Is Online High School Right For You?

In this article, we’ll explore whether online high school is right for you. There are many benefits to enrolling in an accredited program that offers a flexible schedule and allows you to take classes at your own pace.

Likewise, there are some drawbacks as well – such as the lack of face-to-face interaction with faculty and other students who may be attending physical high schools nearby.

What is an e-School?

E-School refers to any school that one can attend online. There are many types of e-schools, some accredited and others not. Accreditation is of the utmost importance because it means your high school diploma will be recognized by colleges and universities around the country.

In order for a school to receive accreditation, it must go through an extensive process that ensures their curriculum meets or exceeds state standards while also ensuring its teachers meet certain requirements as far as subject knowledge and teaching experience.

Many e-schools offer classes at a higher level than what most local public schools provide, and some even offer AP (advanced placement) courses – which wouldn’t normally be available at local public schools unless you’re zoned for gifted classes in elementary school.

Do You Need to Attend an e-School?

If you feel that attending a traditional high school is simply not for you, you may want to explore your options in terms of online high schools. No one knows exactly how many students attend e-schools, but it’s estimated that over 6 million people in the United States are pursuing online education – with numbers growing every year.

Some students choose to enroll in virtual schools because they have special needs which would be better met at home than at a physical school campus where their peers could bully them or make fun of them for being different.

Similarly, some students prefer online schools because they can’t travel very far from home due to financial or familial reasons requiring their constant presence. Many students have jobs and are simply too busy to attend a school that requires them to spend entire days at the local high school campus.

What Are Some Advantages of an e-School?


Students who decide to attend online high school have the option to take classes whenever they want. There is no need to schedule a ride with mom or dad every day after school and participate in extra-curricular activities that eat into what little free time you might have. If you are too busy with life’s responsibilities, e-school may be an attractive option for you.

24/7 Accessibility

You can login to your high school account at any hour of the day or night, even on weekends and holidays. This means if there’s a test tomorrow at 9am, you can login then instead of getting up early to get ready for class! All you need is a computer and an internet connection. (Some e-schools also provide students with cell phones, laptops, netbooks or other electronic devices that you can use to login to your school network.)

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

The average student-to-teacher ratio for traditional public schools is 16:1. In some states, it’s even higher than this! An online high school can have a better student-to-teacher ratio – which means less paper grading and more time for teachers to focus on teaching tailored lessons based on individual needs. This makes it possible for each teacher to get know their students better, and hopefully address potential problems before they escalate into major problems.

Higher Grades
Benefits of Online School
Online schools have a higher rate of students graduating with higher grades than their public school counterparts. That’s because teachers are able to assign more tailored assignments that may be too difficult for one student and completely appropriate for another. They can also monitor your progress in real time and provide you with extra practice if they sense you need some help with a particular subject area.

Enrollment Flexibility

Attending an online high school gives you the option to submit assignments when it is convenient for YOU, not necessarily when it is expected by your teacher! For example, if your weekend job requires a lot of extra hours on Saturday or Sunday, you can send your assignments at a time convenient to YOU, not to your teacher.

No Need to Take Physical Classes You Don’t Want To

If you are taking courses online for personal interest or career advancement , there is no need to waste valuable class time getting lectures from teachers who don’t know the material because they aren’t required by their contract to take all of the coursework themselves! If you want to skip past certain units and examine only the parts that interest you, go right ahead! There’s no need to fill up your schedule with classes that have nothing to do with what you really care about.

Support from Individual Teachers

The best part about an online high school is that you will work 1-on-1 with your teachers. You have access to the same technology they do, which means you can ask them for help 24/7. Some students (especially those from low-income families) may also qualify for a free computer, internet access and other related expenses. This can be worth thousands of dollars! Plus, instead of sharing your teacher with 30 students in a classroom, there’s no need to share him/her with hundreds of students across the

No Need to Travel

Online schools save parents and their children money because they don’t require kids or adults to get on buses or trains and travel to the school building. In fact, many kids get a better education if they don’t have teachers standing over them for 5-8 hours per day!

Drawbacks of Online High School

Not All Online High Schools Are Created Equal

Many online high schools are run by private organizations that offer a quality education, but others may be run by fly-by-night companies with little to no background in the industry. If you want your children or yourself to get a good education, then make sure you research the company very carefully and do everything possible to ensure their reputation is as positive as possible before sending them any money!

Challenges Making Friends Online

Once you get used to an online high school and its curriculum, it can actually become easier than traditional school in many ways. However, at first you may feel lonely or depressed because you aren’t meeting people during the day like you probably did when attending traditional high schools. It can take a long time before making friends becomes second nature, but once it does the experience can be extremely rewarding!

Virtual School vs Traditional School

Virtual schools offer students a wide variety of options to meet their individual needs. Students can “go back to school” at times that work for them, rather than being bound by the schedule and location of public or private schools. In addition, virtual schooling provides students with flexibility in how they learn — through different media, like videos or computer applications.


Virtual schools typically offer courses that are available on a full-time or part-time basis and can be completed at the student’s own pace. Some states require students to take face-to-face classes or tests, for which virtual school students may need to travel. Other states have no such requirements.

Learn From Anywhere

The main difference between virtual schools and traditional brick-and-mortar schools is the location. Virtual schools provide students with opportunities to learn independently, at their own pace, online from home and at other locations. Students have access to a wealth of interactive learning tools that they would not otherwise have at traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Some states require face-to-face instruction or testing, for which virtual school students may need to travel.

Self-paced Learning

Virtual schooling gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace, as well as take classes that are not offered in local public schools. Many states allow homeschooling parents to use state funding at virtual schools instead of paying out of pocket for tuition. Parents can save money and get an education plan that fits their needs.

Cost of Tuition

The biggest difference between public schools and private virtual schools is the cost of tuition. Virtual schools are often considerably less expensive than brick-and-mortar schools, making them a more economical option for some families. Sote states allow homeschooling parents to use state funding at virtual schools instead of paying out of pocket for tuition. Most virtual schools offer their services at an affordable price, and can even include free membership to some online forums and social networking sites.

Summary: Should You Attend an Online High School?

Online high school gives you another option for completing your education after graduating from middle school. Since there’s no official rule book, it is up to each individual student and his/her parents to decide whether they benefit more by attending an online high school or a traditional one. Remember: not every online high school is the same and some may be much better than others. It’s best if you do everything possible to find out as much information about a specific online high school before signing any contracts.
Accredited online high schools
For many people, however, an online high school may prove to be beneficial in terms of cost savings and educational opportunities. Just remember that these programs are still relatively new so if you haven’t already attended a traditional high school, you should spend your first two years of high school attending a traditional one before deciding whether or not an online high school is a right choice for you!

What Next?

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