Indiana Online High School

Welcome to High School of America, Indiana’s premier virtual high school. We welcome students in grades 9-12 from all across Indiana, and we serve a pool of thousands of students from more than 70 different communities.

We are a trusted online high school that uses project-based learning in our course curriculum. This approach helps students learn by doing, which is how the world works. We currently offer 200 online courses to choose from, including honors and Advanced Placement courses, as well as unique electives such as Computer Science and Culinary Arts.

Our faculty and staff work closely together to ensure that every student receives the support needed for academic success. We help students prepare for their future by teaching real-world skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving. Enroll now, enroll your child today!

High School of America Is Different From Other Online High Schools

What makes us different is that we work with our students to customize their education. Every student learns differently, so our program offers unique services to help each student succeed in his or her own way.

We have a dedicated Success Coach for every student who enrolls, and our coaches meet regularly with the students throughout the school year. In addition, we offer tutoring, supplemental forms of assessment to ensure that students are learning the concepts, and much more.

There is also an open line of communication between student and teacher through our virtual classroom platform that offers real-time collaboration with classmates.

Indiana Accredited Online High School Diploma

All of our classes are taught using the state-approved curriculum and we deliver an Indiana accredited diploma to every graduate. It’s a great way for students to earn credits that will transfer to colleges and universities throughout the country. Students seeking admission into selective or competitive schools often require coursework beyond what is offered in public school, and High School of America is the perfect way to supplement their education.

Indiana online high school programs


Indiana students do not need to wait years before they can attend college because formal education is provided by HSOA in areas such as:

High School of America Opens Doors for Indiana Students

We are easily able to serve students who live in areas where traditional public school options may not be available, but we also offer online learning opportunities for students who attend traditional schools.

Our faculty and staff work closely together to ensure that every student receives the support needed for academic success. We help students prepare for their future by teaching real-world skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving.

Indiana Online High School Classes

Students never have a problem with classes being canceled because their instructors provide lessons on a regular basis on a daily basis. They also give guidance by telephone, email, and text messages on the weekends and after school so students always have an adult to turn to for questions or concerns, they may have. Parents appreciate our clear record-keeping that allows them to monitor their child’s progress as well as specific details of his/her academic performance.

Indiana students are prepared for college-level courses because High School of America has an excellent curriculum consisting of English, writing, mathematics, and science which prepares them for success at the next level. We offer AP courses which make it easy for incoming high school students who want an accelerated study program; teachers give individualized attention, plus they make sure students are learning from their courses.

Parents love the ease of communicating with faculty by telephone, email, or text messages; plus, all instructional materials are kept up-to-date and provided free of charge! Parents also appreciate record-keeping which makes it easy to keep track of their child’s progress. Our staff working at High School of America is available for live advice when needed which makes it easier for students to succeed in getting good grades.

High School Equivalency Diploma

High School of America provides a smooth transition into college because we also offer a High School Equivalency Diploma. Students can choose from GED, HiSET, or TASC testing to earn their high school equivalency diploma.

This option is very popular among Indiana students who want the convenience of getting started in their careers sooner rather than later. The faculty at HSOA makes it easy for students to graduate and move onto the next level which allows them to achieve success!

Consistency of the Staff at High School of America

The faculty at this virtual high school gives students consistent feedback; plus, they keep all parents aware of student progress with weekly newsletters sent to them via email. They also send out information on upcoming events and major changes to courses or requirements ahead of time.

The Flexibility of Indiana High School Online Courses

Students are able to participate in activities outside of their home state because attending High School of America is convenient! Not only do we offer flexible schedules but our program allows students to work at their own pace which makes it easier for busy people who want to earn a living while studying.

High School of America’s Schedule

Our schedule is designed around the needs of our Indiana students; plus, instructors are available for live online lessons which makes it easier to communicate with them when needed. Our staff takes pride in sending out weekly newsletters to parents so they can see everything that has been happening at school.

What to Expect from an Online High School

Many students are worried about how they will adjust to an online high school but this is not a problem since the faculty at High School of America helps them get started. They are given guidance throughout their program which makes it easy for Indiana students to get accustomed to taking exams and working independently. The schedule includes time management classes which help prepare them successfully for college or university life!

What Parents Love About Online Schools

Parents love the flexibility offered by High School of America because all courses can be taken remotely; plus, there is no commuting which allows them more time to do other things that need doing. They also appreciate record keeping making it easier for them to monitor their child’s progress as well as high standards in education so students are prepared for college-level work.

Reasons Why Students Choose HSOA High School Online

Students appreciate flexible scheduling because attending courses online allows them to work around work schedules, family activities or other plans they may have. Plus, many Indiana students are looking for ways to shorten school so attending an online high school makes sense!

What We Do to Help Students Succeed

All members involved with the High School of America mission do their part in bringing about successful outcomes. We also provide career guidance as well as mentoring. We use our resources to ensure results that help us achieve our goal of 100% student success!

Indiana Online High School Diploma for Adults

Indiana online high school options


High School of America offers a diploma program for adults which allows them to study from home. Tuition is quite affordable and the faculty is available around the clock to help students who need assistance with assignments or exams. Plus, all courses are designed around adult learners so they have a better chance at succeeding!

Our Online High School Curriculum

Our Indiana high school online courses are designed to prepare students for college by offering subjects that may be on their high school diploma requirements; plus, they contain all of the topics needed for successful bachelor’s degrees. Plus, our program uses a research-based curriculum that is constantly updated so it’s relevant in today’s society.

Homeschooling Programs

High School of America offers a homeschooling program designed to help Indiana students meet educational standards and prepare them for college. Parents work with online instructors to make sure their children are receiving the assistance they need; plus, there is no commute so families save time that would otherwise be spent driving kids around!

College Prep Courses in Indiana

We also offer college prep courses that help our students prepare for the next step in their education. Our college-prep courses are designed to give students the academic foundation they need to succeed in college.

Graduates of our program receive an Indiana high school diploma and are ready for college and beyond. We offer an online education that is convenient and affordable, with experienced educators who provide personal assistance and support.

Our college-prep courses offer:

  • A fully accredited diploma program.
  • Online high school courses.
  • Career preparation for college and beyond.
  • State-of-the-art technology.

Enroll today!

High School of America is a fully accredited online school offering Indiana students the opportunity to earn their diploma from home which makes it easy for them to fit classes into already busy schedules! To learn more about our program, give us a call today at +18882424262 or visit our website!