Is Online High School Expensive?

Across the United States, an increasing number of students are opting for online high school education. This may be an excellent option for many parents as it takes away the schedule conflicts that can arise with both work and other family commitments. On top of this, kids also don’t have to worry about having to reverse commute every day.

Online high school programs are also offering more courses than ever before in today’s technological world. When you think about everything that must go into traditional brick-and-mortar schoolings, such as transportation costs and facilities utilization, online schools often come out on top when compared side-by-side with their physical counterparts.

What does “online high school” really mean?

When we’re talking about online high school, what exactly are we referring to?

There is a lot of a grey area when it comes to schools and what they offer. Are self-paced programs and correspondence courses considered to be online as well? What about classes that take place in or next door to the student’s home with two-way mirrors into classrooms for teachers?

While these types of courses may have started out being called “correspondence courses,” today, they represent an entirely different learning experience than traditional correspondence education from years ago. These days, students can get involved in their education thanks to online technology and social media applications such as video chat, which allows teachers and students alike the ability to communicate and collaborate right from their computers.

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How is online high school different?

How much is online school high school?
The most significant difference between traditional and online high schools has to do with scheduling. When you think about it, a typical day in the life of an online student may not be that much different than a physical one when you consider what they’re able to accomplish before, during, and after class.

Before class

Here, students have the ability to schedule any meetings that they need or get work done ahead of time by using a virtual book cover creator or finding the perfect book cover photo for their e-books using sites such as Pinterest (Pinterest).

This will help them avoid any cramming on the last day before an essay assignment needs to be handed in or any chores that need to be done around the house.

During class

Online high school students can access their online classes from anywhere, anytime, and collaborate with other students through Google Chat (Google) to connect with others who may even work for the same company.

Students can also get started on a new project. They’re able to stream music and videos right from their computer or go on Facebook (Facebook) or Twitter (Twitter) during class if they really want to blow off some steam. However, since they are free of having to commute every day, most will choose not to procrastinate in favor of getting ahead on homework to enjoy their evenings or weekends.

After Class

Students can find online tutors if they need a little extra help with many subjects and cannot accomplish it on their own. They can get together with other students in one-on-one chats, either live or via Skype (Skype) video chat, to discuss specific topics that maybe others are struggling with as well.

They can also use social sites such as Facebook or Google+ (Google+) to connect with others who may be going through some of the same struggles and concerns that they may be having regarding schoolwork.

Online Learning vs. Traditional Schooling: Which is Better?

What makes online learning the better choice for both saving money and increasing educational opportunities for students? The main factor that makes online high school so much more cost-effective is that there are no transportation costs or facility fees required to participate in any of the courses offered. And if a student is ready for college, they’ll be able to make their way through an entire semester at a time while paying less than they would have if they had attended the same classes on campus.

As far as benefits go, students who want to work and attend classes online at the same time will be able to find jobs from home where they can set their own hours yet still get paid for doing what they love.

Online students don’t have to worry about having their time cut short by the weather; they can communicate with their teachers and peers via e-mail or a chat room at almost any hour of the day, rain or shine. And suppose there isn’t an activity going on at school that they want to be involved in, such as clubs or sports teams. In that case, students will still have plenty of opportunities to get involved even when online school is over just by using sites such as Meetup (Meetup).

What are the best features for online high schools?

There are so many great ways for students to learn online these days that really make it hard to go back to traditional schooling once you’ve experienced what being an online high school student is all about. The following are just a few of the fantastic features that online high schools offer their students each day.

No uniforms

Online high school students don’t have to worry about what they will be wearing to fit into some ridiculous uniform policy that may show up one day out of nowhere. They can wear whatever suits them best so long as it doesn’t offend anyone else or disrupt the learning environment for others around them.

Online class discussions

Online classrooms allow students to discuss any questions they may have within the classroom forum, where other classmates and teachers will be able to see their comments and answer the said question(s) to help make sure everyone understands the material being studied.


Suppose you still need a little bit of extra help to get through some of the more challenging subjects. In that case, online high schools provide their students with live tutors that are available 24/7, even on holidays or weekends. You can also chat with other classmates and teachers via message boards or video chat sessions whenever you feel like it.

What should I look for when enrolling in an online high school?

Students may be surprised at just how easy it is to find online high school courses these days since most are free of charge and can be completed without having to worry about any extra fees as well.

However, there are specific details that you should keep your eye out for when looking into enrolling in an online high school. The following are just a few of the details you should keep your eye out for when enrolling in an online high school.


When looking at different schools to see what they have to offer, you’ll want to make sure that they are accredited by the Department of Education and authorized by local state agencies to provide their students with education services online. If this is not the case, you may be wasting your time and money since their courses won’t carry any weight once you apply to transfer colleges or universities after graduating from an online high school.


Some programs will require the use of live teachers. In contrast, others will provide their students with both live and automated courses. The students will only be required to interact with a teacher or student moderator via message boards to complete their classes.

Online Course Access

It is essential that you check on whether or not the school you’re looking into will host your classes for free, as some will require monthly fees, which can quickly add up after a few months of online high school study. Always make sure you’ll be able to view your entire course at no extra cost before enrolling into an online high school so that there are no hidden fees once the semester begins.

Tips for Studying From Home

Some tips will make it easier for students who choose to study from home to accommodate their specific needs and lifestyles while still getting through all their work on time.

Get Organized

Is online school more affordable?
First things first, always be sure that you’re staying organized and on top of all assignments and tests, even if this means setting up an entire calendar just for your high school work schedule. This way, you’ll never miss any assignments or tests which could end up hurting your overall grade point average once everything has been factored into place.

Keep a Study Schedule

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of your assignments and tests, use the calendar you set up for yourself to help keep track of everything that needs to be done.

Be sure not to cram too much into one day since this will make it harder to concentrate on what is being studied and cause even more stress. Students who are already stressed out about getting caught up at school may inadvertently fall behind even faster when they try to “cram” everything into one or two days every week.

Take breaks

Everyone knows that studying for hours on end can take its toll both mentally and physically, so whenever you feel like slowing down either from studying or catching up on all of your homework, be sure to take a break.

Whether it’s going for a walk, watching a movie with friends, listening to music, or taking an hour off before starting back in again, you should always make sure that you understand the importance of taking breaks whenever they are needed instead of just pushing through everything and studying until you end up completely exhausted.

Enroll in Online High School Today and Make College and Career a Reality

Online high school allows students to earn a diploma from anywhere in the world at any time of day or night. Online high schools provide programs that will enable you to complete your diploma online regardless of where you live and learn. This is ideal for those who cannot attend on-campus due to work or family obligations.

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