who are returning for their high school diplomas or GED.

To learn more about our Adult Learners, call us today!

Top-Rated Homeschooling Programs – Your Best Option

We are proud to provide the best options for homeschooling solutions in Kansas. Our top-notch online courses will ensure you get a well-rounded education that meets your academic standards and personal needs.

Homeschooling is an important investment, which is why we offer three different ways to help you get started!

Advanced Placement Courses and Dual Enrollment Programs Online for High Schoolers in Kansas State Online


You can choose one of our ready-made plans, start a Custom Self-Paced program, or enroll in one of our expert tutoring programs. All three options allow you to work at your own pace, so you stay motivated and have the chance to focus on other aspects of life while still earning great grades!

We offer flexible payment plans that are tailored to both your needs and budget. You can apply for free tutoring just by giving us a call!

College Prep Courses for Kansas Students

At HSOA, we are committed to ensuring our students have the best opportunities available to them. If you’re interested in top-notch college preparation courses for Kansas students, then look no further!

We offer standardized test prep courses for just about any college entrance exam. We also have classes that are dedicated to teaching AP course material and college-level courses.

Call us today, and we’ll help you start your future off on the right foot!

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment courses allow high school students to take college classes while still in school. This is an excellent way for young people to get ahead of the game by earning their high school diploma, associate degree, or even bachelor’s degree!

We offer online dual enrollment courses at all levels, including AP classes. If you’re interested in enrolling in a course, give us a call, and we will help you get started!

If you’re looking for online high school courses or homeschooling programs in Kansas, call HSOA today! We are proud to offer the best options available to help you meet your educational goals.

Advanced Placement Courses

AP courses are an excellent option for high school students who want to take their education to the next level. These classes will help you get ahead of your peers before graduating and going off to college.

Our advanced placement courses include: 

Technology – We’re On It!

Our online education programs are built to give you a seamless, hassle-free experience as you prepare for your high school diploma or GED. Our learning system is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind.

It’s easy to navigate, and you can even upload a photo, which will show up on your class roster and course completion certificates.

We provide online courses that are compatible with any mobile device, including cell phones and tablets! Each student gets their own unique log-in information when registering for one of our online courses.

Most students can finish their coursework in just four to six months, depending on how quickly they learn the course material. We invite you to contact us today for more information to get started!

HSOA offers flexible class schedules that are tailored to your needs! You can also choose from an array of subjects, including Life Skills, Independent Study, GED Prep, College Prep, College Courses (for Kansas students), Adult Learners (our customized learning program), and more!

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HSOA provides homeschooling options for every student. No matter what your child is struggling with or excelling at, we can customize a program to meet his or her needs.

We have been providing homeschooling options for over thirty years, and we have seen just about every type of student come through our doors. We will take the time to get to know your child and help him, or her grow into a stronger learner!

Our programs can be customized according to your needs, and we also provide the option to take courses online. If you decide on our homeschooling programs in Kansas, you’ll be able to work with your child at home while still giving him or her the attention he or she deserves!