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If you are a resident of Illinois who is looking for the best online high school for your teen, look no other than High School of America.

High School of America is a trusted and affordable online high school, dedicated to preparing your teen for higher education and beyond. We want every student on the path to be ready for college or a career upon graduation from our program. We accomplish this through individualized course material that focuses on real-life issues that have been shown to be effective in teaching common core accreditation standards.

We’re Different from Other Virtual Schools

Every student is different, and our course offerings are designed to allow students to explore multiple interests while still focusing on the fundamentals of subjects. Our coursework has shown to be effective in teaching common core accreditation standards because we are constantly working with teachers who are experts in their field. They work very closely with us to ensure that every student gets exactly what they need from each individual course they take here at High School of America.

Wherever You Live in Illinois, Distance Is No Longer an Issue

We serve all of Illinois, which means that whether you live in Chicago or downstate if your teen resides in Illinois then High School of America can provide them with quality online education without having to worry about transportation.

By taking courses at High School of America your teen will be able to make themselves more marketable for college or the career they wish to pursue after high school. More importantly, by taking classes here at High School of America your student will gain invaluable knowledge that is not taught on a day-to-day basis in most traditional high schools. Our coursework covers topics such as personal finance, business management, modern history, and more! For students who are looking for an education focused on preparing them for their future, this program offers everything you need.

Illinois Online High School Diploma

We offer students an online high school diploma option upon completion of all coursework. This opens up a world of opportunities to our students, allowing them to get ahead in life by beginning their higher education sooner.

Illinois online high school options


High School of America is dedicated to helping your teen achieve greatness. We offer exceptional courses with flexible payment plans for parents, making it possible for your teen get the best online high school experience that they possibly can.

Illinois Online High School Program

Our online high school program is designed to prepare students for college and beyond through offering courses that are catered towards success. With flexible payment plans, an accredited diploma, and multiple course options, High School of America has everything you need to help your teen succeed in their future.

We serve all residents of Illinois, which means no matter where you live your teen can still attend our program and receive the best education possible.

Illinois Virtual School Cost

We provide a flexible payment plan that allows any Illinois resident the opportunity to take advantage of our program. We want to ensure that all students have access to a quality online high school education, which is why we provide multiple payment options for parents and teens. Contact us today so you can begin your teen’s path towards greatness!

High School Equivalency Diploma: GED, HiSET, and TASC

For students looking to receive their high school equivalency diploma, High School of America offers all three options: GED, HiSET, and TASC. All certificates we offer are accredited by AdvancED. Our personalized educational experience is designed for each student’s unique needs.

If your teen is struggling in a traditional learning environment or simply doesn’t mesh well with the average classroom setting then parents need to consider enrolling them in our online high school. By taking courses at the High School of America, your teen will be able to study when they want and where they want, which eliminates distractions that occur in a traditional high school setting. As an added benefit, all credits earned here at our program transfer to any college or university.

Illinois Online High School Credit Recovery

Many students need extra help in subjects such as math and history due to suffering from a learning disability, being held back, or simply needing to improve their grades. In this situation, these students have typically been unable to graduate on time with their classmates because of this issue. High School of America is here to give them hope by offering courses that allow our students the opportunity to receive full credit for what they have learned, allowing them to earn a diploma without the extra work.

High School of America is open to all Illinois residents, so contact us today if you have any questions about our online high school courses!

Online High School for Adults in Illinois

For adults looking for a flexible way to take classes and still support their family, High School of America’s online program is the right choice. Our courses are designed around your schedule, making it possible to get ahead in life by acquiring new skills that can help you get ahead at work or at home. We offer courses that are designed for students of all ages, which means no matter what point you’re at in life you can find the right choice for you with us!

About Our Curriculum

High School of America is an accredited diploma program that is catered towards helping your teen succeed. We offer courses in all the subjects you need to complete a diploma, which means no matter what area they are struggling in we have the perfect course for them!

All high school equivalency diplomas come with full credit recovery, which means any student looking to earn their certificate by completing missed work will be able to do so. For students who are not strong test takers, High School of America provides special services designed around making students feel supported and confident throughout their entire educational journey.

Homeschooling Programs

If your family is looking to take a different approach to education then enrolling your child into High School of America’s homeschooling program may be the right choice for you! Specializing in helping parents and teens throughout the process, we provide a supportive environment that encourages students to think independently about their future. Our curriculum is designed around each unique student, which means as long as they want to learn something new High School of America has them covered!

College Prep Courses

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Getting into the college of your dreams shouldn’t be difficult, which is why High School of America offers college prep courses that are designed to help you succeed.

We have practice tests for most major exams, along with extensive courses that can help your teen prepare for any future requirements they may face in higher education. At our online high school, we have dedicated advisors who are ready to create a course plan with you and your student to make sure they get the most out of their educational experience!

Why High School of America?

High School of America is one of the top online high schools in Illinois because we have full support from our teachers! We have dedicated advisors that work with you and your teen to create a learning environment that meets their unique needs, allowing us to make sure they are both striving for greatness.

Our courses offer a supportive learning experience, which means no matter what challenges your child may be going through we will help them succeed.

High School of America has been trusted by parents and teens all across Illinois for years now because we give students the skills they need to succeed. By providing an extensive curriculum, practice tests, and dedicated instructors, our graduates leave knowing that they can do anything. Even if your teen decides not to college after graduating from High School of America, they will be prepared for the real world with all the skills they have learned!

Enroll today!

If you are looking for an online high school in Illinois that provides all of these benefits, look no further than High School of America. We offer classes throughout the entire state, which means no matter where your teen is located, we can provide them with a supportive learning experience.

If you are looking for a program that helps students out at every stage in life, contact us today to learn more about what our online high school courses can do for you!